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Hey, NBC–Flex This!

Hey, NBC — Flex This!
By Martin Alvin

By now, as everyone knows, NBC has decided to exercise their ‘flex’ option by dropping the Giants-Packers game, scheduled for this coming Sunday Night, and they’re replacing it with the Kansas City Chiefs-Denver Broncos game. And the reaction of many Giants fans is a very sincere and very emphatic: thank you! And that’s because a lot of Giants fans hate going to night games at Met Life Stadium. The games end late and by the time they get home, it’s too late for a decent night’s sleep before getting up for work early the next morning.

And even though I watch the games on TV, at home, and don’t have to travel any distance; I dislike the Sunday night, Monday night and Thursday night games, too. Because even though I can get to bed at a decent hour, I’m too bummed out to get to sleep if the Giants lose. And if they win, I’m too pumped up to get to sleep. If they play earlier in the day, I can sort of decompress by bedtime. But when the game ends at bedtime, I’m a mess. So, from what I’m reading and hearing, many of us are saying a very grateful and a very pronounced, good riddance! So, then, why the hell do I feel so rejected?

Feels like I asked this unattractive girl out on a date; but as the time for the date approaches, I find myself wishing I hadn’t. I keep wondering why I didn’t just keep my big fat mouth shut when the stupid idea arose. Okay, maybe I was a little drunk. And yeah, maybe I was a little lonely. But so what! Everybody gets lonely sometimes — especially when they’re half-bagged. So, what am I supposed to do now? Act like a jerk and call her at the last minute to cancel. Nah, I can’t do that.

And then, instead — glory, hallelujah — miraculously, she calls me to cancel. At first, I’m glad to be off the hook. But after while, my gratitude morphs into a sense of rejection. And after a while longer — don’t ask me why — I’m feeling kind of hurt. And then, I’m feeling a little resentful and wondering if she perceived me the same way that I perceived her: as unattractive. And then, guess what; I’m pretty pissed. I mean, just who the hell does she think she is, anyway? And that’s exactly how I feel about NBC bumping my team: rejected, angry and resentful.

Look, let’s face it; nobody likes being rejected, even when we don’t want whomever — or whatever — it is that’s rejecting us. I know I’m being irrational; but damn it, it just feels so demeaning. Especially, in this case, because, no two ways about it; the Chiefs-Broncos game is obviously and incontrovertibly, the better, more compelling, choice for a national audience. It makes perfect sense for NBC to bump the Giants/Packers game in favor of the Chiefs/Broncos -– especially now, with Aaron Rogers out of action.

But somehow, that unassailable reality makes it even worse. I mean it’s one thing to be rejected for someone or something you think isn’t as attractive as you are; because, then, you can simply dismiss the rejecting party as being a tasteless idiot. But when you’re being rejected for an undisputedly more attractive option, what the hell can you legitimately say? You know that the rejecting party is right. Hell, I admit it; if I was NBC, I’d do the exact same thing.

So, yes, I’ll be a happy camper this coming Sunday afternoon as I get comfortable in my recliner, anticipating the kick-off of the Giants-Packer game — that also has serious playoff implications. And I’ll be ecstatic I don’t have to wait until 8:30. And I’ll be even happier I don’t have to listen to Cris Collinsworth pontificate. But still, all that being said, and all that being true, and knowing I have absolutely no legitimate beef at all; I’m still pretty damn pissed. Yeah, I know it’s irrational, I already admitted as much; so, what can I legitimately say? How about: Hey, NBC — Flex This!

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2 Responses to “Hey, NBC–Flex This!”

  1. btucker says:

    Martin —- Funny —- Agree with you about Chris Collinsworth — it’s painful to listen to the pap which he regurgitates. He and Chris Christie are are running neck and neck to determine the undisputed King of the Pontificators.

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