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Fact: This will be the fourth year in a row that the Giants will miss the playoffs.

Fact: This team hasn’t shown up for a big game in the last four years.

Fact: The Giants are 12-L and 5-W over their last 17 games.

Fact: The Giants offensive line looks over matched-again. Will Beatty has allowed eleven sacks this season in spite of his huge salary bump!

Fact: The DB’s once again looked lost! And in a big game the D-Line couldn’t stop the run.

Fact: The Giants still run the same offense that they ran 10 years ago. So who is fooled buy their play calling?

Fact: Gerry Reese has done a terrible job of surrounding Eli Manning with play- makers.

Fact: This team is remarkably similar to the team that got Jim Fossil fired ten years ago! Undisciplined – uninspired – mistake and turn-over prone at the most important times.

Fact: How many times over the next three weeks will we hear the line…”these players are playing for pride and their jobs?” When it seemed like only yesterday they were playing for the Lombardi Trophy?

Quote of the day from Coach Coughlin at half time. “We are a very different team then we were a week ago.”

“Book-it Dano!”

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  1. Ton frank says:

    Some of your points are valid but your spelling of Jerry Reese and Jim Fassel are pretty bad. Also you say they haven’t shown up in a big game in last 4 years. Does the Super Bowl less than 3 years ago count? You also say they haven’t made playoffs in 4 years. See said Super Bowl.

    Sometimes a simple google search can be immensely helpful. Just a tip cause you article was well intentioned but poorly executed. Sounds just like the Giants season

  2. riq says:

    Too many basic mistakes made in this article to be taken seriously.

  3. DAVE HAASE says:

    Despite the mistakes well pointed out (LOL).. His message is right on target.. missed the playoffs 4 of the past 5 seasons.. The defense is putrid, they never make a stop. there are TOO many mistakes on Offense.. Eli has had a BAD year, which looks much worse because of how bad the receivers are playing.. the offense is so unbelievably unpredictable, I was a good HS football player who played 2 weeks of college ball before getting hurt, and even I know whats coming when they line up a certain way.. I can hear Eli Audible out of a play on TV, its almost always a run, and what I hear is “EAST, EAST, EAST”.. and its a run to the right. then I hear “WEST” and its a run to the left. REALLY? Is that it? have they run ONE trick play all year? maybe a reverse, how about a Flea Flicker, they havent run one since Gilbride took over.. if they run Hillis into the line, had him turnaround to Eli and flip it back, and have ELi throw the ball downfield, the defense would have a heart attack.. completely unimaginative offense.. I get it, their philosphy is, “if we do it right, it doesnt matter if they know whats coming” well, they aint doing it right, so how about trying to trick the Defense, just once.. for the love of god..
    the special teams, worst in the NFL.. Bar none.. really, you line up offside on a field goal? after all the kickoffs to the Giants yesterday, they finally pulled Rueben Randle off the team.. watch the tape, he didnt block ONE GUY all game on a kickoff, he didnt even touch a guy on the last 3 before he got pulled.. how do you put a guy back thier that doesnt want to hit someone? seriously..

    Want do I want for Christmas? I want to get the dead wood who make a ton of money off the team.
    Nicks – Gone
    Tuck- Gone
    Webster- Gone
    Beatty- Gone
    Kiwanuka -gone
    Snee- Gone

    Who should they Sign/Draft?
    2 LB’s to play with Beason if they stay 4-3.
    1 CB
    1 Safety
    Tackle- Someone has to replace Beatty. Either move #72 to LT or sign a Vet to start
    a NEW Center, even when healthy, Bass is way below avg.
    Guard, replacement for Snee
    KR/PR – someone who scares the defense

    Coaches.. Coughlin isnt the problem coach.. is biggest fault is that he’s too loyal to his coaches. Fewell is LOST.. if you look at the defense, the players dont look too bad, they do flash sometimes.. its the scheme.. no blitzes, CB’s play too soft, too far off the line and are too slow to react to the QB and where he is going whcih is what FEwell preaches (watch the QB, and flow to the ball, its AINT WORKING).. its been 3 years since the D-line dominated a game.. there HAS to be a different solution other than rushing the passer with 4 guys.. there HAS to be. Fewell needs to be fired.

    Id love to see Gilbride go, but it may be too late.. He is too invested with Eli.. he needs to be told to be more inventive.. simple..

    Special teams coach doesnt need to be fired, he should be Tarred and Feathered.. then fired…

    • mark Cohen says:

      As you see on my post , l agree with much you state.Wilson can be used like Sproles. Not up the middle.Not many quick read pass plays.Hate to say it but Nicks can’t get open anymore. AND randle no seperation either.3rd @ 8..soft zone…errr seen that too many times

  4. Phil says:

    Please don’t write anything anymore. My eyes hurt after looking at this blurb. Frought with errors

  5. mark Cohen says:

    Finally see others who feel this way.Being a optimist living in the bay area, I see fresh faces and formations front and center on the hated 49ers. Giants for awhile have been out hustled and MOSTLY out schemed. Gmen beat maginal teams this year.Barely. sadly maybe our best game was the 24-21 loss to Dallas.At times Giants look slower and with our 13 plays on the back of a napkin playbook out coached.Fit the talent with a game olan , not the other way around

  6. Saracino says:

    OK. Anyone saying Justin Tuck hasn’t played well this yr is talking out their rear! If anything the run defense has been the best part of this team. This defense has played well! When you average giving up 14 points a game for 6 weeks straight that is good in my book. But having said that once they have a down game the offense must be ready to pick up the slack and that just hasn’t happened. Tuck, Beason, Rolle, Hill, L.Joseph, Prince, C.Jenkins, TT all need to stay. Beatty isn’t going anywhere because they just paid him ALOT. But an elite LT he is not. He may be better suited as a left or right guard. David Wilson is a complimentary back. Not a starting work horse. We need to hang onto A.Brown & Hillis. Say Bye to Meyers, Snee, Baas, & WebsterI would love to see Nicks stay but at the right price. Fyi Jacob Jones & Manningham are both free agents. We also need to draft a center. Preferably Bryan Stork from Fl State. If they make the right moves we could have a killer team next season. But if Reese tries to piece together a team with leftovers then get used to our losing ways. This has been another year of Eli’s career wasted. QB like him doesn’t come often. Can’t keep wasting his prime years by not putting the pieces around him.

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