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Wow! What A Big Fat Super Bowl Non-Story!

Wow! What A Big Fat Super Bowl Non-Story.
By Martin Alvin

Somebody once said: “If people don’t have anything to bitch about, they’ll find something to bitch about.” Actually, it was me who said that; right here and right now. Doesn’t make it any less accurate though. For example, you know that people are just looking for something to bitch about when they bitch about the weather. Like bitching about it is going to alter it or mitigate it; it won’t.

Happens all the time on TV. In spite of the fact that there are scads of newscasts, each with its own weather report on every network channel, as well as the all-weather-all-the-time stations and other news outlets on cable, as well as in print and on radio — I’ve even got a goddamn app on my cell phone that tells me the friggin’ temperature — they actually interrupt programming just to tell us it’s cold. Wow, what a newsflash! It’s December, or it’s January, or it’s February; and they interrupt the program to tell us it’s cold. Hello! It’s winter, you twit! The real story would be if it was cold in July or August.

And now, everyone in the media is breathing a collective sigh of relief because the forecast for this coming Sunday calls for a high in the 40s and a low in the 30s –-which, by the way, is normal winter weather in the New York/New Jersey area — as if the NFL just dodged a bullet. And today, some guy on Sports Radio sounded absolutely astounded by the forecast. His co-host was similarly astonished and said he couldn’t believe how lucky the NFL was. C’mon, guys, that’s not astounding. There weren’t any bullets dodged. That specific weather forecast doesn’t qualify as a minor miracle. In the last fifteen years — in late January or early February, on the day that the Super Bowl was being played elsewhere — the average high temperature in East Rutherford, New Jersey was 40 degrees and the average low temperature was 24 degrees. Four days had high temperatures in the 50s, four days in the 40s, five days in the 30s and only one day’s high temperature was in the 20s. The forecast for Sunday is almost exactly within the average. So, why the shock and awe?

Meanwhile, many media types are voicing a qualified: “Yeah, but!” As in: “Yeah, the weather’s okay for this Super Bowl, but we shouldn’t schedule another one outdoors in the northeast,” as if the forecast this year is an anomaly; it isn’t! The weather in East Rutherford, on Super Bowl Sunday, over the last fifteen years has been:

SB-XXXIII —- High 44 Low 35 – Clear
SB-XXXIV —- High 37 Low 19 – Drizzle
SB-XXXV —– High 21  low 13 – Clear
SB-XXXVI —- High 46 Low 25 – Flurries
SB-XXXVII — High 34 Low 17  – Flurries
SB-XXXVIII — High 36 Low 12 – Clear
SB-XXXIX —- High 55 Low 33 – Clear
SB-XL ——— High 55 Low 39 – Drizzle
SB-XLI ——– High 26 Low 17 – Clear
SB-XLII ——- High 50 Low 26 – Clear
SB-XLIII —— High 51 Low 24 – Clear
SB-XLIV —— High 34 Low 16 – Clear
SB-XLV ——- High 43 Low 34 – Drizzle
SB-XLVI —— High 43 Low 32 – Clear
SB-XLVII —– High 32 Low 21 – Flurries

Prior to this year, on Super Bowl Sunday in East Rutherford, NJ, there have been nine clear days, three drizzle days and three flurry days. There have been no snow storms and no days where the high temperature was below 21 degrees. And while there may have been some blustery days at the old Giants Stadium – which, by the way, no longer exists — the wind at Met Life Stadium is not a factor.

So, message to the media: can we please, finally, put all this weather crap to bed? I mean, c’mon, guys, it’s still just a football game, being played on a 40-degree day, with no snow and no monsoon winds. We’re not talking about Super Storm Sandy or some other genuine weather catastrophe. We’re talking about a traditional cold weather sport being played in cold weather; which, by the way, naturally occurs during the late autumn and winter. And if that isn’t a big fat Super Bowl non-story, I don’t know what is. How about a story next summer titled: It’s Really Hot in August? Wow! I can just see a Pulitzer Prize waiting for the writer of that intuitive gem.

And,  just for the record, while I’d like to see optimum conditions for the Super Bowl; as an old-school Giants fan, two of the best football games I ever saw were the 2007 NFC Championship Game, in Green Bay, in minus 4 degrees, and the 2011 NFC Championship Game in the gloom and rain and wind of San Francisco. So, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less where the next Super Bowl is being held. All I care about is whether the Giants are in it or not. And if they are, I don’t care if it’s played in the sweltering heat of a cow pasture just off Tobacco Road, or in the frozen hinterlands of Uzbekistan, or in a desert dry crater on Mars. I’m going to be watching it on TV, in the peace and comfort of my own home … until some moron interrupts the game to tell me it’s cold. Wow! What a big, fat Super Bowl non-story!

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