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Second half Giants-Browns

1-Kickoff-Browns start at their 27. 2-Short pass right side for 8. 3-Tuck fights off block, no gain on run to right. 4-Pass short right. 5-Bootleg for 2, first down. 6-Run left for 12 yards. 7-Kuhn makes play on double reverse for 1 yard. 8-Incomplete on left side. 9-Short pass left side. 10-Punt-Giants start on their […]

The Chase Blackburn Saga.

I see that there are so many Chase Blackburn fans out there, it’s good that fans support their favorite players and support the team. Having said that I must inject that there is a point when that fan support becomes a question of whether it is warranted. People went crazy when Shockey was traded, Luke […]

First half Giants- Browns

1-Kickoff-Wilson for 11 yards. 2-Run by Bradshaw, fumbles, recovered by Browns. Bradshaw carrying ball not 100% correctly but about within accepted practices hits Snee and the ball bounces out. More of a freak accident than completely Bradshaw’s fault. He was sideways to try and slip through crease made by Snee’s block. 3-Nice run play, Paysinger […]

Second Half Giants-Eagles

Sorry it took so long, from now on I will do the first half on Wednesday and the second on Thursday. 1-Giants kickoff-return, Eagles start at their 20. 2-McCoy right for no gain 3-Short pass with some YAC, it looks like Williams lost coverage and Blackburn was late to react. 4-Penalty Giants, JPP jumped. 5-McCoy […]

2nd Quarter

1-Eagles run for -1 yards 2-Could that have been caught, great job by Vick to get ball off while being sacked. 4-Punt-Almost blocked, another flop by punter. No return. 5-Bradshaw no hole, for 2 yards. 6-Nice bit of faking, screen to Bradshaw for a good gain. 7-OK Hixon should have kept running he looked back […]

First Quarter

1-Kickoff by Eagles- Giants get back fast and set up nice wedge. Wilson has outstanding return. 2-Eli rolls out, OK Eli is not an accurate thrower on the run why did they even try this? Is it something they have been practicing? Even if Eli runs he must stop, set and throw to be an […]

On any given Sunday

The old saying goes “On any given Sunday any team in the NFL can beat any other team.” This phase was coined by Commissioner Bert Bell in the 1950s. It was true then and it’s true now as we all found out this past Sunday. It is a recurring issue with the NY Giants football […]

How to beat the Eagles.

And the same backfield, Jimmy, you and Collins, Chevigny, and Niemiec. Now-w the success of any team men is based on team-play — the same as you’ve shown all year –: Sacrifice; unselfish sacrifice! These are the fellows they say are pretty good; but I think we’re better! And I think if we get ourselves […]

4th Quarter Giants-Panthers

1-Hosley lost coverage on Olsen for nice gain on left side. 2-Sack by Boley and JPP. 3-Good overall coverage, tight. The Giants play best when they are M2M. Incomplete pass. 4-A pass to nowhere by Newton, Boley INT. 5-Brown off tackle left side for 7 yards. Boothe and Hynoski are really crunching people. 6-Really nice […]

The Referee Saga.

It’s simple, logic rules in everything in life. Let us all look at the reality of it all. The NFL owners are a bunch of money hungry rich guys. Y’all know who I am talking about right? They are part of that 2% in this country that we keep hearing about. So they tried to […]