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The Day After: Giants Brutal Performance Against The Cowboys

It was the depth of the struggle that surprised last night. Was it shocking that the Giants had a hard time in short yardage? Was it impossible to have foreseen the running game struggles? No. But what was shocking was the agonizing completeness of the mistakes. Terrible pass blocking by David Wilson, limited push by […]

Keys To The Giants Vs. The Cowboys – Four Things To Watch

It’s possible that there are too many things to be watching for as the Giants get the 2013 season started. How is the offensive line going to perform? Can David Wilson carry the team for at least one week? Who will push the pile in short yardage? Is Hakeem Nicks back? Can the secondary handle […]

Giants Roster: Cuts To 53

Final list Cuts Stephen Goodin, G Tyler Sash, S David Caldwell, S Matt McCants, OL Matt Broha, DE Charles James, CB Terrence Frederick, CB Julian Talley, WR Adrian Tracy, DE Kyle Bosworth, LB Marvin Austin, DT Adewalre Ojomo, DE Bryant Brownig, OL Eric Herman, OL Kevin Hardy, WR Marcus Harris, WR Ryan Torrain, RB (Contract […]

Fantasy Football As A Giants Fan

I’ve got just a few rules when it comes to fantasy football. 1. Don’t talk about it with people who don’t play. 2. Don’t let it ruin my normal enjoyment of football. 3. Don’t draft any Eagles, Cowboys or Redskins. 4. Ever. 5. Not even a kicker. LeSean McCoy sitting there at number 10? Hell […]

Giants 2013 Roster: Four Tough Spots To Call

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the Giants opening roster will look like against the Cowboys. The toughest spots to call are: 1. Defensive Line 2. Secondary 3. Wide Receiver 4. Running Back We can expect to see SOMETHING interesting happen at QB, but my guess is that Nassib is in based upon his […]