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Prospect Profiles: ILB Brandon Spikes

Brandon Spikes is a very well known name around the country-he is not just a draft community name. Spikes was a great player in 2008, but had some injury and character concerns this season including an incident where he blatantly eye-gouged an opponet during the season in which he was suspended for half a game vs […]

Steve Smith ” I think we need an attitude adjustment.”

Here are some quotes from Steve Smith as he packed up his gear today. “I just think we didn’t go out there playing tough enough,” wide receiver Steve Smith said. “We just weren’t motivated. Some games it seemed like we had great weeks of practice, but we didn’t show it on game day.” Something, he […]

Eli Manning Q&A:

Q. You are starting an unusual stretch of three straight games on the road. How crucial was getting that win yesterday and getting the first one out of the way? A. I think the first game of the season you always want to come out and play well, get a win and get off to […]

Coughlin, Giants Laying Claim As “America’s Military Team”

From USATODAY.COM: The Dallas Cowboys might be “America’s team.” The New York Giants might be “America’s military team.” The Giants have embraced those who have served the United States in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two seasons ago, Lt. Col. Greg Gadson, who lost both legs to a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2007, […]

Jerry Reese Talks Eli (Kind Of)

With Eli Manning agreeing on a contract extension earlier today, the media wanted to know what Jerry Reese thought.  (Note: He hasn’t actually put pen to paper yet, but that will come soon, with Vinny DiTrani saying it could be done today) Well, Jerry Reese was his coy self when talking about personnel matters. Here’s […]

Chris Canty Speaks With

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! New York Giants defensive lineman Chris Canty talked with’s Ed Thompson about starting his NFL career in Dallas, his new opportunities in New York, his unique story about how he got started in football, and much more in this exclusive interview. Ed Thompson:  So what’s it like digging into […]

Coughlin Transcript

Tom Coughlin spoke to the media after today’s OTA. Here’s the transcript from Q:  How pleased were you with the attendance today? A:  It was excellent; excellent.  The effort, the enthusiasm, guys played smart; they stayed up, did all of the things you wanted them to do.  They were glad to be out here.  […]

Final Mini-Camp Report; Barden Injures Leg

Here is Mike Garafolo’s practice report from the final mini-camp practice, along with news on Ramses Barden’s injury: First things first in your afternoon practice report: WR Ramses Barden left with a leg injury. It appeared to be a hamstring issue but nothing major as he had his leg wrapped and then stood and watched practice alongside […]

Braylon Edwards vs Anquan Boldin Case Study.

There is much, much debate as to who would be the player the Giants should target between Braylon Edwards and Anquan Boldin so I decided to do a case study (I”ll assume that they’ll cost the same in financial committment and in pick compensation) Let’s start with the basics: Measurables Anquan Boldlin Height: 6’1” Weight: […]

Reports: Attitude was Big in Plax Release

According to both, and Newsday, attitude was a big issue in the releasing of Plaxico Burress. According to, the squabble over the bonus, and Plax wanting to be traded was the last straw. According to Newsday, a source said: “He felt that he didn’t owe the team anything” Two reports, that both point to […]