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Burress, Giants Settle Grievance

From NY Post: Before they could completely rid themselves of the distraction and headache that Plaxico Burress evolved into the Giants first had to deal with a second grievance their former receiver filed against them. The Giants have come up with a settlement with Burress and now can turn the page and move on. Burress […]

Our Fifth Giants Mock Draft

Draft Day is less than a week away. Very, very exciting time. Lots of talk about Braylon Edwards. Does he come to the Giants? If so, before the draft? Do they give up a first round pick? This will be our first mock that really explores what will happen if they trade for Braylon Edwards. […]

Rookie Wage Scale:

I have been meaning to write a post about a rookie wage scale and with the draft quickly approaching I figured today was as good as any.    With many teams about to guarantee millions of dollars to unproven rookies, I think it is time the NFL follows suit of the NBA and establishes a rookie […]

Details About the Plax Grievance Ruling

Mike Garafolo of, does a great job of breaking down the Plax grievance ruling: Just because the Giants had written the full signing bonus into the default portion of the contract doesn’t mean they were looking to get it all back. I haven’t seen the complaint, but it appears Mike Florio at has. […]

Possible Consolation Prize for Giants

From Pro Football Talk: Though Monday’s grievance ruling in the matter involving former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress represents a home run for the player and the union, there’s still a separate piece that the Giants likely will win. Per a league source, the team is pursuing via separate proceedings the recovery of more than $300,000 […]

Mara Speaks About the Burress Situation

The following is Giants CEO John Mara’s reaction on the Special Master decision in the Plaxico Burress grievance case: “We are very disappointed with the decision of the Special Master. This ruling represents yet another example of why we need a new and improved CBA. To think that a player could carry a loaded gun […]

NFLPA Happy About Burress Decision

NFLPA Director DeMaurice Smith issued a statement about the Burress grievance ruling: “This decision is a real win for the players,” Smith said in a statement published on the NFLPA’s website. “It means that clubs can’t impose additional discipline by claiming back signing or roster bonus monies after a suspension, either by a club or the league. The CBA […]

NFL Issues Statement in Burress Ruling

Tom Rock of Newsday had the NFL Statement in the Burress Ruling: “Today’s decision by Professor Burbank again underscores a serious flaw in the current system. It continues an unfortunate trend of permitting players who are suspended due to serious misconduct to nonetheless retain large bonus payments from their NFL teams. When clubs pay upfront […]

Burress Wins Again, Gets to Keep Roster Bonuses

From Pro Football Talk: Lost in the news that former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress beat back an attempt by team to withhold $637,500 in signing bonus allocation is the fact that Burress also prevailed on an attempt by the club to invalidate the full amount of a 2008 per-game roster bonus. The Giants not only wanted to withhold […]

Plax Wins Grievance reported today that Plaxico Burress won his grievance case against the Giants: Plaxico Burress, cut by the Giants last week, has won his grievance against the club for withholding his bonus money, a source has told’s Alex Marvez. The NFL Players Association and NFL attorneys made their arguments during a 3 1/2-hour hearing […]