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“Breakout Player” LB Clint Sintim

The next player up in my “breakout player” series is linebacker Clint Sintim. Clint Sintim is a big strong linebacker who will should start at the outside linebacker spot for the New York Giants this upcoming season. I’ve proposed a few times that I think Clint Sintim could play inside, but I do not believe […]

“Breakout Player” Profile: Jonathan Goff

(On my computer it doesn’t show Goff pulling the guy down, but that’s what he is doing if it’s not showing up on your screen) Up next in my series of potential impact players for the New York Giants in 2010 is Middle linebacker Jonathan Goff. If you ask many Giants fans they think that […]

“Breakout Player” Profile-WR Hakeem Nicks

I just want to make a clarification real quick: I’m doing a series of potential Breakout Candidates for the New York Giants in the 2010 NFL Season. I’m not, yet making any judgements on who I think will break out. I’ll do that later. Right now I”m just profiling and opening up some discussions about […]