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Can The Giants Make Their Playoff Run?

Heading into the bye week — where another Giants loss is an impossibility thank goodness — fans are asking whether we’ll see another 2007 and 2011. While the players, numbers, facts, figures, and particulars aren’t quite right it doesn’t necessarily mean the Giants have no shot to go on a run and make the playoffs. […]

Brandon Jacobs: Romo Sucks

I saw this yesterday, but I didn’t want to post this becuase I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I’ve seen it circulating around everywhere now and I don’t want you all to think we’re not doing our due diligence.   It’s now been on Spotscenter and is circulating all […]

“Fake” Jessica Simpson Does the Job Giving Giants Good Luck

  Talk about a low blow.  Leave it to the New York Post for one of the more elaborate pranks in sometime as they tried whatever they could to distract the Cowboys in Sunday’s 21-17 loss to the Giants in Dallas.  Seems that the paper hired a “Fake” Jessica Simpson look-a-like in order to try […]