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Thoughts on Giants Stadium

The Giants will, most likely, play their last game in Giants Stadium on Sunday. An end of an era. I asked people on Twitter to share their thoughts on the Meadowlands. Here are a select few: First and only visit (I live in Scotland) was this season’s opening win v Skins! Awesome day! Looking forward […]

New Giants Stadium To Bid For 2014 Super Bowl

From The Meadowlands Stadium Company announced Thursday that it will be mounting a “full-scale campaign” to host the Super Bowl XLVIII in the new Giants-Jets Stadium.  The stadium will be completed and ready to use in 2010. “It’s time for the biggest game in football to be played on the biggest stage in the […]

Chargers: Can set the table for the Giants

This afternoon as everyone knows, the Chargers will be facing our favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. And like most also know — Tony Romo and the ‘Boys have a losing record in December. Romo’s career record being 5 – 9 during this month. While another loss for the Cowboys here can catapult the Eagles and […]

Cowboys-Giants Game Preview: Giants Roundtable

What an abysmal performance last week vs the Broncos. The schedule though ceratinely did not break the Giants way as the Giants do not have an advantage over this weeks opponet becuase the Cowboys also played on Turkey Day. Meaning there are no extra days off for the Giants this week. This is it: Win […]

Giants/Falcons preview. Giants Roundtable Week 11

Welcome back to another edition of Giants Roundtable and welcome back to another edition of the Giants Must win this week in order to have a shot at making the playoffs. And welcome back to “ouch: it hurts in here” as Antonio Pierce has been ruled out indefinitely. First let me mention that these questions […]

De-coding Some Press Talk

A question was recently posed to Eli Manning when talking about the upcoming Falcons game, he was bluntly asked: What do you have to do to beat them? “Just play well. Protect the ball, we’ve got to score when we get into the red zone, we can’t make mistakes. We have to stay on track […]

Giants-Chargers Preview: Roundtable

  Welp three very bad loses in a row to three teams that have their biggest assets in the passing game. Enter another team who have big, fast wide receivers even good secondaries have a tough time covering. How will this play out for the Giants?   We’ll see. One thing is certain C.C. Clown […]

Eli Manning Colin Cowherd’s Number 2 M.V.P

  You read that right.  I was watching Sportsnation on ESPN (or rather flipping through channels and I saw Eli’s picture) and heard Colin Cowherd and the other co host (I know her name is Michelle Beadle, but was not sure on the spelling and I am too lazy to look it up right now) […]

The wrong kind of stats

John Fennelly recently posted a bunch of stats over here and he prefaces the entire post with: Here are some facts for you to digest….don’t read too much into them….. I’m not going to trash Mr. Fennelly per se, but I’m going express my extreme distaste for the type of meaningless numbers presented not only […]

Giants vs Jets Game Preview

Week 3 of preseason is upon us. That means we actually get to see the starters play for more than a couple series. The 1-1 Giants take on Mark Sanchez and the 0-2 Jets at the Meadowlands. The Giants are the home team. Again, as with all preseason games, we’re looking at the backups, the […]