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Next Day Thoughts: Giants Chiefs

Instead of our traditional Next Day Thoughts, we’re going to do it this week in report card form. The professor is in (always wanted to say that, by the way). Quarterbacks: A Can’t complain here. Eli was 20-34, 292 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a pick, but that pick was completely on Mario Manningham. He could’ve […]

Next Day Thoughts: Giants Bucs

Here are some Next Day Thoughts after the Giants impressive 24-0 win over the Bucs -This defense isn’t healthy? Wow. Imagine when it is. 86 yards, didn’t give up a first down until midway through the third quarter. Just amazing. Canty was out. Tuck wasn’t playing at full strength. Ross, Dockery out. Phillips out. And […]

Next Day Thoughts: Giants Cowboys

Here are some Next Day Thoughts on the 33-31 Giants win over the Cowboys: – I have absolutely no idea how the Giants won that game. No idea. The Cowboys dominated them. They got a hell of a performance from Eli Manning, maybe the best I’ve ever seen him. – Another note on Eli: Can […]

Next Day Thoughts on Giants-Redskins

Here are some Next Day Thoughts on the Giants 23-17 win against the Redskins. -The reason the Giants running game wasn’t as strong yesterday was for two reasons: One, Albert Haynesworth did a nice job of clogging the middle, especially on third and short. And two, the Giants gave away running plays. Whenever it was […]