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Watch the Colts and Saints Title Game Wins on DVD

Relive the historic Saints win over the Vikings in the NFC Title game and the Colts march to Super Bowl XLIV with these official NFC and AFC Title Game DVDs brought to you by Warner Bros. This DVDs will NOT be sold in stores, and can only be purchased at the Warner Bros. shop, which […]

Senior Bowl Coverage (Via the web)

Here are some tidbits I’ve found on the web about players the Giants could be interested in the upcoming draft (from while TCU’s Daryl Washington (Bartolis Note: I have mentioned him a few times and have a prospect profile coming out of him soon-he’s one of my favorite targets in round two. played ILB […]

AFC, NFC Championship Game Picks

Yeah, the Giants aren’t in it. And that sucks. But, I still love football, and I’m still watching the playoffs. Just wanted to throw my two cents in on who’s going to go to the Super Bowl. JETS AT COLTS: At first glance, the Colts are the clear favorite. Great offense, pretty good defense. And […]

Diehl And Snee Going To Pro Bowl

Chris Snee and David Diehl are going to the Pro Bowl. Because the Saints and Vikes advanced to the NFC Championship game, and because they both have a guard and tackle in the Pro Bowl, Diehl and Snee are going to Miami. Snee and Diehl were first alternates. Congratulations to them.

List of Possible Defensive Coordinators

from Ralph Vacchiano via the Blue Screen Three years ago when Tom Coughlin was looking for a defensive coordinator, there were a dozen names that were tossed around. None of them, to my recollection, were “Steve Spagnuolo.” And I don’t believe anyone else formally interviewed for that job. So keep that in mind as the […]

Would it Be Better for the Giants to Lose or Win Sunday?

If you’re an N.F.L. player with pride of course you want to win on Sunday, but fans think about losing games for better draft position all the time. This weekend is a very interesting one for the New York Giants who currently sit at 8-7 and can not make the playoffs. It is interesting becuase […]

Next Day Thoughts: Giants Panthers; Or, What The Hell Happened to the 2009 Giants?

It’s very easy for me to vent about the horrid performance by the G-Men yesterday. There’s a lot of anger, a lot of frustration. And there are a lot of questions. Here are some Next Day Thoughts, Giants Panthers style (or, as I said in the title, what the hell happened to the 2009 Giants?) […]

Giants Playoff Hopes Down To A Prayer:

With their playoff lifes on the line the Giants stayed in the locker room not bothering to show up today and getting destroyed by the Panthers 41-9. A holding penalty and fumble should not cause a good team to totaly self destruct. The defense is ABSOLUTELY terrible thats it no excuses and the running game […]

Playoff Picture

Now that the Saints perfect season has ended to the Cowboys. The playoff picture gets even more complicated. I am just going to focus on the NFC east as the NFC South and NFC north have already been clinched. The Giants trail first place by 2 games while the Cowboys only trail the Eagles by […]

Giants Playoff Hopes Diminishing As Cowboys Beat The Saints:

The Giants playoff hopes took a turn for the worse tonight as the Cowboys defeated the Saints 24-17. The Giants must win Monday night against the Skins to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Giants still own the tie breaker against the Cowboys but the Giants need to win first and hope for a Cowboy […]