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5 Keys To Beating The Redskins

Another must-win game for the Giants, this time against the Redskins on Monday night. What do they need to win? Here are 5 Keys to Beating the Redskins 1. Pressure Campbell With Webster out, this is even more important. A strong pass rush takes a lot of pressure off the secondary. Because of the failing […]

Giants Could Be Thin At Defensive Back On Monday:

Per multiple reports both Corey Webster and Aaron Ross sat out of Friday’s practice.  Webster has a sprained knee and Ross’s injury was undisclosed at this point.  With both Ross and Webster not practicing Friday, that would leave Terrell Thomas, Bruce Johnson and Kevin Dockery to work as the top three cornerbacks. That should help […]

Ross V. Rouse?

It could come to this. Two Aaron’s with practically the same last name, amid a field of Johnson’s no less… could be fighting for a starting safety spot that has been arguably vacant since Kenny Phillips was placed on injured reserve in week 3. According to The Blue Screen, Ross has been working out with […]

Transcripts Galore!

Traditionally,  the Giants make assistant coaches available to the media during the bye week. Well, this bye week is no different. I don’t want to bog down the blog with long transcripts. Instead, I’ll post the links (note: Just the defensive coaches were made available today. When the offensive coaches are available, we’ll post it […]

Ross Returns To Practice

Good news: Aaron Ross has returned to practice for the first time since September 30th. We don’t know if he will play against the Falcons after the bye. But this is very encouraging news. The secondary has been fairly ineffective since the competition has improved. Ross will go a long way toward fixing that.

Who Gets Wilkinson’s Roster Spot?

If I was a betting man I would guess that Gerris Wilkinson ends up on injured reserve thus ending his season.  Who will fill the vacant roster spot.  I highly doubt it will be another linebacker because they have eight on the roster already.  I would fill the spot with someone from the secondary.  The […]

Giants Make It Four In A Row And Fall To The Chargers 21-20

I am going to make this write up a short one as the Giants fall to the Chargers by the score of 21-20.  The team played better but showed the same faults that have been haunting them for the past month.  I think it is time for Coughlin to take a look at his coaching […]

Giants/Chargers Halftime Thoughts:

Wow what a fast first half.  The Giants have dominated time of possesion but it doesn’t show on the scoreboard as they are tied with the Chargers 7-7.   The Giants marched down the field 68 yards on the opening drive only to have Tynes forget to kick the ball on a field goal attempt.  The […]

Secondary Concern

Today’s game was a disgrace as I turned if off after the third. One play that stuck out to me like a sore thumb was Desean Jackson’s yard touchdown catch; he was wide open. All 6 of his touchdowns this year have been over 50 yards, it really was amazing how open he was on […]

5 Keys To Beating the Cards

Is this a must win game? I wouldn’t call it that, but this game against the Cardinals is pretty damn important. How do the Giants beat the Cardinals? Here are our 5 Keys. 1. Pressure, Pressure and More Pressure This could be a key every week, but after last week’s performance, they need a pass […]