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Tale of the Tape Breakdown

For Sunday’s Game, NFL Total Access’ Jamie Dukes and Rod Woodson break down each team and the facets that should give them their respective edge to win. The Saints were awarded Offensive honors while the Giants were awarded Defensive honers… not all that surprising when you go strictly on reputation. The Giants have a #1 […]

Eli goes perfect

Via Posted by’s Matt Mosley Thanks to Kevin Conlon of ESPN Stats & Information for the following gem: Since Eli Manning’s done for the day (because the Giants have a big lead), he will become the fifth different quarterback over the past five seasons to finish a game with a perfect passer rating, […]

The wrong kind of stats

John Fennelly recently posted a bunch of stats over here and he prefaces the entire post with: Here are some facts for you to digest….don’t read too much into them….. I’m not going to trash Mr. Fennelly per se, but I’m going express my extreme distaste for the type of meaningless numbers presented not only […]

Statistical Oddities (and More Stats) for the New York Giants.

Anyone who has been following the blog closely since I joined knows that I am a statistic’s junkie. I don’t think Stats are Tell-alls. I trust my eyes as well. I trust what I see and look for statistical data to back up what my eyes are telling me, sometimes all stats do is open […]

Hixon vs Plaxico – Maybe We Won’t Draft A Wideout

I found some interesting information on Football Outsiders today, the Giants were actually better with Hixon at the “X” receiver.  Hixon’s statistics are more impressive than Burress’, both over the season as a whole and in the games where he was specifically in Burress’ role.  New York’s offense was also better with Hixon as the […]

Ward Starting to Evaluate

From “After the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs last Sunday, Derrick Ward’s first priority was taking a physical and mental break from football on the beaches of Miami. But when next week comes, the running back — who is due to become a free agent this offseason — will begin to mull his […]

A Quick Look at the Panthers

We never thought it would come down to this, not after the way they started the year. But the G-Men are fighting for home-field advantage Sunday night against the Panthers. Who is this Panthers team? The one that challenges us for NFC Supremacy? Let’s take a look: QB: Jake Delhomme, ever the warrior, has thrown for 2,853 yards, […]

‘Flat,’ My Ass!

One of the “genius” reporters — after the Giant’s 26-23 overtime win over The Bengals — asked Tom Coughlin, “Why do you think the Giants came out so ‘flat?’” To which Coughlin replied with one of those icy, pre-softer-gentler, Tom Coughlin scowls. “Don’t give me any of that ‘flat’ stuff! Those guys (The Bengals) had […]

The UN-Sexiest Really Good Team Around

Before ‘Kick-Off-Weekend,’ if you were to ask any pro football “expert” at ESPN, the NFL Network, MSG, SNY, NBC, CBS or Fox to name the top five “sexy” picks for 2008 they’d probably say: The Cowboys, The Colts, The Patriots, The Chargers, The Jaguars — not necessarily in that order. Other “sexy” picks might be […]