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Ranking the Giants: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

We’ve been Ranking the Giants all week, and now we’re onto the wide receivers and tight ends. With Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer gone, someone was going to have to step up. No one knew who it would be. Luckily, many Giants did. Let’s Rank The Giants, Wide Receiver/Tight End Style STEVE SMITH: What can […]

Remembering the 2000 NFC Championship:

For Christmas I was given the New York Giants 10 Greatest Games DVD, and if you are a Giants fan it’s a MUST HAVE.  So after all this losing I wanted to watch the Giants win a game so I popped in disc 8 (2000 NFC Championship game against the Vikings) and let me tell […]

What Went Right: Wide Receivers

Coming into the season many people belived that the New York Giants would be very good along the Offensive line and defensive lines, and that they were solid at Quarterback (but had over-paid their Quarterback) and that the Giants would be terrible at Wide Receiver. Hard to imagine now, but I had a friend (who […]

Steve Smith Is Five Catches Away From Giants Record:

From The NYPOST: Smith is on the verge of becoming the Giants’ single-season reception leader. He has 78 catches and needs five more to break Amani Toomer’s record of 82 set in 2002. Setting a new standard on Sunday against the arch-rival Eagles in a game that could be for a share of first place […]

A Tempered Reaction to Kenny Phillips News

Tom Rock yesterday posted a very interesting (read panicky) article about how Kenny Phillips’ football career might be over. I like T-Rock’s take on most things — but I think in the wake of dealing with several injuries to key Giants players, Kenny Phillips most definitely included, let’s instead take the high road here and […]

Talking Points Giants/Cowboys

First, Andrew and Mark picked The Giants to win this game, and I did not. (I like to get full disclosure out there)..but boy was I impressed with some aspects of the game. I thought the difference more than anything would be the 400,000 players that the Giants had sitting out in this game. Including […]

Giants Beat Cowboys 33-31 On Last Second Field Goal

Receiver problem? What receiver problem. The Giants beat the Cowboys on a last second, 37 yard field goal from Lawrence Tynes, for a  winning score of 33-31. Mario Manningham and Steve Smith shined, making fans forget about Plaxico Buress and Amani Toomer. Manningham had 150 yards and a score, and Smith added 134 yards and […]

Talking Points For the Giants/Redskins Game.

We’ll have our “Giants Roundtable” piece later in the week where we will take an indepth look at this past game and preview the Cowboys game so I just want to mention a few things in passing and see what people are feeling. Corey Webster meet Pro Bowl. Pro-Bowl meet Corey Webster. (Not based on […]

“Pundits” Are Clueless. I Don’t Want to Name Any Mike and Mikes, I Mean Names

I think National analysts are clueless (and not just Mike and Mikes, there are so, so, so many more). I just happen to think that Mike and Mike who have four hours to talk, a huge production staff, and very good incomes should be much more informed than they are currently.  THE most frustrating thing […]

Coughlin Hopes Teams Stack The Box:

From the New York Post: If Tom Coughlin ever engaged in trash talk, it no doubt would involve explaining the need to double-bag his garbage. Still, considering the source, this qualifies as a small verbal salvo. Asked yesterday about the likelihood opposing defenses — in a show of disrespect for the Giants’ young receivers — […]