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Coughlin Speaks at OTAs

Tom Coughlin spoke to the media after Friday’s OTA: (via Q:  How great is it to be practicing? A:  It is great.  It is terrific to have a chance – how about the two minute drill? Q:  Your offense completed some long balls.  Do you think that it is so spacious in here it will […]

Coughlin Transcript

Tom Coughlin spoke to the media after today’s OTA. Here’s the transcript from Q:  How pleased were you with the attendance today? A:  It was excellent; excellent.  The effort, the enthusiasm, guys played smart; they stayed up, did all of the things you wanted them to do.  They were glad to be out here.  […]

Bill Sheridan Transcript

Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan talked to the media earlier this week: (from Re: thoughts on rookies after minicamp A:  He definitely has a natural pass rush.  He has some shake to him and he did a really nice job. He is going to be a very good outside linebacker as well because he is […]

Kevin Gilbride Transcript

Today was an open media day, so there are a bunch of transcripts. Here is one with offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride (via Q:  How do you feel about receivers? A:  Good.  It is hard to get a gauge this early for a couple of reasons.  One, they are just learning what it is you […]

Coughlin Speaks

Tom Coughlin spoke to reporters after the third practice of mini-camp (from Q: Of the three practices you have had, anybody standing out, anybody surprise you?   A:  I don’t know about surprises.  I think we knew – I think someone asked me about Mo Evans yesterday.  He has done pretty well.  He had […]

Since Everyone is Interested in Nicks…

I thought I’d let him speak for himself. Here’s Hakeem Nicks’ transcript (from Also I’m holding an open commentary to what Andre Browns’ nick name should be. Jacobs is Earth, Bradshaw is Fire, Danny Ware wants to be water. What’s left for Brown? Mists? Fog? natural disaster? Something much better?  (I would think so) […]

Coughlin Transcript

Tom Coughlin talked to reporters after the first day of mini-camp (from Q: What can you find out with all of these guys running around? A: You can find a lot out but you have to keep it in perspective. It is rookies against rookies for the most part; guys that haven’t been on […]

Coughlin Speaks About Draft

Tom Coughlin spoke with the media about the draft. Here is the transcript from Q: A guy like Barden, where he puts up all these numbers against a lower level of competition, how can you project him in the NFL? Is it more difficult? A: Just athletic ability, I think, and production. You’ve still […]

Reese Talks About the Draft

Jerry Reese talked to reporters about the draft. Here is the transcript from We already talked about Hakeem Nicks and Sintim and Beatty. Hakeem Nicks – we felt like he was a really good value pick and a need position.  We got a little bit of both at that time; very productive, big body, […]

Barden Transcript

Here is Ramses Barden talking to reporters: (via Q: We knew the Giants needed size at the receiver position. You came in for a visit. You were rumored to be a target. Are you surprised at all with this one?   A: This process, you never really know. You hear all the time about […]