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A Freakin’ Fluke, My Ass!

Hate to admit it but I watch NFL Live. Yeah, okay, I know, it’s goofy but, hey, it’s July and I’ve been suffering through ‘football withdrawal,’ since March, okay? I watch it the way I watch really bad old movies on TV that make you laugh at all the wrong times. But, last week I stopped laughing when resident genius, Trey Wingo, said the 2007 Giants were a fluke. Then he corrected himself by saying, “Well, maybe not a fluke but certainly freaky” — which, I assume, constitutes a freakin’ fluke. Was it? Wingo and every other “expert ” prognosticator says the Giants are NOT the 2008 NFC “team-to-beat” because they just don’t match up — man for man — with Cowboy’s All-Pro roster — which, by the way, is as true now as it was in 2007. So, if he’s right, was 2007 a “freakin’ fluke?”

His logic is almost impeccable. Almost. They Giants really don’t have an All-Pro Player Roster. But, they do have something at least as important. They have an All-Pro front-office, management and coaching roster; and, in the salary cap, free-agency era, where players come and go from year to year, that may be the most important roster on any team. That roster built a ‘character,’ team. Not a team of characters but, rather a team with ‘character.’ And the overriding quality of that ‘character’ was; they simply never knew they WEREN’T supposed to win. That’s not a fluke. That’s not even a freakin’ fluke. That’s ‘character.’ Okay, maybe the Giants really aren’t the “team-to-beat” in 2008 — but these guys still don’t know they’re NOT supposed to win. Freakin’ fluke, my ass!

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5 Responses to “A Freakin’ Fluke, My Ass!”

  1. MJ says:

    What is not being considered here is the potential of the Cowboys to become a total basket case. With all of the criminals, plus TO, plus a go along to get along coach, plus an owner with an attitude of “as long as we win, I don’t care who plays” attitude, the Cowboys have no where near the chemistry or character of the Giants. These so-called pundits see a bunch of big names on a roster and immediately declare them the champs without them even playing a down. Well, let them. All it does is give the Giants more motivation. They play better when everyone is down on them anyways.

  2. grizz299 says:

    I don’t get it. We’re still apologizing, still suffering an inferiority complex. Where does this come from “we don’t have an all pro roster”. The hell you say. We have as many or more pro bowl type players as anyone in football. All of the following might not go but they’re that type of quality player. (as of last year).

    Michael Strahan, Pierce, Plax, Brandon, Ohara, Eli, Ross, Robbins, Osi, Tuck, Shockey, Snee. I think players like Kareem, Smith and Bradshaw, Webster and an emerging Colefield and Kiwi will all be close this year.

    Strangest damn thing, we beat four very fine teams on the road, we crush the greatest team of all time and people insist on saying we don’t have a great roster.

  3. Gmen08 says:

    We dont have an All-pro roster because everyone is good. Theres not 1 standout like everyteam has.

    The cowboys have all those Probowl players because they are the biggest bandwagon team in the country and it looks like all their fans came out and voted for them. Every other team’s fans are local and not so widespread and therefore wont get as many votes. I bet the same happens again this year.

    Example, Roy Williams does not belong in the pro bowl but he made it. Pure BS and bandwagon fan voting

  4. Kev says:

    The Giants are the biggest super bowl fluke in history.

    You wanted to run Coughlin out of town, he brings you a Super Bowl and now you forget all about the last 4 years. idiots.

  5. boombaby says:

    I guess the past 2 years have kind of sealed the deal that the 07 Giants were total flukes, & that Eli was a chump who got as lucky as any athlete in sports history. The only time they’ve been clutch in decades, they rattle off 4 huge playoff wins to grab the SB on a miracle helmet catch… And then they immediately go back to being choking, mediocre losers. If that doesn’t tell you 07 was a fluke, I don’t know what does.

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