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Should the Giants Puruse Roscoe Parrish?

I’m sure not many people have thought about this option, but living in Rochester and having a wife from Rochester I watch a lot of Buffalo Bills games (every week, even if they conflict with the Giants games we DVR one of them and watch the other first) .   But anyway recent news has come out that with the addition of Terrell Owens to the Buffalo Bills they no longer have a spot open with Roscoe Parrish (as they have Owens, Evans, Josh Reed 2nd round pick last year, James Hardy, and 7th rounder last year Steve Johnson).

So the Bills are willing to trade Roscoe Parrish (they are also looking to shop Jason Peters) are the Giants willing to listen?

Now, obviously the Giants need WR help, but why would they even consider the 5-9 Roscoe Parrish who has a 1,000 career receiving yards in four seasons?


Quite simply, Roscoe Parrish is THE best punt returner in the National Football League. He’s been more consistent than Devin Harris, and nearly as explosive. 


Parrish has 94 career returns for 1,312 yards at 14 yards a return and 3 touchdowns. Parrish has had one touchdown each of the last three years desptie only returning the 21, 27, and 32 times over the years-and only six fumbles over those three years. He also has 6 returns over 40 yards.


Devin Hester has 121 returns for 1,449 yards (12 yards a return) 7 TD (none last year) and 14 fumbles as a punt returner. Yikes. Hester has 8 returns over 40 yards.

Parrish secures the ball more than Hester, averages more yards per each return than Hester, and has almost as many returns over 40 yards even thoguh Hester has approximately 30 more chances.

Parrish has limited KR experience, but in 18 career KR has 12 over 20 yards and 2 over 40 yards.


Who would you rather have? Tough call. But after last year, Parrish. Hester last year had 0 TD. 0 Returns over 40 yards and still 3 fumbles.

The Giants on the other hand have been awful in the return games, with the exception of Dominque Hixon, but I honestly believe Hixon will be the number 1 or 2 receiver this year no matter what we do in the draft and won’t return the ball too much this season. And with Bradshaws assumed expanded role in the run game he is unlikely to do much returning either which leaves the Giants looking for a return man in the draft.

I think the Giants are going to take a flyer on a KR/PR WR/CB in the fourth of fifth rounds anyway, why not go after a guy that we already know can catch the ball in the cold New York air, and a guy that has already been explosive as a return man.  On top of that unlike with the Bills Parrish won’t have to contribue anything to the receiving game so he can concentrate on returns and special teams only, which would help him become a proficient Kick Returner as well as punter returner.


I think if Parrish can be had for our late fourth or especially a  fifth round pick the Giants should take  a shot, there is not much to lose on a proven return man.

I would be enticed by Jason Peters too, especially if the Giants are considering drafting a tackle early and becuase the Eagles really want Peters, but not for a 1st and a 3rd and a 10 million dollar contract.  Maybe an early 2nd rounder if the prices comes down enough.  But I don’t think or expect anything would happen with Peters as far as the G-men are concerned.

What do you guys think about sending a fifth rounder over to the Bills for Roscoe Parrish?


Also a few posts down is a “Who Do You Want at WR post” Leave your thoughts on that as well. 


Have a nice day, everyone.

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5 Responses to “Should the Giants Puruse Roscoe Parrish?”

  1. Jason C. says:

    I’m all for Parrish, however that means giving up on Sinorice Moss, as keeping both on roster makes about as much sense as giving up a 1st round pick ++ for Edwards or Boldin…
    What do you feel the asking price for Parrish would be? A fourth rounder makes sense, but then we should trade up and try to get Crabtree as I don’t see the Giants trading for TWO receivers and Crabtree is the only legit number one in the draft IMO…

  2. Jesse Cassel says:

    no im not at all for parish hes not proven himself to be anywhere near a number one reciever hes never open and he makes stupid mistakes if your better off takeing nicks or britt at number 29

  3. Jesse, buddy, I’m not talking about Parrish as a number one.

    Or even as a viable WR in any package at all.

    I’m talking about stricly as a punt and Kick returner if we can get Parrish for our late fourth round pick.

    With Hixon now a viable WR we have NO return games.

    Parrish is the best Punt returner in the game in my opinon and would fit nicely with the Giants,

    I think we offer the BIlls a fourth rounder or a fifth round pick in exchange for Roscoe,

    but still get Britt at number 29.


    Agreed. So Long Sinorice. He hasn’t proven himself much of a return man yet or much of a WR.

    I’d rather stick with Hixon, Smith, Manningham whoever we draft as 1-4

    and Parrish and Tyree and Rucker (from practice squad) can fight for number five

  4. Jesse Cassel says:

    hey he may be a great kick/punt returner but you can get a guy in the second round that can do that i think the giants should save there picks to try to either trade up for crabtree or my personal favorite in the traft macklyn either that or they should try to get a number one guy like Boldin, ocho cinco, or edwards after thats all said and done if you still have enouph picks to make this Parish trade by all means but i think the giants should get probably the most important position of need out of the way

  5. giantman says:

    just say no ocho. no more idiot receivers, thank you. trade what you need to for bolden or braylon. these guys are proven. you know the giants already have their man. they wont drop the bomb until draft day. keep your options open right? me i like both braylon and boldin. can we get them both? no toomer. no plax. if we make the right moves we get a #1 and #2 and keep hixon in the slot. me i trade manningham, smith, moss, and santa claus! we need hands. too many dropped balls guys. trade #1 and manningham for boldin, and #2 and #4 and smith for braylon. make moves G-MEN!! imagine how that move would open up the whole game. eli would have a 4,000 yard season and jacobs would have loads of attention taken off him. eli is a couple good wide outs away from greatness! peyton has harrison and wayne. 1 good receiver is not enough. i hope someone is listening cuase i am SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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