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I Hope Kiper Gives The G-men a “C” Draft Grade

Theres the Man Im excited to see in Two Weeks.

There's the Man I'm excited to see in Two Weeks.


I was watching Mike and Mike for a few minutes this morning when I noticed that they were scrolling Kiper’s draft grades (letters) for teams since the 2004 draft. 

And then I saw the Giants’ grades  roll by and the grades looked like this:

2004 C

2005 C-

2006 C+

2007 C

2008 C

(I must quickly note that I don’t remember the exact order of the draft grades, but NO Grade was higher than C+ and they ranged from C- to C+)


I hope the Giants have a C draft class this year.    Boy, has everyone been underrating the Giants drafts.


A general rule of thumb for a good draft is 2-3 starters and some contributing role players.  Pro Bowl players in a draft is excellent.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look back at the draft classes from 2004 to 2008.

 The Inagural “C” draft

2004-PhiliP Rivers (Which turned into Eli Manning)

2nd-Chris Snee, 4th-Reggie Torbor, 5th-Girbil Wilson, 6th Jamaar Tyler, 7th round Drew Stojny and Issac Hilton

 In 2004 the Giants got:

An All Pro Superbowl Winning Franchise QB (Eli). 

One of the best interior linemen in all of football (Snee).

And a Safety, that last year led the Raiders in tackles from the Safety position out of the fifth round (Gibril Wilson).

Reggie Torbor also contributed for awhile for the Giants (starting in 18 games since 2004; now currently with the “Fins)

Regrade-A-  Anytime you can leave a draft with a franchise QB and a cornerstrone linemen you’re in good shape. A- because neither Wilson nor Torbor or on the team any longer.


In 2005 The Second “C” draft:

2nd Round Corey Webster

3rd Round Justin Tuck

4th Round Brandon Jacobs

6th round Eric Moore.


Wow! What a haul for only four picks.  Obviously the 1st (Merriman) and the fifth (Nate Kaeding) went to the Chargers in the Eli Manning trade. 

Now, I don’t think the Giants would have drafted Shawne Merriman then either and it’s tough to predict although if I could go back in time with that pick and select whatever player I wanted from the first round past the Merriman pick it’d probably be Roddy White WR.



Corey Webster SHOULD be a Pro-Bowler this year, he had a great season this past season.

 Justin Tuck is a beast and is a pro bowler.

Brandon Jacbos is awesome-many would argue he makes the Giants go. He could very well be a pro bowler. He averages more than 5 yards a carry for the past TWO seasons combined.


Draft Regrade A/B+

An “A” because of what the Giants did get out of this draft-Webster, Tuck, and Jacbos.  A B+ if you want to take into consideration what else the Giants might have had, but the draft was spectacular.


2006 Another “C” Draft

1st Round Mathias Kiwanuka

2nd Sinorice Moss

3rd Gerris Wilkinson

4th Barry Cofield and Guy Whimper

5th Charlie Peprah

7th Gerris Mcpherson


All right this draft is probably a B-.

Mathias Kiwanuka was a “big reach” to everyone, but he’s been pretty awesome.

Sinorice Moss is running out of chances, Gerris Wilkinson can’t stay healthy, this is the telling year for both players. Hopefully Sinorice can at the very least finally excel in the return game.

Barry Cofield is solid-he’s started all of 2006 all of 2007 and all of 2008.

The rest is scraps.

But remember like I said when drafting a team is looking for two to three starters for an average draft-and the Giants accomplished this with Cofield and Kiwanuka (although Cofield will be moving out of the starting spot this year, I imagine)

2007 “C” Draft

1st Round-Aaron Ross

2nd Round Steve Smith

3rd Round-Jay Alford

4th round-Zak DeOssie

5th Round-Kevin Boss

6th Round-Adam Koets

7th round-Michael Johnson and Ahamahd Bradshaw


A C Draft. A C!  Crazy, Kiper Jr. 

I mean, I know it’s early and all, but this draft looks much, much better than average.

First of all it already has one pro bowler in Zak DeOssie (although he went as the “extra” player for Andy Reid)

This draft had Tremendous value in the later rounds.  Kevin Boss is a solid starting Tight end in this league.  ZakDe Ossie is a special team’s Ace.

Ahamahd Bradshaw was instrumental in the Giants Superbowl run and might do some damange this year.

Michael Johnson hits like a truck. 

Aaron Ross is very solid. Steve Smith is a third down conversion machine. And Jay Alford will lose some playing time this year, but with hard work (and after Cofield and Robbins leave) he could be good next year.


Regrade: B+ and Rising/Incomplete.

It is possible that the development of all of these players all of a sudden becomes stunted, but I don’t think so.  I think Aaron Ross still has room to grow and definitely Steve Smith does-we’ll see this year. 

Bradshaw and Johnson are great, great value for 7th rounders.


2008 Draft

1st round-Kenny Phillips

2nd Round-Terrel Thomas

3rd Round-Mario Manningham

4th round Bryan Kehl

5th round Jonathan Goff

6th Round: Andre Woodson and Robert Henderson

I’m still confused to why the Giants didn’t get the benefit of the doubt in this draft, though.

I remember that Todd McShay had Mario Manninghman pegged as a 1st round talent.

In this draft the Giants also got THE best Safety in the class-he looks special to me. I think he’ll be real good. He had 63 tackles even though he only started 3 games.

Terrel Thomas looks solid-He’s 6 feet tall and athletic.

And Manningham is the Wildcard of this draft.

When everyone mocks LB’s to the Giants I wonder if they remember the Giants drafted Kehl and Goff. The question of course is, “do the Giants think Kehl and Goff can be full time starters later on?”

I dont know. I like Kehl a lot. Smart, instinctive player. He looked awesome against the Vikings week 17 last year (9 tackles and a sack).

I think Andre Woodson is a nice developmental project at Quarterback for the future who could at the very least be a solid backup in this league.

Draft Re-Grade: Incomplete

It’s too early to tell what the Giants have in last year’s draft class, but I think Kenny Phililps is a keeper for sure.


Let me know what you think. And as Always if you can take the time to comment (which I greatly appreciate) I can take the time to respond.


Have a nice day, everyone.

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7 Responses to “I Hope Kiper Gives The G-men a “C” Draft Grade”

  1. daneptizl says:

    I appreciate Eli for what he did… but I think you’re giving him too much love… I mean All-Pro…..? In hindsight, I would easily take Rivers and keep the other 2 picks.

  2. evan b says:

    i agree, kiper hasnt given us the credit we deserve.

    i think the 2007 draft should be a little higher than a B+ though. Ross has been a legitimate starter when he’s been healthy. of course, he had that bad concussion last year. steve smith has been as good as any receiver on this team. if i’m not mistaken, smith lead the team in catches last year. alford started his share of games because of hand injuries to fred robbins. also, let’s not forget that huge sack alford had on brady in the super bowl. de ossie hasnt done too much on offense and defense, but if we learned anything from the steelers last year it was that long snappers are highly valued, and not to mention he made the pro bowl. koets hasnt done too much yet, but johnson did start for much of this year. and bradshaw? well, he was sensational in the 4th quarter of many games throughout his two years here, and is expected to take on a bigger role this year.

    aside from 2005, i think this has been the most productive draft class in recent memory. my grade would be an A. it could turn into one of the better drafts in the history of the franchise should the players continue their development.

    2004 obviously gave us a super bowl mvp and an all-pro guard, but everyone else from that class is not with us anymore.

    all in all, great job regrading.

  3. Initial responses:

    Thanks guys for your responses, Here’s mine;


    I Personally LOVE Eli Manning. I do. I think people underrate him.

    Name the QB’s who have been the playoffs four years in a row?

    There’s ONLY Two.

    Peyton Manning And Eli Manning. (Tom Brady would be on this list if he wasn’t hurt last year).

    Here’s some numbers not reported much by people about Eli Manning.

    *Manning finished the season fourth in franchise history in passes (2,284) and completions (1,276), yardage (14,623) and touchdown passes (98)

    *He is the first Giants quarterback to throw for more than 3,000 yards in four consecutive seasons and the first to throw at least 20 touchdown passes four years in a row.

    *Manning is 42-29 (.592) as a regular season starter. The 42 victories are the second-most by a Giants quarterback in the Giants Stadium era (since 1976). Phil Simms won 95 games from 1979-93.


    Maybe Philip Rivers is a better QB.

    Do I know that Philip Rivers Could handle the New York Media?

    Do I know that he could have brought these Giants teams to the playoffs four years in a row?

    Do I know if he would have won the Superbowl?

    I’m not sure to any of these, but I DO know that Eli Manning did all of these things.

    The franchise is in pretty good position with Eil, even if we probably did overpay for him.

    I think it’s somewhere in between I tend to give Eli Too much credit, but most people don’t give Eli Enough Credit. What do you think?

    Thanks for the response 🙂

    • Evan B

      I agree.

      I think in order to have an “A” grade though there must be an Impact player-like Jacobs/Eli Manning.

      I think Ross and Smith can get there, but aren’t there yet.

      I think Bradshaw is a wild card. I hope he’s awesome.

      But Steve Smith was First on the team in Receptions. But THIRD In yards.

      Suprisingly, despite limited playing time

      Dominque Hixon was First with 596 yards to Steve Smith 574 yards (Toomer had 580)

      I think Smith needs to be a 1,000 yard receiver for this to be an A draft.

      I think it can get there, but not there yet.

      Thanks for the response 🙂

  4. Tim says:

    “I appreciate Eli for what he did… but I think you’re giving him too much love… I mean All-Pro…..? ”

    thats usually what you call quarterbacks who play in the pro bowl.. ala elis most recent visit…

  5. Jesse Cassel says:

    the draft shouldnt be graded directly after because you dont know what kinda production your going to get out of players untill the seoson starts in two years from the draft yea you can make a judgement but you have to see how the players adjust to the system

  6. daneptizl says:

    I guess you don’t know what All-Pro is. All-Pro is better than pro bowl. It is the best player at their position… not 3 of the best at their position(pro-bowl), from two sides of the league(AFC/NFC so 6 players at their position), no less.

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