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Giants Draft Thoughts and Re-draft

All I’ve been seeing around everywhere is people complaining about how the Giants should have made the big splash by getting Braylon Edwards or Anquan Boldin.


Tim Hasselbeck, Mark Scharleth…and on and on and on.


But I disagree. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have Braylon Edwards on the New York Giants next year.


But at what cost?


A 1st and a 3rd plus 8-10 million dollars a year.  Is Braylon Edwards that much more effective than Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden will be throughout their careers?  We’ll have to wait and see. But both of these players come cheaper.




The thing about Edwards and Boldin is once you put a high value on those players by giving up the very coveted 1st round draft pick they think the Giants owe Braylon and Anquan.    

But when you draft Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden these players, in the very tight-knit Giants locker room we’ll soon realize that they, Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden OWE the Giants. 



Besides that, the Giants have about 5 million dollars in cap space, which makes a deal for either of those players cumbersome.


And lastly, how many times have we, as Giants fans, watched the Washington Redskins make the big splash under Daniel Snyder for it to backfire and not only hurt the present, but also the ‘Skins future. Is it any coincidence that they have 3-5 draft picks every year and that they have been much less successful than teams like the Giants, Steelers, Eagles, and Patriots who hoard draft picks? 


I don’t think so.



Anyway, in the nature of second guessing I thought it would be fun to throw out alternate picks to see what the Giants could have had as opposed to what they did have (for the record I personally think the Giants had a top 5 draft this season and wouldn’t actually change anything except the last pick or two)




1st round Hakeem Nicks


There are reports out there that the Giants were going to trade up and grab Maclin, and while I liked Maclin I’m glad Nicks fell to the Giants to be honest. The main reason I like Maclin is that I feel, even if he busts as a WR, he could be dangerous in the return game, but if Hixon gets pushed off the #1 WR role-returns are no longer a big problem for the G-men.



Hakeem Nicks vs. Darrius Heyward Bey will be the classic example of whether or not pure athletic ability trumps production in college.  Both these players played at lower level ACC schools, but one of these players is a work out warrior (Darrius Heyward Bey) the other is a player that was ultra productive, but doesn’t have great measurables (Hakeem Nicks). 


We’ll see.


New Pick: Rey Maluaga If I was in the board room with the Giants I would have been very, very tempted to grab Rey Maluaga once he fell down that far. To me he screams Giants player. A big ferocious hitter who plays downhill and brings intensity.  I like Nicks, but Maluaga would have been awfully tempting if I were in the war room.



Round 2 pick 45-Clint Sintim 

I think the Giants would have pulled

the trigger on Clint Sintim before Rey Maluaga. I’ve seen it reported a few different times, and on top of that Sintim fits a more immediate need for the Giants (OLB). I like Sintim. He’s a pass rushing foo’ who led the nation in sacks at the linebacker position (to clarify that: he had more sacks than any other Linebacker, not all other players)



Giants re-draft LeSean McCoy.


Had the Giants pulled the trigger on Rey Maluaga I have to assume that Hakeem Nicks goes to the Titans (or Kenny Britt).  Kenny Britt then becomes an intriguing prospect for another team and they grab him. And I don’t think Britt or Brian Robiskie would have made it back to the Giants at pick number 45, because neither of those players would have been a reach early in round two like Mohammaed Massaquoi was, which means some teams passes on a different player they picked to grab the last of the tier one guys in Robiskie and Britt.


LeSean McCoy would have been the best player available at that time and would give the Giants a running back who could really catch the ball out of the backfield, something that has been missing from the Giants since Tiki  Barber.



Pick #60 William Beatty.


This was my favorite pick of the draft. I personally think that Beatty right now, is better than Eben Britton and has as much upside as any Tackle in this draft. He’s not huge, but he has some of the longest arms in the draft class, put up nearly 30 reps with those long arms and tested extremely well (and was productive). I think when ready, he’ll be able to do what David Diehl can’t-minimize DeMarcus Ware coming off the edge.


Beatty has longer arms then all of the top tackles except Andre Smith. (Longer arms than Britton, Monroe, Jason Smith, Michael Oher). He also put up more bench presses then Britton, Oher, and Monroe (Andre Smith did not bench press). He also ran a faster 40 than Britton, Oher, Monrore, and Jason Smith (and I’ll assume Andre Smith who didn’t run at the combine either). He’s also taller than the top six tackles except for Eben Britton who is the same size.


So Like I said He was not only productive, but he’s an athletic freak at tackle. 


Giants re-draft the best player available would have still been William Beatty, but assuming I can’t go that route.


The Giants grab intriguing Safety/CB prospect Sean Smith. Sean Smith is out of Utah and is 6-4 and is very athletic. Mike Mayock compared him to Mel Blount.  Not bad.   He ran a 4.47 at his pro-day and had 5 INT this season.



Round 3 pick 85


Ramses Barden This is the most polarizing pick the Giants made, I think. You either love him or you’re like who cares? So what if he’s 6’6 and dominated some stupid conference no one cares about. 


He’s an athletic monster, not as fast as Plaxico, but can still move pretty well for a big guy. I personally like the pick. Nicks is powerful, but the rest of our WRs are skinny fast guys. Barden should be able to produce in the Red-zone, sorry “green” zone this year.



Giants re-draft


This pick is tough. In the re-draft the Giants have yet to tab a WR, but the Giants don’t’ want to reach here so they take the best player available when they draft super athletic TE Jared Cook out of South Carolina.



Pick # 100 Travis Beckum


Beckum is an explosive player who will play the Hback position for the Giants. He could have been a 1st rounder if he stayed healthy during college, but he didn’t. That’s the big question about Beckum-will he stay healthy?


Giants Re-draft


The Giants, in the redraft having already addressed MLB, RB, S, and Tight End are in a tough position.


The best WR left are Louis Murphy and Mike Thomas, neither who are spectacular.  Because of this the Giants again stay away from WR because they feel strongly about not reaching far for a player. They take Center Jonathan Luguis, Who is a great Center prospect and who can also play Guard on this team. He will add depth to the team, and be the eventual replacement for Shaun O’Hara.



Pick #129 Andre Brown RB North Carolina State


Andre Brow’s biggest problem again was his injury history.  (The Giants took two gambles on very talented, productive player who were injured-Beckum and Brown).  I like Brown though. I think he’s more talented than Bradshaw or Ware and will eventually be the #2 back. He can catch the ball out of the backfield which is a huge bonus, because the Giants haven’t had a good pass catching RB since Tiki Barber retired.


Giants Re-draft


Because in this exercise I’m not re-drafting the same players I’ll go elsewhere. One option is Rashard Jennings who is a similar player to Brown, but I’ll shy away from that as well. And instead grab Gerald McCrath OLB out of Southern Miss.


The Giants this year with the re-draft are going to try and win every game 3-0. I’m just playing, but this re-draft would give a pretty good defense sick, nasty potential.  And really upgrade the LB unit which is certainly not the strongest in the league.

With my re-draft the Giants LB corps goes from Danny Clark, Pierce, Boley to.    McGrath/Clark. Pierce/Maluaga, Boley.    The depth would be outstanding.



Round 5 Pick #151 Rhett Bomar


I always preach Best Player Available. So I would be a hypocrite If I criticized the Giants pick here. They obviously thought he was the best player available and has the potential to be something special.  I feel as though the Giants will most likely try to turn him into a serviceable NFL QB and then move him for a 2nd or third round pick in a few years if he doesn’t become Eli’s backup, which is a pretty good investment. Eerily similar to what the Patriots did with Matt Cassel, except I don’t think that’s what the Patriots initially intended to do with Matt Cassel.


Giants Re-draft


Again going with the best player available idea the Giants take CB Coye Francies out of San Jose State. This guy is just a player. He’s tall, fast, athletic, pretty good hands tackles well.  There are red-flag character issues which is why his stock plummeted but what a talent he is and he would again further upgrade the defense and give the defense amazing depth.



Round 6 pick DeAndre Wright, New Mexico


There are a lot of good things said about this guy. He has all the tools hopefully he puts it together. We’ll have to wait and see, I think he can probably make the roster, and if he makes the practice Squad he’ll be on the roster next if Kevin Dockery leaves.


Giants Re-draft Nick Reed DE out of Oregon


This guy is the little train that could. At 6-2 248 pounds he is smallish. He doesn’t have exceptional athletic ability either, BUT this guy can get at the Quarterback all day.  In college he had 25 sacks over the past two seasons (and 29 in his career). Which is super productive, playing in the Pac 10. And he also had 51 tackles for loss (on top of his 29 sacks for his career). 


He reminds me so much fo Jared Allen or AAron Schoble. Not the best athletes, but they just keep coming and coming and coming.  Seattle got a steal



Round 7 Pick 238 Stoney Woodson


not a throw away pick. I’m sure the Giants see something in him.



Giants Re-draft


Personally I’m sick of Lawrence Tynes. And Jeff Feagles is approaching his 42,000 birthday.


Giants re-draft pick: Louie Sakoda out of Utah


Sakoda was an effective kicker out of Utah AND he also was 8th in the nation in yards per punt.  This means he can take Tynes spot and if Feagles breaks a hip punting at some point this year he can also take over punting duties.


Great pick!





In closing, I thought the Giants did very well in the draft.  Until the 5th round I was on board with all their picks.  I mean I initially was all for Kenny Britt over Hakeem Nicks and Rashard Jennings Over Andre Brown. But those are minor things.


I loved the Clint Sintim pick and I loved the Beatty pick (my favorite pick of the draft-not just my favorite Giants pick in the draft. My favorite pick in the whole draft).


I think Ramses Barden was a crowd pleaser. There are a lot of Giants fans who like that pick. I think it is worth the shot in the third round, but I’ll try not to get too excited yet. At the very least I think he can run Plaxico’s fade routes in the red-zone this year.


I LOVE Coye Francies and was hoping the Giants were going that route in round 5, but Bomar could be very useful a few years down the road.  I knew little about the final two cornerbacks, but would have liked to see the Giants target a guy who runs a low 4.4 or better who can just return punts and kicks if Hixon isn’t going to do that this year. If it’s not Hixon, it’s not anybody impressive. And then in round 7 I would have liked to see them draft a Kicker.


BUT when the only things I truly disagree with are the 5th through 7th round picks, that makes me happy.


I think had the Giants approached the draft any other way they would not have gotten nearly the same value. I’m not sure if they drafted Maluaga they would have gotten a WR at all until the 3rd round when they drafted Barden.

And if they did get a WR after drafting Maluaga they would have had to reach, or move up. 


Obviously with the way the things worked out in my Giants re-draft they very well might panic after the draft and send next year’s number 1 to Arizona/Cleveland.



Hope you enjoyed the analysis and fun (at least for me) re-draft exercise.


Have a good day, everyone.

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2 Responses to “Giants Draft Thoughts and Re-draft”

  1. Jesse Cassel says:

    i disagree with the first round nicks not only was the best player on the board at the time he was a position of need the Giants needed a widereciever that has a good jump and is strong and that exactly nicks i happen to think this pick is ganna be the steal of the draft if you watch his college games he has pure talent and ability all he has to do is bring it to the next level but second round McCoy i think is a good pick and the giants have really missed that back field passing threat that no one has really taken over you can argue derrick ward in that position but he was an inconsistant reciever but i would also have to stay with sintom the giants need a third down linebacker that can rush the passer like a d-lineman and i if you remember from the 2007 playoffs ahmad bradshaw can catch, for some reoson he was in the dog house last season confined to mop up duty but i think this year hes ganna surprise you on how much he can do

  2. Jesse, my man, I like Nicks.

    I’m just saying a lot of people out there thought that they should consider Rey Maluaga, without thinking about the repercussions.

    I think Maluaga was very tempting, but had they gone Maluaga, they would have been in no position to draft a round 1 caliber WR after that, I’m glad they want Nicks.

    I 100 percent agree on McCoy. I’m hoping that Andre Brown can be that backfield receiving threat.

    Only time will tell.

    Thanks for the comment.

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