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Da Eagles are Overrated, I think.

I see a lot of publications or blogs out there that think the Eagles are the cream of the crop in the National Football League, while simultaneously they are ripping on the Giants. (There are admittedly, a lot of places that like the Giants very much as well), but to those sites or publications that are bashing the Giants and praising the Eagles I say: The Eagles are being overrated.

I don’t think people are talking enough about some of the flaws the Eagles had last season.

No team is perfect, but the Eagles are seriously flawed team. And I can’t comprehend how the Giants, even though were 3 full games better than the Eagles last season-are being put behind them this year.

Here’s some of the flaws of the Eagles, that you might not be hearing enough or anything about.

The Eagles were wildly inconsistent last year (2008), and the year before (2007) that And the year before that (2006-when Mcnabb was playing).

I don’t think you hear enough about this. The Giants last year were consistent-you have to be to go 12-4. And everyone knows the reason why they got inconsistent at the end of last year.

And they have been consistent: for four years in a row they’ve made the playoffs, but the Eagles, man they’re a crazy team. Great teams aren’t inconsistent teams.

Last year the Eagles went 9-6-1. And only won back to back games twice throughout the season (weeks 6,8,9 and weeks 13,14,15).

Their offense was also awful on the road at the end of the season

Everyone talks about how bad the Giants offense played at the end of the regular season and in the playoff game.

The Eagles though weren’t much better on the road from week 11 to week 17 they played 4 road games and scored points of: 13, 17, 20, and 3.

Just interesting.

Back to the inconsistent Eagles the past few seasons. In 2007 the Eagles won back to back games twice during the regular season.

weeks 10 and a 11, and weeks 15-17.

In 2006, McNabb played 11 games and the Eagles won back to back games one time- weeks 3-5. (They also won a lot of games after Mcnabb was hurt-winning their final five).

On second thought maybe they are consistent-in December.

But being good in only one month won’t propel you to win the division. The Eagles are a great defensive team and they come on strong at the end of the season, but unless they can find a way to play some consecutive good games early in the season-I don’t think they’ll win enough games to win the division. And as I’ll show you later there’s legitimate reason to believe they won’t have such a strong December this year.

Their OL has way more issues than people think

The Eagles have some serious talent along the offensive line position, but is comes with some serious Issues.

First is that the Eagles lost two team leaders and good players along their offensive line. Longtime Jon Ruyan and Tra Thomas. These players were stables over the past few seasons with the Eagles and they are lost now as well.

Second-there are going to be players playing out of position. The Eagles starting offensive line will be Todd Hermans, Nick Cole, Jason Peters, and Shawn and Stacey Andrews.

Hermans, and the Andrews are all best suited to play Guard, I think, and one of them will be forced outside.

The Strength of the Giants line (and the Pats line) is not the individual players on the line it’s the continuity that is provided by each of the players playing in every game the last two seasons and the line spending a majority of the season together the prior seasons before. The Eagles will not have that continuity this year.

Stacey Andrews (I believe, one of them is for sure) is also coming off a serious depression disorder-and for those of you who don’t know-there is no real “cure” for depression. Symptoms may get better, but that’s a lingering issue that could really negatively affect people (let’s hope he’s okay though).

Jason Peters sucked last year.

Jason Peters went cry-baby last year-complained about his contract held out of camp and subsequently sucked during the regular season-giving up sack totals according to some calculations (like 11.5 in a mere 13 games.

Not only that but Jason Peters also gave up twice as many sacks in 2007 as he did in 2006.

After the 2006 season Jason Peters was an emerging elite talent at the LT position and one of the five most underrated players in the league, but since the end of the 2006 season Peters has gotten progressively worse and that was playing in the A.F.C. East where the best pass rushers are all 50 year old OLB (Mike Vrabel, Joey Porter, No one on the Jets). He is now one of the five most overrated players in the league.

Porter was great last year, but that was his first good season in awhile.

Peters is getting a heavy dose of Umeinyora, Ware, and underrated Andre Carter (20.5 sacks the past three years-bad year last year) this year, we’ll see how he responds to face tough teams six times a year.

The Eagles Offensive Line has issues.

The Eagles have lost some good players

The only thing I hear about in N.F.C East previews is how the Giants have lost Toomer and Burress and blah blah blah.

The Eagles though have lost some very good players during their off-season as well though, in case you missed it.

I already mentioned the two OT, but they also lost

    Emotional Leader Brian Dawkins

as well as quality backup Correll Buckhalter, and sadly Jim Johnson (R.I.P). As well as recently Stewart Bradley who looks like he might miss the whole season this year. And I forgot their starting TE whose name escapes me right now (although they like Brent Celek, and the TE from last year dropped a lot of catchable passes he was still a starter much of the time)

And let’s not forget the whole Sheldon Brown episode going on in Philadelphia. The Eagles are annoyed with Brown and they’re not going to play him very often, which is a loss. He’s a very good cornerback.

These are issues that are being overlooked-especially to me Dawkins, now without Dawkins or Stewart Bradley the Eagles have lost their two players who had the most control on the field. We’ll see how they respond to losing these players.

They also have WR issues

All we hear about is how the Giants have WR issues this season, but not nearly enough attention is being paid, in my opinion, to the WR issues surrounding the Eagles.

DeSean Jackson lead the team in receiving with 62 receptions and 912 yards (14.7 Yards per catch) and 2 Touchdowns in 15 starts for the Eagles last season. And played significantly in every game during the season (16 games).

That’s about 57 yards per game in games he played a role in with only two touchdowns. Pretty good.

Domenix Hixon last year, had 43 receptions for 596 yards and 2 touchdowns in 7 Starts. And played significantly in about 10 games as an important WR in the game play.

That’s about 59.6 yards per game in game he played an important role in, or pretty equal to what DeSean Jackson did.

Mcnabb also threw a 100 more times than Eli Manning did during the season.

Neither player though got in the End zone much at all.

My point is: both the Eagles and Giants have WR issues so if you’re looking for a reason to place the Eagles ahead of the Giants, WR can’t be one of your focal points. The Giants might actually be in better shape-they have more young talent at WR. And their rookie this season is in camp, while the Eagles Rookie WR Jeremey Maclin is not.

Also the three primary WR’s this season for the Eagles (assuming Maclin plays a lot) are Kevin Curt, DeSean Jackson, and Jermey Maclin none of these players is over 6’0 tall.

The Eagles also have to adjust to a new primary Tight End.

The Eagles Suck in Short-Yardage Situations

On offense the Eagles are terrible in short yardage situations, they hope that Leonard Weaver will help with that problem, but in order to be consistently successful this season the Eagles will have to play better in short-yardage situations.

The Giants should be better in the “Green Zone” than the Eagles. As now Eagle player other than Brian Westrbook (5) had more than 3 Receiving Touchdowns last season.

The Giants had three players with more than 3 Receiving Touchdowns last season (but in fairness two are now off their rosters: Toomer and Burress) and Boss had 6.

The Giants should be better in the Green Zone as well because Brandon Jacobs punches the ball in (15) touchdowns when the Giants get down in the “Green Zone” but this is an issue the Giants have to figure out as well.

The Eagles get the dreaded Week Four Bye and have a Tough Schedule

Hahahahahaha. Take that Eagles fans!

That sucked last year and the Giants were clearly sucking wind at the end of last season. This year the Eagles get the week four bye.

The Eagles have a pretty difficult schedule this year. The Giants have to play Minnesota in Minnesota, but the Eagles get the Bears (with the addition of Jay Cutler) in Chicago.

The G-men face the Chargers, but they get them at home (West teams dont’ travel well East) and the Eagles have to play them in San Diego.

The Giants have to play the Cardinals, but they get the Cardinals at home where the Cardinals have gone an abysmal 5-11 on the road the past two seasons.

And the Eagles get the 49ers in Philly the same terrible road record as the Cardinals (but a higher percentage of wins on the road than the Cardinals have-49ers don’t win at home either)

So the Scheduling issue shouldn’t put the Eagles ahead of the Giants either.

Which Akers Is the Real Akers?

Last year David Akers made 85.2 percent of his Field goal attempts. The previous three years Akers made no more than 78 percent of his field goals, which Akers is the real Akers?

We’ll see this year.

In Summary

I think the Eagles are a very good team this year, but I can’t understand why so many people have placed them ahead of the Giants.

In fact these teams are eerily similar.

Both teams lost their innovative Defensive Coordinators, both teams have issues at WR, both teams have issues at MLB (with Bradley’s injury and Pierce’s poor season), both teams have question marks at Kicker, but the Eagles in all fairness have more issues to deal with than the Giants.

The Eagles also lost their secondary running back and are trying to replace him with a younger one. (Both teams have injury worries about their starting running backs). While the Giants are not counting on a Rookie Running back.

The Eagles have lost their defensive leader, their defensive coordinator, are shuffling around their offensive lines, have young unproven WR (although Jackson had a great season last year). The Giants not only have virtually the same Defense (minus James Butler) but they have actually added depth AND got back a player who averaged over 10 sacks his previous three seasons (a number brought down because he only had 6 sacks in 11 games in 2006).

Both teams have done a great job of replacing the talent they have lost during the season, but the Eagles have lost more starting players (Two starting T, TE, S, CB (if Sheldon Brown is moved or benched which is the indication right now), a MLB (injury), a “FB” (don’t really play with one) and a Great defensive coordinator.

The Giants lost a Starting Safety (Butler, who cares? and their starting two WR’s) their defensive coordinator. That’s it. (Unless you want to count the loss of Carney who wasn’t technically their starting Kicker at the beginning of last season)

But the Giants won 12 games the Eagles won 9.

Where have the Eagles gained 3 or more games on the Giants this season?

Can anyone tell me?

The Eagles are going to be tough this year, but they’re not THAT Good. I don’t believe they have gained three games on the Giants this upcoming season.

Leave a comment, I’ll get back to you.

Have a nice day, everyone.

Football’s right about the corner!

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5 Responses to “Da Eagles are Overrated, I think.”

  1. Eric McMahon says:

    Dude you just made my day!! i have been saying this stuff all off season! you rock!!

  2. jon says:

    Just to comment on the wide receiver issue. the big difference between the eagles and the giants is that McNabb is used to throwing to bad wide receivers. The Eagles receivers will be better than last year so that’s improvement. where as the Giants will be much worse than last year. Plaxico leaving is a big downgrade at that position he was one of the best wideouts in the league. we saw how they played last after without Plaxico so there is reason for concern. now obviously last year they had to replace him mid year which is very difficult. it is time to see what Eli can do without a Plaxico.

    This is not to say that The Eagles will be better than the Giants. I just disagreed with your counter argument about the wide receivers. The rest of your points are still valid. I’m not sure yet which one i think will win the division but i do think both will make the playoffs. the one that doesn’t win the division will be the 5th seed.

  3. Jon I agree with you to a point, but I would argue that Plaxico of last year was not the same Plaxico of year’s prior. (and the numbers back it up his yards per game, catchers per game, TD per game and yards per catch were some of the worst numbers in his career)

    Plaxico’s timing was awful bad-when he got hurt the Giants had to go play the Cowboys, Eagles, Panthers, adn Vikings

    All playoff caliber defenses-I think that makes a huge difference.

    Had Plaxico shot himself and the Giants went to go play the Lions, the Rams, the Seahawks (of last season) and the Raiders who knows what kind of numbers this team could have put up?

    Also, Donovan has a secret Receiving weapon no one ever talks about-Brian Westrbook, sure he plays Running back

    He’s had over 70 Catches three times in the past five years and the two times he didn’t he had 54 and 63.

    He’s not a “WR” but he sure catches like one.

  4. mattlawson says:

    great great article.

    @jesse — i agree about westbrook. thats probably why mcnabbs passing #’s are inflated , short passes to westbrook. that 70 yard nail in the coffin in Minnesota comes to my mind.

    but heres the tip — the giants are just as capable of using their backs as receivers… safety valves AND primary weapons. Its called Ahmad Bradshaw, and he’s our next Tiki.

    I’ve been screamimg at the top of my lungs to use this guy like the Eagles use their backs for 2 seasons now. Bradshaw can transform into that type of threat… hes explosive, and hes tough.

    It looks like the OC is finally waking up to this option and they are working on incorporating those dump offs in camp. I hope to see it really pay off this season, in a BIG BLUE way.

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