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“Pundits” Are Clueless. I Don’t Want to Name Any Mike and Mikes, I Mean Names

Get it?

I think National analysts are clueless (and not just Mike and Mikes, there are so, so, so many more). I just happen to think that Mike and Mike who have four hours to talk, a huge production staff, and very good incomes should be much more informed than they are currently.  THE most frustrating thing about them is the sensationalism of every event, which I understand (especially from ESPN) because they have to sell their product to us, the consumer.  If no one watches they don’t get their wallets fattened.

However, that is NO excuse to be ignorant, loud, and obnoxious (I don’t find Mike and Mike loud or obnoxious in all fairness and don’t mind their personalities at all, I just wish they delved deeper, or when they made statements they researched the accuracy of statements)

I write a blog at sportingnews which I subtitle “What No One Else is Saying” and that’s my primary purpose writing for the Blog here, (except here I write almost exclusively about the New York Giants, obviously) to inform people on things that you don’t hear everywhere else. Because if you see it everywhere else why would you want to read here?

Point is: I, who have two children, a lovely wife (who wants all my attention and time), work (when I can), and am purusing a Masters degree have enough time to take 20 or 30 minutes to look up something before I write it and post it. And I Can NOT understand how a lot of analysts GET PAID To do what they are doing. It is perplexing to see such high paid sportswriters, when generally everyone is writing the same thing as the next guy. There is little originality, I believe.

They are all supposed to love sports, but they are infurating because they are uninformed and perpetuate, as a whole, completely watered down versions of truth or just outright misconceptions about everything.

And MY Biggest Pet-Peeves center around the talk about Eli Manning’s “numbers”, and how the Giants played without Plaxico Burress last year.

Here is an INDISPUTABLE fact about the Giants being Plaxico-less last year.

They did NOT (emphasis on not) have a losing regular season record without Plaxico Burress. They were 3-3. They beat the Seahawks, Panthers, and Redskins. They lost to Cowboys, Eagles, and Vikings.

If you are an astute observer, and actually watched the Giants you’d realize that Plaxico was suspended for a portion of the Steelers game (a win), left the Arizona game very (emphasis on very) early and had zero catches (a win), and lost to the Vikings, Only because they played their second and third stringers for the second half (could have been a win).

If you count in those games the Giants were actually 6-2 without Plaxico Burress, not the worst team in the league.

And on Eli Manning.

It is completely UNFAIR to talk about Eli Manning’s numbers as justification for him being an elite Quarterback.

Take quick look at these numbers real quick:

Big Ben Vs N.F.C. East last year:

46.2 Completion percentage, 5.5 yards per passing attempt, 2 Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions, sacked 21 times in 4 games (about half of his season TOTAL) 24.0 1st down conversion percentage, and a 45.9 QB rating.

2-2 record for the eventual Superbowl champs, by the way.

Those are quickly losing job numbers.

Eli Manning OUTSIDE the N.F.C. East (played the A.F.C North last year)

63.8 completion percentage, 7.1 yards per pass attempt, 14 Touchdowns, 4 Interceptions, 95.3 QB rating. Sacked 10 times in 10 games (sacked 11 times in 6 games vs the N.F.C. East)

8-2 record for the Giants by the way (Cleveland and “Vikings” are the only loses) I look at it as 9-1, but that’s just me.

Those are M.V.P Numbers.

Point is Eli Manning plays in the BEST division in football, in the hardest stadium to throw a pass, the fact that “people who talk sports” never look deeper than the sufrace, and only spout off about the exact same thing everyone else is talking about doesn’t make it true.

Like I said: Just becuase NO NATIONAL REPORTER KNOWS FACTS doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t look things up on their own.

It’s funny too: how everyone makes a big deal about Big Ben’s “Comeback victories” but NO ONE mentions that since Big Ben has been in the league the Steerlers have been top 10 in defense EVERY year. Top 5 in defense every year, but one (Furthermore the year they weren’t in the top 5, they were 9th, and they missed the playoffs. Coincidence?….you decide). Top 3 defense 3 times (out of 5 seasons) and THE top defense Twice.

Defense wins championships.

Eli Manning, and the Giants by the way have been statistically a top 10 defense since he entered the league ONCE (last year when he went 12-4)

It’s a lot easier to come back when you team gives up less than 14 points per game your entire career, people should focus on why he is never ahead in games, despite how good is defense is. And it’s much easier to win a lot of playoff games when the other team can’t score on your defense.

I would really like someone to tell me why I’m wrong, and why no one ever mentions that the Giants did not have a losing regular season record without Plaxico (even if you don’t count the Minn, Arizona, or Pittsburgh game, which I’ve already explained.)

Giants Fans:

Eli Manning is an ELITE, franchise Quarterback. One of only two to even make the playoffs four straight years (Peyton is the other one), despite playing in the ONLY division not to have Any team with a losing record the past two season.

And the ONLY divison to send everyone team to the playoffs the past two season.

And the ONLY division to have ALL FOUR teams in the top 8 for defense last year (yards per game)…Eagles 3, Redskins 4, Giants 5, Cowboys 8 (this would also make them the ONLY division to have 3 teams in the top 5 for defense)…for Defensive Points per game the N.F.C. East is the only division to have three teams in the top 6 (Eagles 4, Giants, 5, Redskins 6)

And Eli Manning plays all his home games in THE worst throwing stadium in the N.F.L….couple that with the one of the only teams in the league to have two players in the top 20 in drops (Madison Hedgecock and Amani Toomer 6 each).

Or one of the few quarterbacks who doesn’t have a guy who can catch a pass out of the backfield and actually do something with it (I’m not sure how Brandon Jacobs didn’t have at least 6 drops last year).

No One EVER Mentions that Eli Manning’s offense was the ALL-TIME Leader for a 16 game schedule in Fewest Turnovers!! (that’s an amazing stat. 10 as a whole unit last year, even though they scored the third most points and held the ball for more than half of every game).

And then people wonder why he doesn’t have great stats.

Giants fans, watch and appreciate how good Eli Manning is before it’s too late. Because he is great. I gurnatee if he played in a dome in the N.F.C. South he’d have tremendous numbers, or played in the A.F.C. West where the toughest defense he’d face on game day is trying to navigate the traffic on his way to the game.

He DOES have trouble throwing the ball into the wind, and he did have trouble vs the Eagles last year (but the Hixon drop was huge. Hixon catches the ball Giants score Touchdown, and if my memory serves me correctly he threw that Asante Samuel Interception in the same drive so that’s a 14 points swing early in the game) but other than that he’s much, much better than he gets credit for.

Have a nice day, everyone.

Oh yeah, one more thing

We started a new piece on called Roudntable where Fuchs, Mark, Andrew, and myself discuss the game at hand.

Check it out and let us know what you think and whether or not we should continue it.

What do people think about National Analysts or pundits?


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7 Responses to ““Pundits” Are Clueless. I Don’t Want to Name Any Mike and Mikes, I Mean Names”

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  3. Alex says:

    I agree to an extent… Eli still needs to minimize mistakes. He has a tendency of getting to antsy in the pocket. I will say last year he came into his own in spite of plax. Plax reverted to his old ways of fading in and out of games. What eli needs is consitency. Eli needs to work withless this year to prove he is an elite qb. Less bone head picks and more opportunistic plays. Eli is in ny and e has to deal with it… If he was in a dome or in a stadium where the winds don’t effect game plans then his stats would look better but he is tied to the giants for years to come and his legacy will be tied to the team so it really doesn’t matter to do the what if game.

  4. Alex,

    I disagree a little bit with that assessment.

    Eli Manning only threw 10 picks last year, which is very good…he only had 2 games with mutlipe picks (Cleveland…3, Dallas….2)

    So in 14 games he had 5 picks.

    It’d be nice if he eliminated those two bad games, and completed more throws, but I agree that THIS year

    if he is really productive he’ll put everything to rest because no one expects anything out of Eli Manning.

  5. CCC says:

    well, I think Eli benefits from one of the best OL’s in the NFL. He might be the sixth or seventh most important member of the Giants. Carr could go 10-6 with that team.

    But Eli is decent in this NFL where the QB is overrated, coddled, and has it very, very, very easy.

    btw – glad you even got on TSN. Site seems to always be down.

  6. andrew ilnicki says:

    i told you jesse, Eli will always have an uphill battle regardless of the facts.

    Howard Eskin last week — Eli is the Giants biggest problem.

    Mike and Mike, somewhat similar assessment.

    all that aside, this was a brilliant rundown of what is really behind the numbers of Eli Manning, why he is one of the more underrated QB’s in the league, playing for a consistently underrated team.

    But as far as “analysts” go — here is some comedy for you. Frank Caliendo the comedian and hilarious John Madden clone out picked every single Fox NFL analyst last year… and he was the only guy on TV to pick the Giants over the Patriots in 07.

    Not to mention, the Giants basically went 13-3 last year if you give them a nod for the Minnesota game where they were playing their 4th string as of the second quarter.

    So analysts are the ones that need to step up their game, not Eli nor the Giants.

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