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Talking Points Giants/Cowboys

First, Andrew and Mark picked The Giants to win this game, and I did not. (I like to get full disclosure out there)..but boy was I impressed with some aspects of the game.

I thought the difference more than anything would be the 400,000 players that the Giants had sitting out in this game. Including our number 2 Cornerback (Ross), our #3 CB (Dockery), our # 2 or 3 DT (Chris Canty), our number 3 or 4 WR (Hakeem Nicks), and our Kick Returner (Danny Ware).


That’s a lot o fammunition to be missing, especially on the defensive side of the ball.


To make things worse both Domenix Hixon and Justin Tuck (if Eli’s not our best player Tuck is).

Let’s get the obvious out of the way.

Mario Manningham is a play-maker. The only question is when does he make a mental error. He does that sometimes, but as far as talent, catching, and route running. He’s awesome.  He’s not huge, but he is great After the catch.

Steve Smith is reliable.

I said this 1 million times before the season. the Difference between these Wide Recievers and Plax and Toomer is Smith, Hixon, Manningham are players who can GET OPEN.

I’ll say this a million more times.  Eli Manning had a lower completion percentage than you’d want because Toomer and Plax were rarely ever wide open, Eli HAD To throw it up to compelte passes…not like he wanted too. I’m sure he’d rather have a wide open guy like Smith and Manningham were all nigth to throw it too then try to force something. 

These Wide Receivers are shifty, elusive, and GREAT Route Runners. (Especially Smith and Manningham).  I expect to see more of this continue. Hakeem Nicks is also a very good route runner and look forward to his return.

DeMarcus Ware was held in check.

The Giants SUCK in the Red-Zone so far this season. That has to change. (Let’s see what Ramses Barden can do)

Giants didn’t run the ball well…the Cowboys did.

Flozell Adams needs to be fined

If Corey Webster is fined for protecting himselef Adams can be fined (or suspended for all I care) for being dirty. It Directly led to  a player missing time. Cheap, cheap, dirty play from THE most peanalized linemen in the league over the past four years. 

No way around it, he’s a dirty player.

Now onto the less obvious

First the Giants deserve to win this game because they won this game.  BUT everyone out there saying…the game should have been 50 t0 30 if the Giants could do anything in the Red-Zone have to be fair Both ways.  The Giants could have also been slaugtered if the Cowboys didn’t turn it over 4 times.


Eli Manning is an Elite Quarterback.

Everyone hates this guy…but why.  No matter what adversity he faces he shines. Last year was much different losing someone that late in the season…it’s hard to adjust your entire philsophy when you get to practice three days a week (Monday’s film, Tuesday’s off, Wed-Friday practice) Sunday game.  On top of the Giants played all playoff teams from when Plaxico shot himself to the end of the season nothign to be ashamed of.

Eli does Struggle throwing into the wind at times (but almost all QB’s do).

Let’s lay off him. He’s an elite, franchise QB no other way around it.  1 of only 2 QB’s to be in the playoffs 4 years in a row despite playing in the best division in football. If this was the N.F.C. or A.F.C. West it wouldnt’ mean much but it’s not. 

I put this in the less obvious becuase there are still many, many doubters out there.


Kevin Boss didn’t do “anything” less not on Purpose!!!

Did you know that nearly half of Eli’s sacks last year were from the Cowboys…did you know that Dallas only knocked down Eli like 4 or 5 times all game. Coincidence? No.

Kevin Boss did a LOT of blocking, especially on DeMarcus Ware last night. There’s a reason he didn’t do much.

Top Three cornerbacks in the league that I”ve seen play.  Nnamdi Asmoguah, Darrell Revis, Corey Webster.

He’s that good people. Honestly.  Roy Wiliams 1 catch 18 yards, Santana Moss, irrelevant. last year Webster was 5th best in the league against number 1 Wide Receivers. 

He should not only be pro-bowl bound. He should be All-Pro Bound.

There are a lot of other good cornerbacks out there (Champ Bailey is more reputation now than anything).  Asante Samuel is very good, Charles Woodson is pretty good, Nate Clements is pretty good, Terrence McGee on the Bills is good, Antoine Winfield is very good (imagine if the Bills had all three of those guys still),  and I’ll listen to debates about who’s the best but if you move Webster out of the top 5, I’m done listening.

Justin Tuck should Not play next week.  Why Chance it? Hopefully Canty will come back, but this is Tampa Bay we’re talking about. The team destined for the number 1 overall pick next year (look at the schedule) give him another week off. It’s growing very frustrating, but it’s probably the right thing to do.

Let’s gid rid of Sinorice Moss

Please.  Last week the fake field goal went right by Moss (who wasn’t paying attention, whether or not it was an all out blitz you still have to watch the ball).  This week after Felix Jones fumble on the KR Moss tried his best to give it back.  Also, despite his world class speed, Moss is below average on kick and punt returns. He hasn’t made a play ONCE on returns despite his ability.

Besides that he’s obviously the 6th Wide Receiver.  Hixon, Smith, Manningham, Nicks, and Hagan have all been part of the rotation Moss has not been. 

I dont’ know what we need him for, he should be gone after this season.

Oh, Drop meter vs Cowboys


(Do you remember any others?)

For the season:





All right, kiddies, that’s all I have. We’ll have out or Giants Roundtable for week 3 out in a few days.

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7 Responses to “Talking Points Giants/Cowboys”

  1. royhobbs7 says:


    Some good points: However, Hixon doesn’t get open. When healthy, Nicks will. The potential of this group promotes a ceiling that is higher than any WR group the Giants HAVE EVER HAD! I’ve been spouting these words since they drafted Nicks, Barden and Beckum.

    Also, Coach needs to burn the Red Zone playbook and start over. He never gives Eli a chance to succeed by the goal line. By that, I mean that we need to be more aggressive and creative on 1st down and not run right into the teeth of the defense. Pitch-out, screen, sprint-out pass, halfback option, alley-oop to Barden. We need to try some different things on 1st down and create 2nd and short or take it in on 1st.
    When we had the Phillips INT, why didn’t we immediately throw it in the endzone? The Cowboys were pretty stunned at that moment and their secondary was fairly confused the entire evening.

    Also, you have very little patience for Sinorice Moss. He is not being implemented properly in the offense by Coughlin. He is not par excellant on special teams. But he is probably the best deep threat that the team has when utilized correctly. However, for whatever reason the Coach just does not trust him to perform during the season.

    • Royhobbs-

      Fair point on Hixon…so far this year. Last year he played well.

      I agree on the red-zone play book (doesn’t everybody)

      I also know it’s not “our style” but Eli Manning is great in a no-huddle 2 minute offense why not try incorporating it more throughout the game?

      I know you don’t want to do it too much becuase that means Time of Possession is going down, but once in awhile might be all right.

      I have to see it from Sinorice Moss to believe it.

      Tom Coughlin is a VERY winning coach in the N.F.l. He was successful as a coordinator (see Giants 2nd Superbowl win) and took over an expansion franchise and made them respectable fast.

      He also has done very well with these Giants (took them over a year after they were 4-12)…

      so I turst his judgement.

      He’s playing Manningham and Nicks he was playing a lot So if Moss ISN’T playing..

      Something’s not right with him, somewhere.

  2. Jesse Cassel says:

    Jesse i like your game summary i just have one thing to say, the giants have to make Manningham the number 1 reciever. they atleast need to make him number 2 after 10 catches and 150 sumod yards hes ready hixon last week did show it and this week in the begining before he got hurt didnt show it. Manningham did over 200 yards in his first two games you cant argue this. hes a dynamic play maker that can beet you long, kill you with the screens and also hurt you in the short game. Hixon is good but i think hell do better as a number 3 against a nickle, he could be a great number 3 guy cause he has speed and is a good route runner. He is just inconsistant and is can not live up to the standard of number one reciever. If there wasnt a clear answer for Tom Couphlin who can be your impact reciever last night after the game that manningham had, i dont know if there will ever be.

    • Jesse,

      Thank you. And great name by the way.

      Let’s hope they do.

      I thought Manningham was a steal at the end of the 3rd round…now it really looks like he might have been.

      He’s SO Smooth.

      Let’s hope his progression continues.

      With how well he’s playing…

      you see why the Giants tried that miserable reverse vs the Eagels that one time. Big play potential.

  3. Shane says:

    1. KP is well on his way to the Pro Bowl after last night’s performance

    2. Flozell Adams also attempted to trip Osi in the exact same way he had already tripped Tuck. A suspension should be mandatory as that looked to be a premeditated maneuver by Adams.

    3. It is okay to break out a spread offense once in a while.

    • Shane,

      I would have drafted Kenny Phillips from the 15th pick on if I was a General Manager when he came out.

      I was so happy to see the Giants land him.

      Big time potential.

      Contiues playing well might be a pro-bowler this year.

      6 tackles a game (he has 13 right now) over the course of a season is 96 tackles and I’m sure he’ll have at least one or 2 more INT which makes a great season.

      Adams is jsut a dirty player.


      I agree I offered up in one of these over commetns that the Giants should consider going no huddle spread more often

  4. Andrew Ilnicki says:

    Think about how good this team will be when all their starters are healthy…. that was a classic grind it out type of game with everything stacked against the Gmen.

    Great recap. They flipped the script and came away with a classy win.

    Somehow you knew it was going to be an offensive battle with lots of points — it was and it seems anytime Eli travels to a domed stadium he comes out shining… breakout players of the year couldnt have a better ring to it:

    Manning to Manningham for the touchdown.

    sounds even better than Montana to Rice, doesn’t it?


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