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Next Day Thoughts: Giants Raiders

First off, a big Thank You to Mark Picucci, who did a tremendous job filling in for me  yesterday while I was out of town. I taped the game, watched it on my day off (thank you Mr. Columbus) and am ready to share some thoughts.

– Are the Raiders really that bad? I think they are. There’s no semblance of an offense. JaMarcus Russell is an awful QB. He has a good arm, and is mobile enough, but he doesn’t go through his progressions fast enough, he doesn’t make correct decisions, and when he does, he usually overthrows the receiver. And their running game is really missing Darren McFadden, which is saying something, because I’ve been thoroughly unimpressed by him. I don’t know if the Raiders need to change coaches, change owners, or what. But something needs to change. And fast.

-I think it’s safe to say Eli’s foot is fine–just like we reported it would be last week. This was the perfect opponent for Eli. They built up a big lead, and they could rest him.

-David Carr is a good backup. I think his days as a starter are numbered, but he should be a hot commodity for teams with young QBs in the future (Oakland, anyone?)

-Can someone tell me why Sinorice Moss is still returning punts? Anyone? Bueller? That’s what I thought. He gave the Raiders their touchdown, by completely mishandling that punt. He offers no explosion. I understand that we don’t have a Devin Hester, or a Josh Cribbs on this team. But there has to be someone better. Is it Domenik Hixon, whose playing time has seemingly been reduced? Is it Aaron Ross when he’s healthy? Is it Hakeem Nicks? Mario Manningham? An outside candidate? There has to be someone better. Hell, I could probably do it better.Time for a change.

-I’ve said it before, but imagine when this defense is healthy? They will be unstoppable. When Aaron Ross comes back, he’ll likely be the nickel corner. Chris Canty will immediately shore up the run game. Michael Boley will bring back his tremendous pass rush ability. Granted, the teams they have faced have been awful. But, they’ve dominated. This might be the best defense now. I can’t wait until they are healthy.

-I can understand why some think that Ahmad Bradshaw should be the starter. Brandon Jacobs has inexplicably regressed this year, but only in terms of yardage. He still sets the table, he still wears down the defense. There’s a reason why Bradshaw is so successful–it’s because of Brandon Jacobs.

-Hakeem Nicks will be on the All-Rookie team this year. After the injury, he’s establishing himself as the third receiver. While teams are now focusing on Steve Smith, Nicks finds away to get open. And he holds onto the ball. Don’t be surprised if he surpasses Mario Manningham at some point.

-I can’t believe I wanted the Giants to draft Darius Heyward-Bey. While he’s fast, he’s not a receiver. He’s a track star. You guys were right to jump on me for that.

-Just a tremendous win, a dominating win. Who else is excited for the Saints?

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13 Responses to “Next Day Thoughts: Giants Raiders”

  1. Andrew Ilnicki says:

    I disagree that Bradshaw is successful because of Jacobs — thats like saying Eli is successful because of David Carr.

    Its really all about the system, the line… the duality of the runners… the play calling…. etc.

    • Jason C. says:

      That’s nonsense, Jeremy is absolutely right about Bradshaw, I love the little guy, but look at Derrick Ward now, sure you can say the offensive line etc., but Jacobs’ bruising style ABSOLUTELY makes it easier for anyone running along side him.
      Now to the Saints, I don’t see it as much of a contest, I think we win by double digits again, in fact I think we ride another win against Arizona in the same style, going undefeated into our clash with Philly, who is the first team I see as a bump in the road.

      • How do you explain Bradshaw coming in early in the fourth quarter and IMMEDIATELY making an impact where Jacobs would have typically spent the entire 1st quarter whittling away the defensive line bit by bit?

        I completely disagree with the premise that Bradshaw is just a change of pace back — he’s a star on the rise with incredible talent. He makes people miss, he’s heads and tails better than Ward and always was.

        Of course to a degree, the one – two punch system of Jacobs and Bradshaw is the ideal system…. but then again Jacobs couldnt pound the ball in from the one yard line given 2-3 opportunities. Bradshaw needed one.

        Did Jacobs soften things up in that situation? yes. but is that the ONLY reason Bradshaw was able to succeed on sunday? absolutely not.

        and its an insult to #44 to suggest it.

      • sorry, i meant first – not fourth quarter.

  2. One question that arises is of course this:

    if Heyward Bey played for Eli Manning and the Giants how good could he be then?

    There’s a difference if you play with a Good QB and a good coach, I think.

    Maybe Heyward Bey could use his speed with the Giants…

    but with that being said I’ve always liked Hakeem Nicks more.

    and I think I may have even liked Kenny Britt more than Nicks. Britt looks good so far this seasontoo.

  3. jeremy says:

    ahmad Bradshaw gets the added advantage of being fresh while everyone else is tired. he’s running as hard as he can 15 times a game.

    which is why more carries doesn’t always equate to more yards. The more you run the more tired you are, the more tired you are the less explosive you are. TC please leave bradshaw on the bench. PLEASE!!!!

  4. jeremy says:

    –Bartolis, your britt over nicks statement doesnt factor in if we would have gotten britt would we have gotten Ramses Barded. So the real question would be Britt and someone else or both Nicks and Ramses. One choice changes what a GM does in the next round. Point in case if we couldnt get a reciever in the first round Sintum would have been drafted first Beatty second and then another snowball effect from there.
    -But that just my opinion, and for the record i liked the way our draft panned out. when the balls in the air Nicks fights for everything.

    • Jeremey

      I don’t follow the logic on the Nicks or Britt changing the course of things for the Giants

      The Giants chose a WR at #29, they could have just grabbed Britt and then still grabbed Ramses…same positions, just a difference of which WR…the only thing that would have gone different is if the Titans didn’t like Nicks and went another way other than WR

      But I like how it turned out too.

      In the intial draft process I liked Britt more, but the more I researched Nicks and watched him the more I liked the pick.

      • andrew ilnicki says:

        The Giants over the years have shown incredible vision and sense of potential in their draft choices. To think we know better in matters of the draft would be silly… film isnt everything.

        getting the right guys on the bus goes beyond stats and scouting reports, leave it to the Giants office to come through in time.

        contrast that to the Skins and Cowboys — awful, misguided, and just plain foolish team management from the top down.

        the Eagles and Giants are the only offices that have a clue.

  5. daJudge says:

    I’m a big Jacob’s fan. Having said that, to me, Bradshaw has been much. much better. I would point to his acceleration, explosion, emotion, sharp cuts, use of blockers, cut backs, broken tackles, timing and blocking acumen. I would contrast Jacobs relative to all of these measures as well as his apparent indecisive lack of confidence. Frankly,I don’t get it. The short yardage situations are most puzzling. I guess what bothers me is that Jacobs has not broken out against sub-par team. The only conclusion that makes sense to me is that Jacobs is either hurt or conscience of getting hurt. I hope he gets over this.

  6. Russo says:

    Yeah even with the win against Oakland I was still disappointed that Jacobs isnt getting yards against poor teams. I think i read somewhere that he said he was trying to run “smarter” and maybe he is thinking too much. He needs to go back to playing with his heart and instinct. There is no reason that Jacobs shouldnt convert on 3rd and 2 or < or close goal line situations.

  7. Kyle says:

    I think that at some point this season Bradshaw will get a start over Jacobs, if only because he has shown a penchant for missing a few games a season to injury. It will be interesting to see how Bradshaw will shoulder the load. I for one believe he is one of the most explosive backs in football, but wonder if he can handle a full games worth of carries. Interesting if he and Ware end up sharing the duty in that instance.

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