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Talking Points Cardinals-Giants

I’m stunned to be quite frank. I thought this was going to be a fairly lopsided win by the Giants who would come back with a vegenance. Knowing that Arizona traditionally has not traveled well (I think they are 5-14 before last night in their last 19 road games) and given that I thought the Giants were the superior team I thought this one I thought they’d win.

But that’s not what happened.

And it’s obvious that the injuries are getting to the Giants when they play better competition, although the defense played well this week.

All right let’s do the good before we get to the bad.

I thought William Beatty played well.

I really think this kid is going to be a player. He’s a road grader run blocker, and so mobile that he can pull all day and punish. Also, I don’t think he gave up many sacks, but I could be mistaken.

Now, it’s obvious that the communication between the linemen and Beatty isn’t the same when it’s the other linemen and McKenzie, but I think Beatty has a bright future. Such an athlete. The Giants will need him to bulk up, but he is certainley capable of being a good player in the N.F.L.

Hakeem Nicks is a play maker

This time is the first time Nicks made a big play in the first half, but the fact remains that he’s a play maker.

He has three plays over 50 yards this season and has scored touchdowns in four straight games, which is fantastic for a young rookie. He also had a nice, clutch first down late in the fourth quarter.

I know the TD was a “fluke” this week, but there are roughly 160 WR’s in the league (5 a team for 32 teams) and I bet I can give you at least 120 Wide Receivers who don’t make that play (Mario Manningham is probably one of them)

What’s more impressive is

he outran Dominique Rodgers Cromartie after he caught the ball.

Cromarite entered the draft as an unpolished physical speciemen with unparalled size/speed ratio, but as soon as Nicks caught that ball…it’s like he’s at full speed within half a second of catching a ball. Great with the ball in his hands.

Defense Played Well and Terrell Thomas showed me he can play safety

Kurt Warner as well as Fitzgerald and Boldin were mostly kept in check. Chris “Beanie” Wells had a decent game, but that’s going to happen. Wells has superme god-given athletic ability.

Given the fact that there was a point late in the game when Corey Webster and Justin Tuck, are two best defensive players where on the bench things could have got ugly, but they didn’t.

Terrell Thomas made some nice plays on the ball in the air…especially at times when it was on balls that were thrown away from his coverage.

This is why I think he can play safety. Sure he can get beat one on one at times, but if he’s in the vicinity of where a ball is played, and he’s coming from off his man he generally tips it away and breaks up the play or intercepts it.

I just think he’d be a very good coverage safety, we’ll see what happens.

Corey Webster is great

The Giants don’t move Corey Webster around, but teams move their number one Wide Receivers around, maybe the Giants should consider having Webster trail the opposing team’s number one Wide Receiver.

I can’t remember too many plays last night when a Cardinal caught the ball and Corey Webster was trailing the Wide Receiver.

It’s hard to judge how effective a Cornerback is, but this is the rule of thumb if you can never find him on the screen becuase he’s not chasing somebody down. You have a great cornerback.

Cromartie makes more big plays than Webster, but that’s because he gets challenged a lot. Teams no longer challenge Corey Webster.

Brandon Jacobs looked GREAT

Too bad he didn’t run enough!

You want to know the story of the game here it is: Eli Manning 37 passes. Running backs 25 carries

I love Eli Manning. And I’m an Eli apologist, but in this game, the game was close, Jacobs was averaging 5.8 yards per carry and he wasn’t running the ball!

That makes absolutely no sense at all. 5.8 yards per carry with a guy who picks up steam as the game gets going along means pound it down AZ’s throat especially since it seemed Eli was completely out of rythm Sunday.

Steve Smith is still third in the league in receiving yards

He had a Rough Start, but came on strong late in the game. Smith has played so well this year and even against good competition he’s still contributing. There are a lot of players who can feast on terrible teams and do nothing against good teams, but Smith is not. He’s playing consistent every game.

And if not for a poorly thrown ball (I’m pretty sure got lost in the wind) early in the game Smith might have had a huge touchdown (60ish yards)

Eli Manning Didn’t play as poorly as it would seem

This was not a vintage Eli Manning performance. And he certainley did not play well, but I dont’ think he was terrible.

Still I expect more from Eli and we didn’t get it.

I thought the first interception to Hixon was NOT a bad play.

You have to give your players a chance to make plays on the ball. Hixon had a step, it was a pretty good throw and Hixon couldn’t beat Dominique Rodgers Cromarite. That’s what it comes down too. It wasn’t a terrible play.

The Steve Smith INT at the end of the game was almost like the same thing…Smith had a chance at the ball, but lost to Antrel Rolle, THAT play, however was a bad decision. Nicks was open underneath route and there was enough time not to force anything.

Now the bad.

Manningham(hands) and his drops.

Mario had a pretty awful day in my mind. First he ran a terrible route when he had one on one coverage where he drifted to the edge of the sideline forcing Manning to try and place the ball in a narrow margin, when there was no safety coverage up top and he had a step. He should have gone down the field and in like a post where there would have been a ton of room to operate.

Secondly, Manning laid a BEAUTIFUL pass into Manningham that hit him right in the hands on the run when “super” Mario was on the 2 yard line, which he promptly dropped and killed a drive.

Speaking of Drops: Manningham is the only one who makes an apperance on the drop meter this week with one. Brining his season total up to 7. (Hedgecock 4, Bradshaw 1, Nicks 1, Jacobs 2 and a few others).

Mario Manningham is a great athlete and great with the ball in his hands, but he needs to see the ball into his hands before he tries to make plays and he needs to cut out the mental errors.

You wonder why Ramses Barden isn’t play this is why. Young players make stupid mistakes and Ramses comes from a small time program with small time coaches.

He is probably very prone to dumb mistakes. On top of that he doesn’t do much on Special teams so he has to be worth more than Smith, Manningham, Nicks, Hixon, Boss, and Beckum as a reciever to get on the field. He’s not there yet, otherwise he’d be on the field.

Don’t take this for granted but the Giants do a WONDERFUL job of developing young talent.

Think about it: who are the major free agents the Giants have had since 2004: Plaxico Burress, Kareem McKenzie (I can’t even remember when McKenzie was signed).  Obviously Boley and Canty could join this list if they ever make it on the field.

That’s really about it. They develop from within and this team has been to the playoffs four straight years, and won a Superbowl. They have a chance to get back there again this year (the playoffs). They’ll play when they are ready.

Boss 5th round pick, Bradshaw and Michael Johnson 7th round picks, Brandon Jacobs 4th round pick, Manningham a second year (barely played last year) 3rd round pick, Barry Coefield 4th round pick, David Diehl 5th round pick, Tuck 3rd round pick.

These are all players that Coughlin has had in his tenure or been around when they had no more than a year or two of experience. And all of these players are contributors to one of the better run organizations in the league.

Stop worrying about when Barden and Sintim will play. They’ll play when they are ready. They are not ready now to contribute meaningfully.

Remember Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, and Bradshaw didn’t really start making an impact until LATE their rookie year.

Feagles was AWFUL!

Jeez. I haven’t seen Feagles this bad since….I haven’t seen him this bad ever. he averaged 34.3 yards per punt, with only 3 of his 7 going inside the 20. What a terrible day for Feagles.

Hixon held in check

Not Hixon’s fault. He’s still dangerous. The Cardinals did a great job of making sure Hixon couldn’t get the ball on kick returns without it bouncing it’s way there and giving their coverage units a lot of time to get down the field. That’s risky becuase you never know if it’ll take a bad bounce and go out of bounds of if the coverage units will over pursue and clear the lane for a long return. Good job by AZ coverage units.

Boss likely has a concussion

Great catch, but he got rocked and will probably be held out of this week’s upcoming game, which is approaching must-win territory for the Giants.

Bradshaw was AWFUL!

Bradshaw had an awful game. he couldn’t do anything on the ground and then on top of that he fumbled away a great opportunity to give the Giants room down in Arizona’s territory with plenty of time which may have led to a different result.

Missed Opportunities

Great teams never miss opportunities. Good teams make the most of opportunities, and bad teams miss opportunities.

The last two weeks the Giants have missed a lot of opportunities.

When that becomes a trend your team becomes bad.

Step it up Giants. We know the Injuries are debilitating, but there have been plenty of opportunities stop missing them.


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7 Responses to “Talking Points Cardinals-Giants”

  1. Jeff says:

    Are you serious about Eli’s last INT? Eli threw it into HEAVY coverage when Nicks was wide open underneath him. There was plenty of time left and a timeout left. It was a horrible decision, and although the Giants blew opportunities left and right, that was the Giants last chance, and Eli blew it. I’m a big Eli supporter, but he was given a $100MM contract because he’s supposed to make that drive at the end of the game and put it into overtime. He didn’t, and the game ended right there.

  2. Andrew Ilnicki says:

    This was a great rundown…

    Eli has gotten it into his head that without the deep ball being forced down the receivers throats the Giants can’t win. I submit just the opposite — that the over reliance on the deep ball this year has completely screwed things up for this offense.

    FORCED throws have NEVER gone well for Eli and the Giants…. that last and first INT are your examples.

    On both drives they were moving the ball well running and utilizing short passes….. yet….. the long ball bit them on the ass.

    Jacobs obviously had the hot hand — give it to him. MAKE SOME MID-GAME ADJUSTMENTS TO YOUR GAME PLAN.


    that was a very winable game for the giants, and the turnovers on offense cost them a chance to win.

    get back in your comfort zone eli, think 2007 playoffs where you didnt throw an INT because you kept it simple with 3 step drops and high percentage passes.

  3. CMH says:

    Hindsight is always 20/20 but I really struggle w the game plan. Why did Jacobs get so few touches?

    What has happened to Bruce Johnson on D? Would love to see him in more, CC in less and Thomas playing S.

    • Is it really hindsight when the same exact issues crop up every time the Giants lose?

      Getting away from a huge running game, Eli forcing passes, looking predictable… same crap every time the offense is to blame for a loss.

  4. Russo says:

    Ive not been a fan of Gilbride since I can remember. I think he is a predictable play caller and doesnt utilize the talent we have on the team. We should be able to call a wide variety of plays and spread the ball around so much that the defense shoud be on their heels for the majority of the game.

    This is the second game we have lost that should have been a W. Miami proved yesterday that if you BLITZ New Orleans you can stop them…or at least slow them down.

    I know the injuries are starting to take their toll but if our coaching staff doenst start getting creative and be a little aggressive we are going to keep getting beat by decent teams.

  5. Cactus Jack says:

    With less than two minutes to play, the Giants were down by two possessions (10 points). They drove to the one yard line and were faced with a 4th and goal. They elected to kick a field goal. WRONG decision. By doing so they took away the option of winning in regular time and could only tie, at best. They also placed themselves in the position of having to score a touchdown to avoid a loss as opposed to kicking a field goal to tie. They chose the more difficult option of having to score a touchdown in four downs from their own 40 yard line (assuming they could even recover the on-line kick) as opposed to scoring a touchdown from the one yard line on their last down. The consensus wisdom of choosing to kick a field goal over trying to score a touchdown only makes sense if you are on your opponent’s twenty yard line or greater…not when you are on their one yard line. A pro team worthy of the name should ALWAYS be expected to score a touchdown from the one. Even if they fail to score, their chance of scoring with their defense, (with the ball on the one yard line) is at least as great as recovering the on-side kick. What they opted for, in effect, was to trade a 4th and goal from the one for a first and ten from their own 40.

  6. Cactus Jack you’re absolutely right, I had the same feeling.

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