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Giants/Eagles Preview: Roundtable Week 8

Hey, Hey, everybody! Welcome back Giants Roundtable Week 8.

The New York Giants haven’t faired too well the past couple of weeks facing two dyanic passing offenses. The Giants have also bogged down on offense which worries me more because there is not help on the way. The defense eagerly awaits the return of three of their five missing starters in next year’s rotation (Alford, Canty, Phillips, Ross, Boley). Which has really hurt the team’s depth and productivity this season.

Robbins and Coefield are coming off major leg surgeries and needed the depth to stay fresh and effective, but they are getting overworked and it’s starting to show on this very talented when healthy defense.

This week is a pivotal game as the Giants battle the over-rated Eagles for first place in the N.F.C. East.

The Eagles, like the Giants, have injury problems as well, but even when healthy are not as talented as the New York Giants.

The Eagles missing their Hall of Fame caliber defensive coordinator, Hall of Fame caliber Safety, and a few of their linebackers, most notably Bradley Stewart are also a shell of the defense they once were as they are letting terrible teams be competitive with them.

The Eagles also despite getting the ‘amazing’ Jason Peters are struggling mightly up front has been sacked 12 times in the past three weeks playing three of the worst pass rushing defenses in the N.F.L. in Tampa Bay (3), the Raiders (6), and Washington (3).

They lost to the Raiders, and didnt’ look great vs the Washington Redskins on Monday with the excpetion of one player: DeSean Jackson.

And that’s where the panel will start the discussion. (Mark, Andrew, and Fuchs)


Who would you rather have DeSean Jackon or Steve Smith? Nicks or Maclin?
Nicks has been more consistent than Maclin and I like his size – I go with Nicks straight up. Now… Desean Jackson is a bona fide playmaker – I would love to have him on my team. Its a touch comparison, because I’m glad the coaches have decided to use their token rookie Hakeem Nicks this year right away like the Eagles did with Jackson last year. See what I’m saying here? You can’t exactly compare Steve Smith to Jackson, because they are different players that do different things for different offenses. I would never unload Smith for anyone — he is Eli’s go to guy after all. So I guess I’ll keep what the Giants have all the way even though I recognize the skills the Eagles have going for them.

would definetly stick with Smith and Nicks for sure.  I feel that by the end of the year this will be the starting tandem for the Giants.  Smith is conisistent and Nicks seem to be catching on pretty quickly and has been fun to watch so far. 

Tough one. I’d rather have Steve Smith, because while Jackson is fun to watch, Smith will get you the yards you need. Toss up between Nicks and Maclin, but give me Nicks, just because I think he has the ability to not only to make the big plays, but to convert on third downs.

These teams have very young explosive offensive talent. It’s sick really. The Giants have Smith, Manningham, Nicks, Barden, Domenik Hixon, Beckum, Bradshaw, Andre Brown,  and Kevin Boss. Only Hixon was drafted prior to 2007.

The Eagles on the other hand have DeSean Jackson, Jeremey Maclin, Cornelius Ingram, Brent Celek, and LeSean McCoy drafted from 2007 or on.

As for moving forward Jackson and Smith are hard to compare because Smith is a move the chains player while Jackson is a Big Time player. (Big time) who can also return punts effectively. DeSean Jackson has made big plays for two years in a row now.  Neither team would trade either guy.

As for Nicks and Maclin I think the Giants might have actually got the better end of this deal as Nicks has shown that he can make big plays, has better hands than Maclin and isn’t afraid to go over the middle.

Nicks is averaging 19.7 yards per carry opposed to Maclin’s 13.7 yards per carry. Nicks is also, I believe a better blocker. Maclin has one less catch despite starting in 5 games and playing in 6 while Nicks has started none and played in none, the Eagles also tend to throw the ball more than the Giants.

Speaking of passing games I asked Fuchs:

For the third week in a row the Giants are playing a team that loves to air it out, is this a problem?

Yes, it’s a huge problem. Teams will continute to exploit CC Brown. Until the Giants get a better safety (maybe it’s Terrell Thomas, maybe it’s someone else) teams that like to air it out will continue to do so. 
Bad timing really. All of these injuries would be much better later in the season when the Giants play more run-heavy oriented teams, but the Giants are facing in back-back-back three of the best passing offenses in the league. And they may leave this stretch 0-3.
Something that has been rearing it’s ugly head is Plaxico Burress talk. So I asked Mark.
 Are the Giants missing Plaxico Burress yet?
It would be foolish to say no.  That first interception to Cromartie could have been caught by Burress along with other similar passes this year.  Now I am excited about this young receiving core and I would love to see Barden get at least a LOOK at some point soon. 
I don’t think the Giants are missing him yet. Although, I think there are a few plays Plaxico would have made if he was on the field, especially the Hixon touchdown pass that was intercepted by the Cardinals last week. What the Giants need is for Manningham to stop dropping the ball.
One thing other than Manningham dropping the ball hurting the Giants is Eli Manning forcing a few passes.

 Eli has thrown 4 Interceptions the past two games. The Eagles had 11 heading into Monday’s game with the Redskins can Eli get back to avoiding turnovers.
I hope he decides to make that a priority this week. Minimizing turnovers and making smart concise plays is what won the superbowl and the bulk of the close games last year to good teams. High flying aerial football is not the Giants way — and I understand the desire to become a complete team but I think Eli has been too liberal with the 3rd and short deep ball for example when a run up the gut to pick up that short yardage would have done the trick. If Eli can revisit his past success and realize its all about high percentage passes (short ones) and running the football then the Giants well be better off when a surprise deep ball makes an appearance.


I don’t want to be the one to say this, but part of the problem is that the Giants aren’t doing an exeptional job blocking up front. Rich Suebert is not playing his best football and is getting beat hard inside. The Giants have to protect Eli better to let those long plays work, and they also have to stop running so many deep plays and control the clock more.

Speaking of the offensive line’s play.

Can the Giants offensive line handle the Eagles relentless blitzing?

  Brian Westrbook has 314 total yards heading into Monday night’s game with Washington…is he still the Eagles biggest threat? He is when he plays the Giants — but since he’ll likely not play this game it’s one less thing we have to worry about. Of course then it’s one more excuse the Eagles fans have to explain away a Giants win this weekend, too.

The Eagles consistently terrorize Manning and Co and I look to this trend continuing on Sunday.  It will be tough for the offensive line to stop the Eagles but they have the talent to at least contain the pressure and give Manning a chance
This is true. The Giants have four players who are great with the ball in their hands: Bradshaw, Nicks,  Hixon and Manningham.
let’s run some more screens and see if we can take advantage of the Eagles over pursuing and create some big plays.
A big issue for the offense has been not controlling the time of possession something the Giants thrive on. This also gives the defesne time to rest and come out more effectively.


Heading into Monday’s night game the Eagles have only 28:50 time of possession every game; they are losing the time of possession battle will the Giants wise up and take advantage of that?
 They should, and again, a strong running game will do that. Brandon Jacobs looks to be breaking out. He’s running with more authority, and hitting the holes faster and stronger. I think if Jacobs has a big day, the Giants will win the time of possession battle
Well said, they should indeed.  Let’s make it happen. One thing the Giants might not have to worry about is Brian Westbrook who suffered a concussion.
The Giants spend 4 years and 20 million plus dollars on Michael Boley to stop players like Brian Westbrook. he is a Giants killer. Hopefully he is unavailable this weekend, but available after that (I like him I’m not rooting for a major injury, just a minor one).
I mentioned earlier the Eagles were suffering from a lot of injuries especially with their linebacker corps which made a trade for Will Witherspoon to replace some of the injuries.
Will the Giants be able to take advantage of all the Linebackers the Eagles are missing and run the ball on them?

Control the game. That might be the key to the game.  The Giants might be able to take advantage of the Eagles defensive injuries, but likewise the Eagles will look to take advantage of the Giants injuries especially in the secondary with their explosive young wide receivers and Tight End.
can the Giants secondary limit the big play capabilities of Jackson and Maclin?
 They can, but they need to be more physical at the line of scrimage. They need to pressure the wideouts within the first five yards. Make them uncomfortable. I was surprised they didn’t do that against the Cardinals.
The only member of the entire defense having an outstanding season is Corner back Corey Webster.
Better cornerback Asante Samuel or Corey Webster?
Two years ago Samuel right now Webster.  He has flat out played outstanding this year.  If he continues this great play he should at least get a look at a pro-bowl roster spot. 
A shame if he doesn’t make it to the pro bowl. When teams like the Saints and Cardinals are moving players like Colston and Fitzgerald away from Webster that says all you need to know about whether or not Webster is one of the best cornerbacks in the league.


Also in this game is two of the games finest coaches. 
Better head coach Andy Reid or Tom Coughlin? 
 Tough one. I tend to judge coaches by Super Bowl rings. Coughlin has one. Reid has come close, but he doesn’t have that ring. So Coughlin, but not by very much.
I’m trying to figure out if andy Reid has done more with less or less with more.  How talented have those Eagles teams been since McNabb took over. Should they have won at least one Superbowl? I dont’ love Reid’s style (pass, pass, more pass, pass some more), but it’s been effective.
If the Eagles get up early you’re done for.

What is the key to the game with the Eagles?
Contain the blitz to a manageable level allowing Manning to stay upright in the pocket and make the throws he is capable of.

 I would say start strong. The Eagles blitz well and they can score in a hurry. You don’t want to get down fast and be forced to pass and face blitzes all game. Start strong, control the clock.


 Let’s see if the panel has anything else to say.


anything else to add about the Giants/Eagles game?
 This is a hell of a time to have to go the Philly and play the Eagles.  The Giants are beginning to show some cracks in the armor and better get them patched very soon.  I would also like to see Rouse get a shot at safety pretty soon because it is becoming clearer every game that teams will attack Brown as much as possible.

Minimize mistakes, get pressure, stay aggressive, and get physical — the Giants win on the road in Philly.

Again, I hate to call this a must win game, because it’s not. But it’s really close. If the Giants lose, they have to seriously re-evaluate themselves as a team. This is a big game.

Final Predicton for the Giants/Eagles Game:

30-27 Giants
Another tough one. I don’t think the Eagles are as good as everyone thought they were going to be. That said, winning in Philadelphia is always tough. This is about as close to a must win game that you can get in October. The Giants are struggling, and they have a lot to correct. I think that Westbrook will exploit a depleted linebacker core. Final score: Eagles 21, Giants 17

Right now the Giants have some issues and I hate so see this continue but Giants 17 Eagles 24 

This game scares the bejeezus out of me. I don’t think the Eagles are great, but the Giants haven’t been playing well. If they continue their funk they will lose if they play like they should they are better than the Eagles. But this is the 8th game of the season and the 5th road game for the Giants. That takes a toll on a team and if they win this game they will be set up for good and the Eagles will have a difficult schedule to get back to where the Giants will be (having lost to the Saints already as well and with some good teams to play still and a very early bye which killed the Giants last year).

The Giants have to have this game. I want them to have this game and I’m going to hope they win this game.

20-17 The G-men.


Let us know what you think.

Have a nice day, everyone.


On paper I would agree with that but in practice I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Eagles find a way to shut down the Giants rushing attack. Last year’s playoff game they created the illusion that they shut down the rusing attack when Brandon Jacobs actually was running all over them. I think what the Giants need to do is have a pulse this game — recognize if Jacobs is pounding away then they should leave him in. And if Bradshaw is having a good game while Jacobs isn’t  –  don’t be affraid to adjust accordingly. Often I think the Giants get too scheduled and business like and they can’t make game time decisions properly, when they do its out of pure desperation and never works. This game I look for a nice balance of running and passing with the Giants focus intent on moving the ball down the field and controlling the game. The scores will come if they do that.

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