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Giants-Eagles Halftime Thoughts

Is there cash for this clunker? I sure hope so, because the Giants look dreadful in Philly, losing  30-7  at the end of the first half. Defense cannot make a stop, Eli looks frazzled, and it seems like the Eagles know what the Giants are going to do next. Just an awful first half for the Giants, and they haven’t shown many good things out there.

The offense is way too predictable.  The Eagles have 2 interceptions  and they could have at least 4. Eagles corners are jumping pretty much every route. Run defense is doing a nice job of clogging lanes. And, the worst part is,  Eli has time to throw! The offensive line is doing a great job in pass protection, but either the wideouts can’t get open, or Eli is just not accurate enough to get them the ball. Either way, something has to change. Eli HAS to step up. He HAS to throw the ball accurately. The running game HAS to get going. There has to be a better effort on the part of the Giants. There has to be a sense of urgency. There has to be the mentality of “Oh my God, our season is slipping right before our eyes”. No one should feel safe. No one. Luckily, Kevin Boss came to play. If Eli just gets him the ball more, we would see more plays like the touchdown. It’s not like we haven’t been saying this all along.

Defense isn’t much better.  They are missing Kenny Phillips. No doubt about it. CC (can’t cover) Brown is not a NFL safety. He’s just not. Someone needs to step up. The Giants are also not tackling well. They’re not squaring in front of the ball carrier. They’re flailing in front of the ball carrier. And while the pressure is good, they aren’t getting to McNabb. He’s mobile enough to evade the pass rush.  Two touchdowns at the end of the first half is unacceptable.

For the Giants to win this game, they need a miracle. Okay, it’s not that bad, but they need to step up their game, especially on offense. Give the ball to Kevin Boss. He’s been the only good player for the Giants.  Use some more play action, some more rollouts. Do anything to get the ball moving. On defense, continue the second quarter performance, which was pretty impressive. They got more pressure, and tackled a bit better. Like the Saints game, the Eagles responded quickly after the Giants made it a game. And after the stunning end to the first half, maybe the Giants do need a miracle.

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12 Responses to “Giants-Eagles Halftime Thoughts”

  1. Jared says:

    Is it possible to cut C.C. Brown in the middle of a game? He was involved in every Eagle touchdown! He was the one that was supposed to be covering!

    Aaron Rouse has to be better!

  2. Jesse Cassel says:

    ok it is that bad and its only getting worse, i am the biggest giants fan and i have to say now that theyve played three good teams and have shown apsolutly nothing that they were a product of there scedual and now that they have to play good teams they have shown only that they are subpar and not ready to play. they show no intesity at all, as if they think that if they throw on there helmates that they should just be announced the winners. i know that you want to stay optomistic about this but its just not possible, as bad as there defense has been the offence has been worse. Eli has just looked awful out there with out any good points that i can see.

  3. Kevin Gilbride must be stopped! It is officially time to launch the “Fire Killdrive” campaign right now. Bill Sheridan can be his running mate. C.C. Brown has been announced as a possible cabinet member.

  4. kman says:

    i think we stole the redskins playbook

  5. Russo says:

    I agree that NY should look to replace Gilbride. As the commentators pointed out
    “there is nothing creative about the NY offense” and that has been the story for the past two years. People wonder why our running game is ineffective and the redzone offense isnt putting up points…Its because we run the same damn plays. Its easy to shut down a play if you know whats coming.

    There is only 4 min left in the game and NY has yet to use their no-huddle offense. You would think that being down 23 points would generate a need for concern…and WAY before now.

    The offense has lots of weapons but for some reason the giants have a tendency to go to just One or Two of them per game. It was nice to see Boss used today for a change but with the use of boss came the lack of PA passes and screens.

    This offense needs to be able to carry our depleted defense or this season is a rap.

  6. Things I don’t understand:

    How the refs can call an illegal forward pass on the Umenyiora TD.

    How, after only getting three back on the aforementioned play, it takes the offense 3+ mins to pump the ball in for 6 when you get the ball back on inside the 30.

    In third and short situations, how do are there consistently 20+ yard passing plays called (this started in the NO game) and how in third and long situations the WR’s are running short of the sticks?

    Eli’s refusal to give the ball to Hakeem Nicks in space.

    The limited use of Kevin Boss.

    The lack of RB and WR screens.

    The slant pattern?

    Any short passing play on early downs to create confusion and open up opportunities for RB’s and deep throws down the field.

    I can’t even think about the defense right now.

    It’s so frustrating, you could really cry about it.

  7. Russo says:

    Even when NY does a screen isnt not the conventional screen that Philly or other teams use. Its a turn and fire to the wide out. They really need to work on seling the screen. This will make teams think twice about bringing heavy pressure on Eli.

  8. Where’s Buddy Ryan when you need him?

  9. Jared says:

    Why didn’t the Giants encourage Killdrive to take that job in Hawaii?

    What do they see in that genius?

  10. Jared says:

    One more thing,

    Who are next years big free agent safeties? We need somebody to hang with Phillips when he gets back.

  11. Russo says:

    They should look at the Linebacker market while they are at it

  12. Jared says:

    As far as linebackers go I like Boley, but he forgot how to stretch along with the rest of the damn defense! Billions of dollars and they can’t pay for a quality trainer?

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