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Giants-Chargers Recap. After the Bye Week Preview. Giants Roundtable.

Well, this is a bit late, but we wanted to give you guys something to read over the week. (truth be told, I got really, really busy this week and this is the first chance I have to write it up). We’ll have the Falcons preview out much faster than this though, I promise.

This is our Giants-Chargers Recap and After the Bye Week Preview.


I have with me today Fuchs, Mark, and Andrew returning from his trip.

Let’s hand out the game ball.

Game Ball Goes to….?
 Eli Manning, he played a great all around game on Sunday

I’ll go a bit obscure here. Jonathan Goff. He was EVERYWHERE, especially on special teams. His best game as a pro

Eli — he played the EXACT kind of game he needed to, and deserved to get at least one crack at the endzone on their ill-fated goal line collapse. We wanted less mistakes, more completions, more short passes, more methodical drives… Gilbride set it up and Eli knocked it down. Good to see him back in form.

I like the Goff shout-out. We’ve seen he can hit on Special team. Can he play middle linebacker?  I know Antonio Pierce can’t really anymore. Maybe it’s time for him to go gently into the good night.

The ill-fated Rivers to Jackson pass knocked out the Giants and left them with a four game winning streak.

Who or What’s most at fault for the four game slide?

Lack of cohesion. One game the defense plays well enough to win while the offense sputters. Then the next game the offense plays well but the defense doesn’t come through. And then both are let downs for the New Orleans and Eagles games. It’s like Golf — you need to be relatively successful in every facet to expect to win. If you have a good drive and then chunk the approach shot — you’re looking at a bogey unless you miraculously put the next shot on the pin. And it doesn’t help if you’re having mixed successes throughout your round…  In order to play well you have to put two and three shots together to play your best. The Giants are horribly inconsistent right now and the only way things are going to get better is if the whole team gets in rhythm together.

I think the defense. They’re just not the same. I think Sheridan changed some things. They aren’t getting pressure with their front four. Their secondary is weaker without Phillips and Ross. 

would have to say a combination of bad line play on both sides and injuries.  To many sacks for and not enough sacks against

The talent is there, we believe. You have to go with the coaching staff.  I don’t feel the talent is being utilized on either side of the ball, that is the coaching staff.

Also, though, MAKE A PLAY!

When there are plays to be made, they are not getting made. Corey Webster drops that first INT opportunity in the Saints game on the opening drive, Mario Manningham drops a sure touchdown in the Arizona game, Bradshaw has a huge fumble, no one beats their man on the final drive against San Diego to make a play! Make a play. Or continue losing.

Can the Giants Still Make the Playoffs?

Most definitely. But it’s going to take some incredible focus and effort to get there. They have to beat the Cowboys and Eagles in December, and they need to show up in Minnesota and come away with a win which hopefully will be a great game.

Yes I believe they still can. 

They can, mathematically. 

Will they?

I hate to say it, but I can’t see them. Unless the defense suddenly rounds into shape, it’ll be a long rest of the season. 

Right now my heart says yes and my head says no. Let me answer that question again in three weeks.

think they will, and the last few games are going to be great.

 I think they can, but I don’t think they will. Unless they come out inspired against the Atlanta Falcons. If they beat Atlanta and the Eagles they will hold tie-breakers over both and have an excellent shot to get in as long as they handle their business vs the Panthers and Redskins as well. The Giants could use a little help as the Packers, Bears, Falcons, and Eagles all have very loseable games left on their schedule.


What do we do with Antonio Pierce?

Have him call the play and utilize his vision and then send him up the middle as a pass rusher and run stopper. That is what he needs to do from now on because he cannot keep dropping back in coverage, he’s going to get burnt to a crisp.

In my mind he should have been replaced last year, I want to see Goff get a shot if this season really gets out of hand.

This is last year. It’s hard to replace someone with his leadership abilities. But he’s lost a step (or five).  Need to find a replacement.

Let’s all bow our heads and pray. Dear football God, please do not let the Giants be sentimental in their decisision moving forward as they will show Antonio Pierce the bench on third down the remainder of the season and the door at the end of the season. Thank you for the Superbowl, Antonio. Now get out of here. Also, if the Giants do not do well, please let Renaldo McClain, perhaps the next Patrick Willis, fall to whever the Giants are drafting.

Perhaps of ALL the suprises this year, the biggest is the replacement of Robot Feagles, he who does not miss punts or games, with the real Jeff Feagles, a 96 year old man trying to play punter.

  is Jeff Feagles done?
 I think so, he had ONE HELL OF A RUN.  Right now he is killing the Giants when he gives the opposing team such good starting field position.

You guys know of my professed love for Feagles. So, this is painful to say: He’s done. Age has caught up with the Great One  

 Not remotely. Coughlin was pleased with his production this past game and I have to agree that eliminating punt returns these days is a nice strategy to employ. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails more than a return for a TD.
Feagles is sure playing like he’s done. Averaging 8 yards a punt does not help the suddenly porous defense. 


Steve Smith is a nice Wide Reciever. Very reliable on third down, and he has 61 catches and 5 touchdowns….but he’s averaging 11.6 yards per reception. Is he a number 1 WR?

Yes. But I think keeping him in the slot is where he’s comfortable and does the most damage. He leads in 3rd down receptions and conversions for a reason, keep him working there.  Hakeem Nicks however has all kinds of potential to be a deep threat consistently — he needs more time over the middle and down the sidelines with a couple of deep shots per game to keep defenses guessing.

Agreed, Andrew, my good man. Hakeem Nicks might be the answer at number one. I think Smith is showing that he is a serviceable number one. He would be a great number two, and he has the potential to be one of the best number three slot Wide Receivers I’ve ever seen. Perfect routes, catches mostly everything in big situations. He doesn’t have that break-away speed, and he doesn’t score  touchdowns in bunches (although much better at it this year). I’m also not sure he’s able to dominate good pass defense (he hasn’t yet this year). He had pretty good games vs good competition and great games vs terrible competition. Let’s see some great games vs good pass defenses.

Tough game for Corey Webster. Unusual. Thoughts?
 He has been abused the past two games.  Hopefully its just a little setback and he regains the all-star form he was playing at early in the year. 

Vincent Jackson is 6’5” and has speed to burn. NO ONE in the league should be isoloated man to man all game. Corey Webster was often. I thought he did an O.K. job, but not great. He does need to get back to the All-Pro level. I liked how the Giants were finally shadowing the opponets number one though with Webster.

What did you think of the Giants passing defense vs the Chargers? 
  Spotty. We saw some great plays–the Terrell Thomas interception comes to mind. But, the last drive, they were absent. Aaron Rouse was impressive, but Webster seemed to have a bad game.

Agreed. Spotty. AMAZINGLY the Giants are third overall in the league in passing yardage allowed.

I say amazing because anyone who has watched the Giants the last month has no idea how this is happening. Pretty good explanation though: great, except for all the big plays they are given up. Also, Feagles is giving the opposition 25 yards to go to the end zone instead of 80.

Looking ahead to the off-season. What is the Giants plan of attack?
 I would look seriously at replacing both coordinators, find some youth on the offensive line, get some playmakers at linebacker and get some help in the secondary especially safety.

Well spoken. I am in the minority here, but in the draft if a big time play maker like C.J. Spiller or Golden Tate (a WR/RB) I would make a move for one of those two. We could use an explosive play maker out of the backfield like one of those two guys.

What happened to our great return game all of a sudden?

It looks like the coverage is all over Hixon as soon as he makes a move — give it more time before we start saying Hixon is tainted goods from the injury.

Agreed. I think Hixon is still hitting the hole hard. The blocking seems to be terrible though.

how about Eli Manning’s performance?
  I thought it was his best of the year. 25-33, 215 yards, two scores. He was working the short passes all game. He was not the reason they lost. 

If Eli had played that way the prior three games they would have won at least one of them Arizona, and they should have won vs San Diego if it wasn’t for all the penalties.

Excited about the defesne moving forwad with Canty and Boley back?

You better believe it. Canty is going to re-energize the line and shut down the running lanes while Boley’s speed and agility is going to get even better down the road. Great to see some fresh people in the rotation, and I think the personnel rotation all around will be better because of their involvement. I think Sintim and Goff need more time as well at LB to keep everyone fresh and hungry. And if you really wanted to get creative on a blitz package — put CC Brown up on the line and send him at the QB if someone needs a rest. The guy can’t cover for crap, but he hits like a freight train. Come December, the more hungry guys that can apply pressure and rotate through the better.
Let’s see some more Sintim. Use Sintim as a Defensive End at times if you need to. Soneone needs to hit the Quarterback. The DT have played Terrible (notice with a Capital ‘T’) this season.

Why doesn’t get Jacobs get more carries?
I don’t know the answer to that, I would have to say poor play calling if you asked me.  Its like they are abandoning the run for some reason.



Gilbride, Manning, or Couhglin whoever is responsible for taking away his carries. With Jacobs it’s HOW MANY Carries. He brings a mind set. Just keep pounding him. Wear down defenses and try to convert a lot of third downs. That’s how we beat up the Giants.
Eli Manning is maybe THE best QB in the league at third down and long conversions (seriously, look it up it’s been that way for the past two seasons). So pound Jacobs trust Manning to Third Down and Smith to keep the chains moving.


Are the Giants finally figuring out they need to use Kevin Boss more?
 Yes, but I fear it is too late. He’s a weapon that was largely ignored in the beginning of the year. His presence across the middle is too large to ignore

Boss is nice. Here’s my problem with Boss though for a Tight End he’s not great at the intermediate stuff that most Tight Ends live on. What I mean is he takes a bit of time to build up some steam. He’s not shifty and open right away like a Dallas Clark. Nice player though.

Osi Umeniyora has 6 sacks and 3 Forced Fumbles…is he making enough of an impact?

He’s a surgeon up there with the reach out forced fumble, he’s always at the right distance on the outside to create disturbance and get the ball loose. I would like to see more inside moves though too, I feel like he and Justing Tuck aren’t getting enough pressure into the pocket. Hopefully Canty’s addition helps out there too.

He’s making more plays than most players on defense, but disappearing for long periods of the game. I’d like to see more consistent production (I dont’ think it’s effort, just production).

anything else to add?

The bye week is at a perfect time. The Giants can take a deep breath and re-evaluate. How the will respond is beyond me.

Giants have a murders row schedule after the bye.  They have a realistic shot at the playoffs because the NFC doesn’t have great teams.  If they come out and beat Atlanta that would be a step in the right direction but if they lose a couple more games right away I would REALLY like to see the young players get lots of playing time.

I seriously hope the play calling improves in the red zone after the “self scouting” that’s being done this week. You can watch tape on of every touchdown the past several years, and very quickly you can see what works and what doesn’t. Earlier in the year I wrote an article about the top 7 plays they should run in the red zone and so far every one of them has worked. Most notably was FINALLY involving Kevin Boss in the red zone… I have no clue what took so long to integrate him into the offense. He could even be doing more, and I think a play action pass to Boss would have been a great option on 1st down on that ill fated final possession.  Plays that have not worked continue to be called and I have no good idea as to why downs are being wasted on plays that have never worked in the red zone. That red zone screen has NEVER EVER worked, even with Burr-ass trying to make something happen. Foolish calls. And 3 runs in a row is not going to inspire confidence in your QB or your receivers for that matter. Eli had the type of performance where it warranted at least one shot through the air — I’m bitterly disappointed in the coaches’ decision to snub their team leader in that situation. The coaches need to get a pulse and call the plays that work that cater to the strengths of the Giants. Stop overthinking it, and play Giants football.

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