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Giants-Broncos Recap. Giants Roundtable

That was the most pathetic perfomance I’ve seen out of the Giants in a long time.

They did not even show up for the game. Terrible, Terrible performance.

With that being said let’s discuss the Giants performance with the roundtable.

I have with me today, Fuchs, Andrew, and Mark.

Games Ball Goes to…?
No one on the team deserved a game ball on Thanksgiving night, everyone from the top down was absolutely terrible. 
The kickers can split it, sadly.

Do we have to give one to the Giants? Can’t think of one. I’ll give it to Brian Dawkins. I thought his knowledge of the Giants, and his leadership played a big part in their victory.

Sadly, Andrew is right. The only unit that played well was the Kicking unit, the first time all season both played well. Unfortunately that doesn’t inspire confidence in the units moving forward because the thin mile-high air had a lot to do with the productivit, me thinks.

This past-off season the Giants had an opportunity to sign two veteran free agent safeties looking for new contracts: Brian Dawkins and Darren Sharper. They chose neither. I asked the table.

Should the Giants have signed Brian Dawkins? 
It wouldn’t have been a bad idea I always wanted them to sign Darren Sharper but when he came in for his visit it just didn’t work out.  I have read the Giants told him he didn’t have much left in his tank, I guess they were wrong on that one.

He brings a level of intensity that the Giants can’t seem to match. Contrast that to the last time I vividly remember the Giants secondary playing football that physically was in 2008 at Pittsburgh…. they’ve not shown up this year. Inuries, I know. But Dawkins plays out of his mind every time he laces up. He makes his defense better because they can all out blitz and know Dawkins will be closing in on the back door. This is something the Giants have not had since Kenny Phillips left — a bona fide playmaker at Safety.  The only person who can hit like Dawkins for the Giants is CC Brown, the guy can flat out hit and make tackles. He has horrible vision as we all know that, and that’s something the veteran Dawkins does have — he can put himself in the best positions to make things happen consistently.  Guys like Dawkins and  Polamalu are irreplaceable at the end of the day because they are the complete package that can play every position — speed, physicality, heart, and mental prowess.

 In hindsight, yes. But, remember, the Giants thought they were getting Kenny Phillips for a full season. Dawkins wasn’t needed. If they knew about the injury, Dawkins would’ve fit right in. 

I agree with what everyone said. The Giants need someone to bring the intensity a player like Brian Dawkins can bring and hopefully they can find that from somewhere. Also I agree that with Kenny Phillips a player like Sharper or Dawkins isn’t as necessary, and Dawkins had a long term contract this year it looks like a good mvoe for the Broncos, will it in a few years? I don’t know.

Based on the performances of the team last Thursday there should be some firings this past off-season.

First to be fired: Coughlin? Sheridan? or Gilbride?
  This is my order: Sheridan, Gilbride,  Coughlin. Sheridan has been a disaster. He’ll be let go the day the season ends. Gilbride has been so-so, but I can see him take a head coaching job (Buffalo?) before he joins the unemployment line. Coughlin will be the last to be fired. He won a Super Bowl. It takes some time for that to wear off. He’ll be back next year.

Coughlin will not be fired, and I don’t think he’s necessarily to blame for the collapse this season. But something tells me Coughlin should have allowed Sheridan to go upstairs at the beginning of the season — because his defensive coordinator’s perspective is shot.  Atleast Gilbride has had some favorable successes this year with his recievers, this game just happened to come apart at the seams with costly drops and turnovers, a sieve of an O-line, bad breaks and odd bounces of the ball.  The one thing we tend to notice and fall back on at times is that players are not executing on either side of the ball… and while some of that is true for the offense it’s much more evident on defense. And at this point in the season it’s clear that there is no pressure to be had under the current scheme – that needs the change.  It’s clear the void left from Sheridan moving up to Defensive coordinator from coaching just the linebackers has been a huge problem because there is a HUGE problem with this team’s linebackers this year. Even if they are better with Boley — they still CAN NOT COVER OVER THE MIDDLE. I realize this is often the hardest place to cover but something has got to change. When I see on receiver get triple covered and someone runs a soft cross over the middle for a touchdown on 3rd and long…. for the UMPTEENTH TIME this season…. something has got to change.  When the Broncos run off LT 3 times in a row for first downs and more each time… something has got to change.

hope and pray that both Sheridan and Gilbride are gone after this season especially if they continue to slide, but if I had to take a guess I would say that Sheridan will be the first one shown the door at seasons end.

I think the Giants could do worse than Gilbride to be honest. I’ve seen a lot of terrible play callers in N.F.L. games on offense. But Sheridan’s results speak for themselves. There have been injuries, but this team can’t make adjustmnets, it can’t get to the quarterback, it doesn’t create turnovers, it bends and breaks. It’s a below average N.F.L. defense right now with above average N.F.L. defensive personnell.

Sheridan must go.

One person’s name I’ve heard recently that intrigues me is Dick Jaroun. Smart Football guy. Not a great head coach, but could he be a very good defensive coordinator? I think so.

Can you Find A Positive in this game?
  Honestly, can’t think of one. The only thing was that the defense held the Broncos to many field goals, but they still let them drive the field with ease. Nothing good about this one

can actually – we have found the bottom. Now we have to dig ourselves out.

CC Brown wants to prove he can play at a high level. I’m not sure what to do with him though, move him to Linebacker to switch things up? He can stop the run, is fast, and hits like a train…. can we just send him into the pocket on every down and see what he can do for us?  He might be able to get to the QB where our 4 man rush can’t… and if the read is a run, all the better. I realize how silly this sounds, but clearly there is an issue at both personnel and coordinating the defense.

Yes that it ended.

Well said, Mark. Well said. That is THE only positive for me. That it ended. The WR corps had it’s worst performance, where no one could get open all day. 

Corey Webster played well I thought, and had Marshall not made two spectaular catches he would not have been nearly the factor that he was, but the list ends there. Terrible line play on offense and defense, very little rotation out of the young players, which makes no sense to me.

Anyway, I wanted the final thoughts on what’s wrong with the Giants right now So I asked the panel to give me the state of the (Giants) union address.

I still can’t figure out how this team has turned so quickly in the wrong direction.  It just seems like no one gives a SH#T right now.  I know I have been all over Gilbride, Sheridan, the offensive line, the defensive line, old linebackers, terrible secondary, lawrence tynes and on and on and on but things really have to fall squarely on Coughlin.  All of a sudden he lacks discipline and fire.  Something bad happens and he just has this dumb AZZ look on his face.  Were did the guy who stares and screams at guys go?  I truely believe that this can be turned around but it must start on the top.  Coughlin needs to start holding the coaches and players accountable for their actions.  If this season continues down this slope its time for the Giants to start playing the young guys and evaluating their existing roster for the free agency period and the draft.

This team is capable of playing such great football that it shocks me to think a 5-0 start can end with a losing season. This Giants team completely dominated teams that went on to beat other great NFL teams, teams like the Chiefs who just recently beat the Steelers; teams like Oakland who nearly beat San Diego and did beat the Eagles. They got completely blown out by New Orleans and Philadelphia. Then lost some close games in matchups and situations where they should have won — San Diego and Arizona. They nearly lost one to Atlanta. It tells me that both preparation and execution has been lacking in these losses – both the players and coaches need to be on the same page, they aren’t.  The coaches are not doing a good enough job of evaluating, preparing, and planning their team. The players aren’t doing a good enough job executing. There have been some bad breaks in terms of dropped balls, bad interference calls, injuries — but every team goes through that. This Giants team needs to get back to fundamentals, re-discover the identity and the engine of this team. It’s very simple — and it’s the things they are doing the worst this year. Play defense, protect your QB, minimize mistakes, run the football, and then pass. That’s Tom Coughlin football plain and simple… that’s the winning Giants formula. Easier said then done I guess, even for the pros… because the Giants haven’t played defense, haven’t protected Eli, have made all kinds of mistakes and been penalized, and they have not run the football. You know what, It’s not rocket science folks — the Giants still are capable of making a run to the playoffs but they will have to be perfect from here on out. That will take incredible hunger, determination, and focus…. it’s all up to them.  Instead of looking business-like in their losses these last 5 games, it would be refreshing to see them come back to life and play Giants football with the winning formula.

Where does this team stand? Not on firm ground, that’s for sure. We can talk all we want about poor performance on defense. Poor offensive line performance. Poor run game. We could go on for hours.  Right now, we’re seeing lack of execution, lack of athleticism, and lack of passion. Those three things lead to poor performances. And that’s what  this team is. They’re an average team. Yeah, there’s talent. And yeah, they should’ve won some games they didn’t (San Diego, Arizona). But they didn’t. They phoned it in against Philadelphia. They mailed it in against New Orleans, and Denver. And while they dominated the Chiefs and Raiders, they didn’t show up against teams that mattered. Can the Giants turn it around? Sure. Will they? I don’t know. I really don’t. To be fair, the Giants have  had a lot of injuries. Kenny Phillips. Antonio Pierce. Boley and Canty were out for awhile. So was Aaron Ross. No team has to go through that many injuries. That’s a factor. But injuries shouldn’t play a role in passion, in preparation. Injuries shouldn’t play a role in scheme, in play calling. Injuries shouldn’t be the excuse. This game against Dallas is more than a must win. It’s their Super Bowl. This is it for them. Win, and move on. Lose, and they might as well go home. We’ll see how they’ll respond. But I’m not too optimistic. 
You are what your record says you are.
The Giants are an average N.F.L. team right now.

Step it up this weekend or let’s see what Reese can do with a fairly high draft position (at least top 20 if this keeps up)

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4 Responses to “Giants-Broncos Recap. Giants Roundtable”

  1. […] Giants-Broncos Recap. Giants Roundtable » Giants Gab […]

  2. The Giants are back to having no shot to make the playoffs according to the pundits.

    You know what this means don’t you? The Giant will now win the Superbowl

  3. Russo says:

    New Orleans vs. New England was a prime example of what happens when you have good play calling. Granted, NO has talent on their team. But the stats speak for themselves. (According to the commentator) Last year Breese had 5k passing yards but not one receiver had 1k yards receiving..why? Because they utilize the talent on the team..ALL OF IT. from the RB to TE to WR…they spread the ball around and adjust to the defense that they are playing.

    The Giants have the talent. The WR corps has proven then can make big plays. The running game is also capable of big things. Boss is way under utilized. There is no reason the giants shouldnt be sitting pretty at the top of the east right now.

    The giants as of late seem to have a game plan walking into a game and will go down in flames before they adjust or abandon it. Its terrible to watch. Pick a theme..Run, Run, Pass. Or pass, pass, pass. Never do they really come out making the defense guess whats next..and when they do..wonderful things happen.

    This holds true on both sides of the ball. Sure NY can improve on a few key possitions, but if they dont decide to use the talent they have, its all for nothing.

    Pick up Spikes, find a DT that enjoys sacking the QB, add some depth to the O-Line and give Sherridan and Gilbride a application to starbucks.

    • andrew ilnicki says:

      Play calling, execution, passing game, running game was ALL on point.

      But what are you missing most to why Nawlins won?


      They were all over Brady, created doubt and confusion just like the cue the ’07 Giants provided for the world.

      But most importantly from within that pressure system they TOOK AWAY THE SHORT AND MIDRANGE PASS in the middle of the field. They took their lumps way down field, like the old Giants system — but they eliminated first downs through the air for a large portion of the game.

      That is what the 09 Giants are missing, the middle of the field is open all day and night for big gashes…. it’s the #1 reason why offenses are getting away with 3rd and long situations on the Giants and winning games.

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