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Best. Site. Ever. Some Interesting Stats to Ponder.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen I have found my new favorite website ever (thanks to Andrew) to add to my other favorite website ever.

My old favorite website is my new favorite web site is

Check them out.

Anyway, here are some interesting findings from these websites.

First up from football And I think this is a VERY telling statistic.


What Football outsiders does is it takes every play from every team in the league and compares and ranks based on how teams play based on the competition that they play. Basically it’s statistics try to take into consideration level of competition.

Here’s what I found interesting.

First for the New York Giants Defensive Line.

Football outsiders has this unit ranked as the 6th best unit against the run, and the 9th best unit at beating pass protection  (adjusted based on the competition that they play).

This seems interesting to me, becuase from what I see with my eyes the Giants aren’t getting at the quarterback. However, what this also means is that NO ONE else is getting to the quarterback for the teams the Giants are playing. That means the Falcons, Saints, Eagles, Cowboys are doing a good job of protecting their QB.

Along the defensive line.

Digging futher (and here’s what it starts to make sense), when teams run off LE (or put another way at Osi Umeinyora side of the field), teams have a value of 5.65 or 31st best out of 32 (the average value is 4.12.

In other words, Osi Umeinyora has been GOD AWFUL against the rush this year.

The New York Giants, as a Defensive Line unit, Rank 1st when offenses run at mid guard and at the right tackle.
What does this mean? It means that Justin Tuck, and the defensive tackles playing on that side are playing the run VERY Well.

Also interesting, and something that is easy to see with our own eyes. Is that even though the New York Giants as a defensive line rank 6th vs the run overall. As a team the New York Giants rank 15th overall vs the run (adjusted).

What does this mean?

It Means the Linebacking and Secondary have played terribly vs the run this year.

Now furthermore.

Last season the New York Giants ranked 5th against number one Wide Receivers and were pretty bad vs number two Wide Receivers.

This year, though the New York Giants rank 11th vs Number 1 Wide Receivers, and 7th overall vs number two Wide Receivers. The Giants rank 18th vs other wide receivers, and 16th vs Tight Ends.

What does this mean?

It means that last year Corey Webster was sensational. This year the big thing that has changed is the Big Plays down the field, which have inflated the big numbers.

It also means that Terrell Thomas, (statistically adjusted) is playing better than Aaron Ross did last year.

The Giants were god-awful vs Running backs last season this year they are 10th. This means that A) Michael Boley is doing his job. B) the weaknesses are down the field instead of check downs and such. C)I’d rather be exposed vs Running backs and hit the QB more and limit big plays downfield, Mr. Sheridan.

Now the most important thing about the New York Giants season.

Last year, I told you that Football outsiders said the Giants Oline was overrated (and I also have been telling you guys this for awhile).

But this year, it has come crashing down fast.

Right now in power running situations the New York Giants Offensive line Ranks 25th out of 32.

In carries of more than 10+ yards the Giants are 19th.  With sack adjustments the Giants are 4th overall.

Now digging further into the Olines running woes.

Left End and mid Guard the Giants are ranked 18th and 16th, respectively.  at Right Tackle the Giants are ranked 4th.

What does this mean?

It means that Chris Snee is still the man. Kareem McKenzie hasn’t forgetten how to run block.

And that Rich Suebert and David Diehl are playign poorly.

Suebert is Hurt! You can read about it “on the downlow” everywhere. David Diehl is out of position. He’s an average LT.

Now if you use

Go here to get to the Giants cumlative stats

You’ll notice a few of the same trends as football outsiders.

First, like I said Justin Tuck is the 4th best rated DE vs the Run this season.

Now unfortunately Justin Tuck has a 6.8 pass rushing value (the league leader has 25.5 value). which puts Tuck at 12th.

Still overall Tuck is playing at a near pro bowl level.

Also good is that Michael Boley is the third best rated pass coverage linebacker, which is what he was brought to New York to do.

Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster are rated 17th in their pass coverage abilities this year for cornerbacks.

Also with positive ratings are Chase Blackburn’s rush defense, Fred Robbins pass rush, and C.C. Brown’s rush defense.

That’s the good on defense.


Now here’s the killers.

Besides Justin Tuck, for all around games only Danny Clark, Osi, and Terrell Thomas have (significant) positive values, Corey Webster has a positive pass coverage and rush defense values, but has a terrible negative Penalty value (a few costly Pass inteferences and holds), which puts him slightly negative.

And what is truly atrocious is Osi’s run defense, Chris Canty’s play, Barry Coefield’s play, and Fred Robbins rush defense which is absolutly terrible (-6.8, just slightly worse than Osi Umeinyora’s rush defense)

Even worse than that is the play of the safeties.

C.C. Brown has a -8.6 in pass coverage, which is god-awful. 83 out of the 85th ranked players.

And what’s even worse than that is Michael Johnson’s play.

Michael Johnson has a -12.5 (five whole points-in a system where each one point is signficant) lower than C.C. Brown’s rating.

Michael Johnson is playing the Third WORST safety in the entire league right now.

What’s everything mean.


IT means that based on what I’ve been seeing with my eyes, has been keeping track of cumlatively.

It means when you want to be able to scout an opponet but can’t watch the games a lot this might be a web site that can be useful to you.


That’s all I have just thought I’d share it with you.


Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

(And, no I’m not a sponsor or write there for anything-it’s just a good website for football enthusiasts)

Have a nice day, everyone.



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3 Responses to “Best. Site. Ever. Some Interesting Stats to Ponder.”

  1. andrew ilnicki says:

    what has been clear from pro football focus is how consistently bad deihl and seubert are this year. unless Kevin Boss is blocking an end around — the Giants cannot run left. And pass protection breaks down more consistently over there.

    McKenzie and Snee are killin it though… and the gaps between Ohara and Snee are the ones you want to go up the gut.

    Unfortunately we see the Giants go left all too often, banging their heads against the wall as it were.

  2. andrew ilnicki says:

    and the other benefit of “the focus” is you can quickly compare 2007, 08, and 09 production.

    Strahan is sorely missed THIS year, not so much last year but the Linebackers as a whole were better last year… in that they didnt BLOW coverage, they just weren’t great. Not bad, not good.

    This year, they’ve either been GREAT — Oakland, Kansas City, etc…


    HORRIBLE — every game resulting in a loss.

    Deep pass coverage his somehow been better this year than in 2007 but that doesn’t seem to win the games for the Giants now does it.

    Whats clearly been missing is Pass Rush (No Strahan, Osi not producing, Alford out) and better run stopping across all their games, and then stopping the short to mid range passes with the Linebackers and secondary.

    That is what we need to see from the Gmen… while there seems to be more rotation this year it hasn’t solved those fundamental problems. Being tired isn’t it… perhaps they should put Osi and Tuck next to eachother again and see what happens — opposite sides of the field ain’t getting it done.

  3. Jason C. says:

    You can talk numbers all you want, the bottom line is Tuck is consistently getting beat by sub par O-linemen one on one. When last year they couldn’t stop him with a double, something’s not right.
    Well I guess there is that old adage, it isn’t holding if it’s against the Giants. (We’re not allowed to tackle people either, but that’s another story)
    I agree with Andrew that they should line up Tuck inside more often on passing situations. I mean with the personnel I can’t believe I haven’t seen a set with Osi and Tuck on one side and Sintim blitzing behind them, you wanna get to a quarterback, that’s how you do it!

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