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Talking Points: Giants-Dallas

Yes! Yes! Yes!

First off, I keep hearing anlysts saying that the Cowboys dominated the game, but came away with a loss. And I think that’s what happens when you don’t watch a whole game, and just look at the stats sheet.

The Giants did their job, now we sit back watch tonight’s game and root like heck for the Ravens (I can’t stand the Ravens, but if they win they push Giants into a tie with Green Bay for the second wild card spot, and on top of that push the Steelers even further back in the playoff chase).

The Cowboys had 23 carries for 45 yards or 1.9 yards per carry. Because the Cowboys could only muster 1.9 yards per carry. Tony Romo threw the ball 55 times!

But, the Giants gave up no big plays in the passing game. Patrick Crayton caught 2 balls for 24 yards (12 yards per catch), but other than Crayton no one managed even 12 yards per catch. Miles Austin avearged 10.4 yards per catch, and that would have been significantly lower had the Giants not given up that garbage time Touchdown.

Conversly the Giants made big plays, for the first time this season.

While the Cowboys won the Time of Possession battle and the yardage battle, it was part of the game plan. Let Dallas Dink and Dunk on offense, but NO big plays.

The Giants did an excellent job of harassing Tony Romo all day and were not manhandled along the line for the first time this season.

Now, let’s get onto the game and some talking points.

I like to start with the bad.

Flozell Adams is a Scumbag.

He should be SUSPENDED 1 game. Seriously. How many times can he get away with this cheap-shot stuff. What if he had hurt Tuck for the season?

What a dirty play. And I can not for the life of me, figure out what the Giants didn’t get 15 yards on the kickoff after half. (I know the ruling was that it occured during the play not after, but that makes no sense)

Missed opportunity by Burce Johnson for a big Intereption.

He was in great position to grab that Interception, and when it bounced off his hands right to Jason Witten early in the game I started to think to myself…it’s just that kind of season. Luckily it wasn’t too costly in the end.

Drops up and Down the Field

Steve Smith played great…but he had three HUGE drops. Especially the one in the End Zone that would have not given me a heart-attack when they went to review the on-side kick at the end of the game.

There were drops up and down the field, and this had not been a problem for the Giants recently, but it was a big one yesterday. The Giants always seem to drop a lot of balls at home, hopefully that does not continue.

Bradshaw’s Fumble.

I thought Bradshaw was going straight into the dog-house after that play. Thankfully, he responded well.

Eli’s INT and Mario Manningham’s Effort on said INT

That was a terrible decision by Eli, who just threw it right up for grabs. What was nearly as bad is Mario Manningham’s effort to keep the INT from happening.

Mario Manningham had a pretty bad day overall. 1 catch for 10 yards.

Jeff Feagles Punting.

Feagles punting was bad again. Very good career for Feagles, but 39.6 yards per punt with only one going inside the twenty is not good. And this is becoming the norm not the exception.

The Offense’s Rhythm

4.3 yards per play. The Offense had a few very nice plays, but overall it was not great.

Still I’ll take big plays when it matters most over average all day.

Now onto the good.

Hakeem Nick’s Touchdown Catch

Great catch. He’s having himself a nice season too. 34 receptions for 575 yards and 5 touchdowns this season in 7.5 games (missed two full games and left before the half in one)

That’s impressive for a Rookie. When he learns the pro game and gets on track with Eli Manning he might be a perennial 1,000 yard receiver (maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but the possibilitiy is there).

Hakeem Nick’s Blocking.

He’s more than a willing blocker. Watch Brandon Jacob’s catch and run, he’s down the field blocking. He’s down the field blocking on Steve Smith’s longest reception of the day.

That play where the ball was tipped into his hands for the long touchdown earlier in the season he was running across the field after the ball was thrown to block Manningham’s man incase he caught the ball.

Many Wide Receivers are bad blockers (Steve Smith isn’t great), but Nicks is not one of them already. Hopefully he always plays with that mindset.

Brandon Jacob’s giddy-up

I thought his catch and run would be a nice play, but I didn’t think he’d beat everyone down the field.

That Kevin Boss Run.

That was a very nice play by Eli Manning too, but nice play by Boss although he did zero elsewhere in the passing game.

Domenik Hixon’s Punt Return


As soon as that ball was punted I said to myself, Hixon finally has a chance to return one.

And them Whamo! Touchdown.

C.C. Brown and Aaron Rouse!

I only saw one really bad play where it seemed to be blown coverage. And that was Roy William’s second touchdown.

It looked like Webster was guarding against the fade (something Roy Williams is actually good at) and thought he would have help in the middle of the field. Well, Brown and Rouse (and Webster) to an extent all got fooled by the play action and Williams was wide open.

However, that was only ONE huge coverage breakdown, which for a good safeties is bad, but for this tandem that’s excellent!

Welcome to the N.F.L. Sack Club Mr. Sintim

It was a gimme, but who cares. It was good to see him on the field and contributing.

Jonthan Goff

Not a great game, but solid. There didn’t seem to be a ton of confusion on the field, is that Goff’s responsibilty? If so…good job.

Goff was also very good in run support, I’ll have to see a little more in pass support, but good against the run.

He nearly made a huge play when he ripped away that fumble that was eventually over turned.

Aaron Rouse

I already mentioned him once, but he’s been so much better than C.C. Brown.

I think Rouse has been better than Michael Johnson too this season to be honest.

Next year the Giants can feel good going into the season with Phillips and Rouse (I’m not a huge Johnson fan) and maybe Earl Thomas or Taylor Mays.’

By the way Rouse had 10 tackles and a Sack Sunday.

Aaron Ross permenant Safety?

He’s an aggressive tackler and he’s good playing the ball in the air. Terrel Thomas is a budding young corner who makes some mistakes, but also makes plays.

Next year if Phillips and Ross where the safeties and the Cornerbacks were Webster, Thomas, Bruce Johnson and someone else that could be pretty good.

Defensive Line Play!

The run defense was great. And Tony Romo was harassed into some bad throws all day. Unfortuantely no INT, but he was short on a lot of throws becuase of pressure.

I’m suprised no one was given credit for a sack on the Intentional Grounding. I thought they did, but I Guess not.

Feels good to win.

There will be so much more on this game the next couple of days as well as the preview for the upcoming Eagles game.

Leave your thoughts!

Have a nice day, everyone!

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7 Responses to “Talking Points: Giants-Dallas”

  1. Jesse Cassel says:

    i Loved the analisis on it but what i didnt like was your thoughts on hakeem nicks. I dont think your getting ahead of yourself on the 1000 yard reciever remark, i think he could be that and better. i just wish that he would be on the field more as a starter because he has shown that he is more than capable of the job. he has all the atributes needed, catches everything that comes to him, elusive, phisical, quick, good rout runner, and desire. I think hes in a class all by himself. Mark my words best receiver picked in the 2009 draft.

  2. MJ says:

    Hakeem Nicks is going to be a big nuts athletic stud for this team in the years to come. In fact, I’ll bet if he was the receiver on that interception instead of Manningham, he comes down with the ball or at least keeps the other guy from getting it.

  3. Jeremy says:

    who knew 11-25 could look so good. footballs great.

  4. andrew ilnicki says:

    the defense showed up and played on hell of a physical game. some of the plays they gave up were really just fluke things… wittens pass tipped up into the air, things like that.

    great, great game.

    short passes all day baby!!

  5. andrew ilnicki says:

    and one thing about Osi not starting….
    When #72 comes in on 3rd down FRESH and screaming off the line — the Defense looks so much better and more fierce.


    it honestly does not matter who starts… its bullshit.

    its about winning games, and utilizing your players as best you can.

    the Basketball world’s best 6th man will tell you that in a heartbeat.

  6. CMH says:

    It seemed like the Giants rediscovered their passion or joy yesterday. They played with an emotion and purpose that had really been missing lately.
    Loved seeing Goff and Sintim contribute.
    Rouse looks like he could be special, w some more coaching and experience.
    Good things seem to happen whenever Nicks is on the field.

    • andrew ilnicki says:

      CAN they maintain that level of passion into the next games though?

      i think it certainly helps that they have Philly at home next week.

      then the Skins Monday night.

      then Carolina at home.

      this could certainly be a huge huge huge series for the Giants where the emotion is baked right in to the matchups.

      This team looks like they figure a ton a stuff out, and even though they gave up yardage through the air they swarmed like bees. no blown coverages. furiously in tuned to stopping the run.

      what a game.

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