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Giants Roundtable

All right, everyone, last week’s lost was bad, but the New York Giants are down, not out of the playoff race.
Huge game tonight when the Cowboys take on the New Orleans Saints.
If the Cowboys win the Giants will take over first place in the wild card hunt if they can beat the Redskins on Monday.
I know the defense is god-awful but anyone else excited about the giants offensive potential moving forward the next 3-5 years with Smith eclipsing a 1,000 yards, Nicks being open all day, Mario Manningham’s potential (if he ever figures out how to stay in bounds) and the eventual apperance of Ramses Barden into the rotation?

I think starting now, the Giants can go as far as the defense can take them… meaning as long as the Giants start playing consistent mistake-free football on Defense they will be a playoff team for years to come. Eli has looked tremendous, his recievers are developing very nicely, and when the team has had to rely on the running game — it has shown to be available in the right kind of balance the coaching staff has said they look for. Given all the negatives of this 2009 season, the Giants offensive upside is huge from this point on.
Very excited. This could be an offensive juggernaut for years to come. You never associate the Giants with a high flying passing attack, but that is the result of quality drafting

I am also excited about the potential of the Giants offense. I think that Travis Beckum and Ramses Barden can be huge weapons for the Giants moving forward. I know everyone panicks about Ramses Barden, but New Orleans Robert Meachem was drafted three years ago in the first round and didn’t figure it all out until this year.

Games Ball Goes to…?
Eli — without a doubt had the team in position to win the game just before the 2 minute warning even after all the fumbles and turnovers. Resilience  like that is extremely hard to come by, and Eli manufactures it consistently.

Eli Manning. He continues to show why he’s a franchise quarterback. With all these weapons, he will continue to be one for a long time. 

Eli Manning is looking like the franchise QB (statistically) that I always believed he already was if the Giants were more inclined to open up the passing game more for him.
How far will the Eagles make it into the playoffs?

They don’t get past the Giants, and let’s leave it at that.
They will go as far as their defense lets them. Offense can score on anyone. Can the defense stop guys? Not sure. They couldn’t stop the Giants. Could they stop the Saints? Don’t think so. They should at least make it into the second round, but they are too flawed to go any further.

 I think the Eagles are a team with some serious flaws. I think they are 4th best in the N.F.C. Right now. I like the Vikings a lot, the Saints will be nearly impossible to beat at home in the playoffs, the Cardinals play up to their competition and the Eagles are completely reliant on the big-play and I don’t think you can expect four weeks in a row of big plays, which is why I think there is little chance that they do anything special this year.
Any chance the Giants make the playoffs?
See above.
Sure, there’s a chance, but I don’t think they will. Their defense is awful. Plain and simple. We saw the Eagles have a bad defense, but the Giants are worse. They could get lucky, and sneak in, but even if they do, they’re one and done. It’s a shame, because the offense is so damn good

 If the Cowboys lose tonight, good chance. If the Cowboys win, it will be very difficult.
Anything else to add about the Eagles game?
The Giants were unquestionably in position to win that game, they had a shot and it didn’t work out. Going forward, we know where execution needs to continue happening but more importantly, where it needs to begin happening on defense.

 Crazy game. At the very least, it was enjoyable. But, man, I have not see a game with defenses giving up those kind of chances. A high school team would have a good chance of scoring
Come back Kenny Phillips!
Come aboard Taylor Mays/Earl Thomas

Washington is 4-9, Bill Parcells has said “you are what your record says you are?” But do you think the Redskins are an exception?

I don’t. Living down here for 6 years I can tell you that the fans know how inconsistent this team has been. Last year they could only play 15 minutes of good football. This year it’s more like 30-45 minutes. But they still CANNOT play 60 minutes of good, solid, game winning football. That’s largely why they have that record. Perhaps the same can be said about the Giants this year, but the Giants dominated the ones they absolutely should have. In any case, I do not expect that to change Monday night, and I fully expect the Redskins to give it a good shot but I think the Giants have a lot more to play for than the Skins do. This one goes to the Giants.

I don’t think so.  Should’ve beat the Cowboys, Saints. Beat the Broncos. But they lost to the Lions and Chiefs, and barely beat the Rams. They would’ve beat those lesser teams if they were better than their record. They have talent, but they earned that 4-9 mark. 

 I think they are a poorly managed team with a lot of great indiviual players.  Something that is overlooked is how young their offensive talent is. They drafted three players in round 2 last year (Malcom Kelly, Devin Thomas, TE Fred Davis) the latter two are producing finally.
Who gets fired faster after the season: Bill Sheridan or Jim Zorn?
I think it depends on how the Giants finish out, they still have a shot and get completely hot as they approach the end of the regular season. The Skins, who have not shot to get into the post season, are bringing in Mike Shanahan as I type … the safe bet is Zorn but I feel you pain when it comes to Sheridan. Many of his schemes have let the team suffer as a whole, and we’ve been over and over that to death. But it’s not all on Sheridan in the secondary — injuries and lack of execution by the players have been the big story there. Communication on the field seems to be the main issue back there, not from the sidelines.

Jim Zorn. Only because I don’t think he will make it through the year. The Redskins want a big name. Giants will wait till after the season (Coughlin said as much). Both will be looking for jobs.


I just hope Sheridan is fired. 

Since 2001 my man London Fletcher has a season with no FEWER than 116 tackles (2001) and has eclipsed 130 in every season except 2007 (128 tackles), and he has a 118 tackles this season already. In 2005 Fletcher had 158 tackles, 4 sacks.  Why can’t this man make the Pro-bowl?

Because he’s been on a losing team that cannot show the ROI when it comes to having a so called “Top 5 Defense”. He is a beast though, fo sho.
honestly don’t know. A tremendous player. I wish there was a reason, but there isn’t. Almost a decade of being overlooked

Is he the single most underappreciated player in the league?

I would say no, simply because Ahmad Bradshaw ranked last on ESPN’s running back grid last week. Got to stick up for one of our own before I give a rival team’s playmaker any kind of a nod.
One of them, yeah. He’s up there with Dwayne Bowe, Andre Johnson, Jon Beason and others.

I think so. This guy is everything Antonio Pierce is to the Giants, except he also makes a ton of plays.
Brian Orakpo has 11 sacks, Hakeem Nicks 685 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns, who’s the more impressive rookie?

Great question because both teams have relied HEAVILY on these rookies all season. I can’t begin to choose, but the Giants perhaps could have used a consistent pass rusher more than one more explosive receiver — but at the same time Nicks’ production has been indispensable.  How about this spin move though, offer the Skins a trade for Orakpo where Washington gets Sinorice Moss, Derek Hagan, and Gartrell Johnson.  Moss can play with his brother now that Randel-El as come under fire, it might jumpstart both of them. And the way the Skins tailbacks have been dropping like flies, they could use another one.

Tough one. Nicks did miss a couple of games, which makes his numbers more impressive. But Orakpo has made an impact in pretty much every game this year. 11 sacks as a rookie is almost unheard of. Slight edge to Orakpo

Pass rushing Defensive Ends (outside linebackers) are become more important than Wide Receivers, but Nicks has been SUPER impressive this year becuase he’s put up big numbers despite playing less than 50 percent of the total run offensive Giants plays

What have you thought of Clint Sintim and Jonathan Goff’s play so far?

I like Sintim on the line — as I went over all week the front 4 needed some jolt and while Sintim wasn’t in McNabb’s face, he gives that line a noticeable spark when paired with Kiwi, Osi, and Tuck.  That should be the default line, I’m convinced. Keep him coming off the edge, only a matter of time before he gets another sack.

Goff’s interception was SO key. It was more right place at the right time, but you know everyone has got to start somewhere. That’s how I caught my first trout fly fishing after all — nothing I did particularly right it just happened to me when I least expected it. The key was execution. It’s a shame the Giants didn’t capitalize on it because that very well could have made all the difference in the game’s outcome. I look forward to Goff taking that experience and improving on it this week… a new found sense of confidence and the level of play will reflect that.

Goff hasn’t convinced me he’s the future at middle linebacker yet, but he looks like a nice young player.

The Redskins are 22nd in rushing yards allowed per game, the Giants are 10th in rushing offense. Does Brandon Jacobs finally eclipse a 100 yards in a game this season?
  I sure hope so, and based on what he did against Philly, I think he will. He finally seemed like his old self. Tough, determined running. He looked like Brandon Jacobs. Now, he’s facing a bad rush defense. He should get over 100. 


Right now, the Redskins are getting sacks. Of course they just played the Raiders so everything looks great for them, perhaps better than it should. But overall I would rank the Redskins only slightly better than the Giants pass rush.  Ever so slightly.

I expect the Giants to get some pressure on Jason Campbell this week, and record at least 3 sacks.

Without Looking at the Stats, who do you think has more Interceptions on defense the Giants or the Redskins…why? (I’ll fill in the answer when I post it)

I’m going to go with the Giants. I know the defense has been awful, but Terrell Thomas has had a couple, Bruce Johnson has had a couple. I think Webster has a couple. Just a hunch, though. Interested to see the answers. 


Incorrect, the Miserly Redskins (one of the worst teams in the league the past few years at creating turnovers, have one more than the Giants)

The Giants interception leader is Terrell Thomas with 4. Kenny Phillips is second on the team with two, despite only playing in TWO GAMES THIS SEASON.

Corey Webster, Bruce Johnson, Jonathan Goff, Michael Johnson are the only players with intercepetoins on the team.


Absolutely pathetic.

 Pro Bowl Voting ends Monday night…who on the Giants honestly deserves pro bowl consideration?

Steve Smith is as good as any slot receiver in the league, if not better than most.  He would be the only one to me that would have a legit shot. 

  Is Jason Campbell the Redskins should keep moving Forward

I’ve always been a huge fan of Campbell. I loved him coming out of Auburn. I think he’s starting to find his groove. He has some more weapons now, even with Cooley out. He has a bit more consistency with the offensive staff (I believe he had 4 different coordinators in college). He has a lot of talent. 
What weapon on the Redskins offense scares you most?  Remember Chris Cooley will not play.

Brian Orakpo had 4 sacks last game — thats the kind of stat when applied to the Giants could spell big trouble. I think the Giants Defense on a decent day can contain the Redskins offense, so for me it becomes a question of Eli having time to work his magic. If the O-line can block well, the Giants take this one handily


Anything else to add….?

Next stop, playoffs.

Final Prediction?
34 – 23 Giants 
 Can’t see the Giants losing this game. Final Score: Giants 35, Redskins 21

I thinkt he Giants win this game, at least they better.


But they need to step it up if they want to make the playoffs let alone do anything in the playoffs.


Have a nice day, everyone.

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5 Responses to “Giants Roundtable”

  1. Jeremy says:

    On your statement that another pass rusher would have been better than a playmaking reciever. Nicks has shown to be the truth. And I’m always in favor of giving Eli more weapons. This is off topic but I am afraid to death that when the saints cut Reggie, the patriots will sign him and he will be their new Kevin faulk. Hikes!!!!

  2. BlueFanFla says:

    I think what you neant to say was that if the Cowboys “LOSE” the Giants will take over the wild card spot.

    Kind of a moot point right now since they didnt lose.

    Love these round table though. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Jason C. says:

    A few issues, you say that Eli played great and credited the offense for putting the team in the position to win in last week’s game, then talk about how the Eagles defense is bad. The Eagles defense isn’t bad, the Giant’s offense just made it look that way, if you’re gonna give credit, keep it consistent. Also about the pass rusher vs. receiver debate. During the draft last year the one thing we knew they weren’t going to draft in the first round was a pass rusher, however they still got on in the second round, so why complain? Anyway the pass rush has nothing to do with our level of talent, teams are just keeping more guys in to block and taking advantage of our secondary which is loaded with guys who don’t even belong in the league.
    And about the Cowboys game, in a way I’m glad they won, one to shut up the hype machine that is New Orleans (all that destiny talk makes me sick, as I believe games are won on the field and not by the hand of some deity, but that’s a whole other debate), and also because it puts a hell of a lot more pressure on the Giants who in my opinion need it right now, or should I say deserve it, after the lackluster efforts they’ve been putting out these past two months.

    • Jason C.

      I disagree with the assessment about the offense defense thing.

      Just becuase the Giants offense played well, does not mean that the Eagles defense IS good.

      I should have said though, that the Eagles defense is Boom or Bust.

      Big plays or a bad day.

      Just like on offense.

      Both units gamble a lot throughout each game.

      I think the Eagles defense is a front-running defense.

      They excel when they get ahead with their offense and then can wreak havoc with their defense….but that’s better than what the Giants defense, which is just porous.

      I also think that the DE are playing at their ability.

      I think Tuck is having an O.K. year, even though he hasn’t put up big sack numbers he’s been very good against the run.

      I think Osi is what he is.

      He makes plays with pass rushing and isn’t a great run defender.

      But where I think the team has struggled is the middle of the defense, the Defensive tackles this year have been awful.

      Hopefully they play well tommorrow night vs the Redskins.

  4. andrew ilnicki says:

    How bout that 5-1-5 Defense they tried out at camp?
    Can’t hurt now I guess…


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