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Isn’t It Possible to Trade with Rams?

As much as I’d love to have swapped Bill Sheridan for Steve Spagnuolo, that’s not what I’m referring to when I bring up a trade with the Rams. But whether you’re thinking about it or not, the Giants have a partner over in St Louis that we could be working with to unload some excess baggage this offseason and perhaps gain a whole lot more.

Here is what Jeff Gordon over at STL Today had to say about the state of Spagnuolo’s Rams:

The Rams can follow this same course under Spagnuolo if the organization continues accumulating better personnel. The team must use their first overall pick to land bulwark defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, then set out to fill the following primary needs:

* Better outside linebackers to flank Laurinaitis, who was everything the Rams were hoping for this season.

* At least one big cornerback who excels in press coverage.

* Another pass-rushing defensive end to replace Leonard Little, who might be finished.

* Protection at offensive tackle, since Jason Smith faces an uncertain future due to post-concussion syndrome and Alex Barron is no more than a stopgap option.

* A viable No. 2 running back to spell Jackson and extend his career.

* A pass-catching tight end to make this West Coast offense work.

* A “go-to” wide receiver capable of earning the big first downs and finishing off scoring drives.

* Another young quarterback to develop into a game manager.

By the end of the season, a full third of the Rams lineup was injured. Most of those guys are coming back. Also returning are many younger players who gained valuable experience filling in -– including pleasant surprises like kicker return Danny Amendola and wide receiver Brandon Gibson.

That is a tall order indeed — but perhaps the Giants and the Rams can find a way to work together in a trade scenario that would be agreeable to both parties. You know, kinda like the Jets-Browns connection. It clearly worked out well for the Jets and the Browns had no chance anyway. I see the Giants in a similar position this year, and the Rams aren’t going to turn everything right around in one year so they can afford to be a little extra giving for a shot at the Giants talent pool.

Let me entertain you in some blue sky thinking for a moment — who would I want from the Rams in the first place if I could have my pick?

RB – Steven Jackson: the Rams would certainly not want to give up their star RB, but who among us would not want this guy on our team? Think about this rotation in the Giants backfield next year and tell me you don’t get goosebumps — Jacobs, Jackson, Bradshaw.

S – Oshiomogho Atogwe: might be available through free agency — just sayin’ though.

DE – Leonard Little: Gordon seems to think he’s done…. I say he isn’t given the right rotation. He was the best pass rusher the Rams had all year and he might be the veteran DLE the Giants need to keep Tuck and Osi over on the right side for the majority of the snaps, but still get pressure from the left and up the middle.

OL – Jacob Bell: We need a new offensive line, and the only returning starters will be O’hara and Snee. Our left side was absolutely missing this past year, Bell has been a decent run blocker and can handle some pass rush… the two things the left side couldn’t do all year. Bell went on IR to end the season, but even fighting through injuries he did better than the left side of our OL. We have to sure up that left side to return to our running roots, an experienced Jacob Bell originally with Tennesse, who is possibly looking for yet another change in uniform to someone who appreciates an upgrade could be creating some holes for our Giants RBs on the goal line… he will surely help out there.


Now… who would I give up from the Giants to get these guys? I’d offer up any of these guys… remeber this is completely blue sky brainstorming:

David Carr, Danny Ware, Gartrell Johnson, Sinorice Moss, Fred Robbins, Rocky Bernard, David Diehl, Rich Seubert, Michael Johnson, and oh what the heck — CC Brown at the 11th hour if they still didn’t bite.

Sound ridiculous? Well, you know what they say about one person’s discard in Gin Rummy.

I don’t want to give up Bruce Johnson although the Rams need another press corner. We’re sure as hell not giving up Terrell Thomas. The Rams will have to draft one.

I’m also not willing to dish out any tight ends — we don’t have any pass catching TE’s to spare. We’re still trying to get OUR offense to use them.

Receiver-wise, I don’t want to unload Hagan or Hixon — although there might not be a choice. The Rams really need some better receivers, Sinorice Moss should upgrade them for starters and the Giants clearly can’t find a good way to use him.

David Carr would do the Rams a whole lot better as their starter then being our backup QB. I like him, but we can pickup somebody else that will fill in if Eli should get injured. That fact is though that the Mannings are pretty tough…. and Carr has shown the spring in his step that lets me know the former #1 pick is ready for prime time again.

I’m sorry to Danny Ware — but if we could get Steven Jackson as our #2 back then we have yet another extremely dangerous 3 headed rushing attack that rivals Dallas. I like DJ, but Steven Jackson is a beast who I’m sure would like a break from carrying the entire team on his shoulders. That would spell trouble for Ahmad Bradshaw who God knows I love, but it’s about winning games afterall and Jacobs can’t be a big shifter as well as someone like Jackson can. Besides, in a more dynamic rotation like we saw later on in the season I think 3 good RB’s could cycle through with enough opportunities for all. Andre Brown will need another season to learn the offense now that he’s recovered from his injury.

The other guys I mentioned — their play isn’t up to par for a Giants team looking to dominate their opponents 80% of the time next year. The Rams need some guys that can make some plays more than 20% of the time. So logically it’s fair to say then that if Jerry Reese is right and these Giants players on the block only played for 50% of the time, the Rams would have nothing to complain about then would they? Everybody wins!!

In all seriousness though, the Giants will be getting back Kenny Phillips and Corey Webster. One more solid starting safety is really all the Giants need next year assuming Phillips can stay healthy. Adding another pass rush specialist to create havoc consistently on the left side aid the overall push to the defensive line… Tuck, Osi, and Kiwi could use Leonard Little to give that left side some for finesse and more push. Clint Sintim can then return to LB where the Giants really have a problem or two to solve depending on if AP stays or goes.

The draft won’t solve all the Giants issues, they need some players with experience that can step in and be vocal next year as the team returns to underdog status. I think the Giants and Rams could help each other out a bit, but at the end of the day the Rams have a lot further to go then the Giants do.

We should atleast be happy about that much — we’re not in quite as bad a shape as St. Louis is.

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8 Responses to “Isn’t It Possible to Trade with Rams?”

  1. Brian says:

    Apparently you don’t know how serious micro-fracture surgery is. Kenny Phillips plays a position where elite athleticism and speed is required. His career is all but over and if it’s not I doubt he will be anything near the same player again.

    • Kenny Phillips was pulled early enough so that he could recover with better chances of success. It comes down to physical therapy and with the right training I think he can rebound. The early arthritis issues can be warded off through yoga strengthening techniques — the Giants (and Mets) need more help with their medical staff than anything.

  2. Michael S. says:

    i like what you saidexceptfor the part where jacobs is starter and jackson is 2nd string. thats crazy. jackson is one of the best backs in the league and he played with a mediocre o-line. jackson has bradshaws shiftness and jacobs power. he starts over them.

    • yes — i agree with you but my feeling about starting is that it’s a meaningless stat. its about the right rotation of guys and using the best players at the best times.

      its those 3 guys that I would like to see back there, regardless of who goes onto the field for the first snap of the game.

      • Russo says:

        I was actually thinking the same thing. I think if anyone needs to be worried about play time if a big time RB comes in is Jacobs. Especially after the year he had. Bad knee or not, I saw more heart out of bradshaw. I like Atowe as a free agent…and could really care less if Hixon wasnt on the roster.

  3. Johnnymonya says:

    Almost everyone of those players on the Giants that you listed is scheduled to be a free agent of one kind or another, or will have almost no shot at making this roster next year. Teams do not trade for players like that.
    David Diehl is a better guard than Jacob Bell as well, so no point in trading for another guard.
    I hate to be a naysayer but this article looks like the post of some casual fan on the message boards, totally unrealistic and not though out. Completely one sided.

    • andrew ilnicki says:

      thanks for the feedback.

      Diehl USED to be a better guard — check his performance this year and you’ll see he vanished like a fart in the wind. Same goes for Seubert.

      Our backs couldn’t run to the left side between the tackles all year, coincidence? Look at Manning’s sack numbers, awful compared to years past.

      Not all will be free agents, that’s an embellishment… but Bartolis already covered that earlier today.

      No point in naysaying too much in the arena of ideas, its going to be a long off season, trust me.

  4. KA210927 says:

    LOL as a rams fan this is probably the biggest joke ive ever seen. your basically saying we would trade you some of our good players, for horrible, backup, not proven players that would do absolutely no good for our team? that makes alot of sense.

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