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Possible Free Agent Picks

Jeremy went through the free agency rundown earlier in the week — I wanted to distill a few choices as it stands right now for the positions the Giants clearly need. Here we go:

Defensive End

1) Ray Edwards, Minnesota – he’s young and commits a lot of penalties. Thats the bad news. The good news is he’s a top 5 pass rusher, had 8 sacks, 22 QB hits, and found himself in 33 other situations to pressure the quarterback.  He’s a top 8 DE overall for a 4-3 defense and Minnesota may or may not pull the trigger on this young man, excuse me, beast.

2) Stephen Bowen, Dallas – particularly if the Giants go to a 3-4 Defense, Stephen Bowen is a top 10 DE in the NFL, and might provide a friendly spark to Chris Canty next year who hopefully stays healthy and can get some push up the middle.

OL Guard

1) Jahri Evans, New Orleans – About Kareem McKenzie… as good and consistent as he is — if for whatever reason he cannot start for the Giants next year then without a doubt Jahri Evans would be a huge step up. If New Orleans has to pay Drew Brees and they can’t afford Evans who is perhaps the best guard in the NFL — yes even better than Snee… then the Giants could scoop him up and pretty much be unstoppable at running off the right side next year, even if Bradshaw played on crutches.  You wonder why Brees had the year he did — Jahri Evans was a major factor. I can’t imaging they’d let him go, but if they did… giddyup.


1) Barrett Ruud, Tampa Bay – not the best candidate to get pressure on the QB but thats not his bag afterall — he’s a solid inside linebacker who can cover extremely well and decent at sniffing out the run.

* Thomas Davis, Carolina – torn ACL, hamstring issues, and all… the guy was having a breakout year with top 10 stats right up until he went on IR in week 9. Will he forever be damaged goods now, though?  Can the Giants steal him and hope for the best?


1) Nick Collins, Green Bay – the absolute most critical position the Giants need to fill, and perhaps Collins the best available Safety in the NFL that seems to not be getting so much love from his team.  Greenbay has been strong at safety this year, and if Collins wants to be paid big bucks from someone who needs his services, I can’t think of a better home for him than with the NY Giants.

2) O.J. Atogwe, St Louis or Roman Harper, New Orleans – better options than paying CC Brown and Michael Johnson.  Much, much better.


1) Leonard Weaver, Philly – I loved what I saw from him this season, an easy upgrade to block, catch and run, or just run. Weaver is as good a blocker as Hedge and will be used to running routes due to Philly’s offense… we need a backup FB that can step in and jumpstart that position into being an true offensive weapon.

2) Naufahu Tahi, Minnesota – if the Giants are committed to routinely passing to their fullbacks, ehem, then they need to pick a guy up who can actually catch the ball and run with it. Not as big or as good a blocker as Hedge, but he doesn’t have stalagmite hands either.


That’s all for now. Thoughts on these picks?

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18 Responses to “Possible Free Agent Picks”

  1. Jesse Cassel says:

    disagree we need linebackers

  2. andrew ilnicki says:

    I did some looking around at where our linebackers actually rank — and its not good.

    Boley, while fast — blew coverage consistently, missed tackles, was not adept at stopping the run. He was supposed to kick it up a notch, he dragged us down.

    Goff, while shows some promise — is not there yet. Hes not firing on all cylinders.

    If Sintim is going to be rotated around between LB and DE — clearly there is somewhat of a weakness at both positions. He shows potential, but its not like he’s stepping in and making big plays all the time.

    Stopping plays up and over the middle has plagued the Giants the last two seasons…. I say a playmaking Linebacker who can give us 16 games of pure energy is exactly what we need, and the Giants dont have it as of yet.

    Say what you want about Dline – but the more you get pressure the more your linebackers are exposed on short passes and pitches… speed, coverage, and tackling have all gone downhill the last two years.

  3. Jeremy says:

    please no more free agents, the last ones we signed all sucked. lets stick to the draft offensive line(Center,tackle), linebacker and a return man—-We so need to draft a return man. its a proven fact draft picks play harder then free Agents case in point fat albert over in Washington.

  4. Jeremy says:

    One more thing—is it just me or are the coaches suppose to put our players in the proper positions. if i guy is bad in coverage dont put him in coverage. if a guy is good at blitzing make him blitz, it doesnt seem that hard to me. the players get to much credit and the coaches dont get enough of the blame. if a guy wants to much money dont be afraid to trade him. i believe the only position that is the hardest to trade is your best lineman. Coaches are to reliant on players and still demand hefty contracts while players are way to arrogant, this isnt basketball a football player cant put up stats without the other 10 guys doing there job. thats why i love college football. everyone knows their roll and shuts up. that being said profootball players are only human and both teams are paid to win as long as they try im happy. i hope theres a strike beause then we will finally see constant effort and ticket prices will go down. plus maybe then the Giants will get some freakin cheerleaders—— Jeremy El Capiton over and Out—-Piece

    • I think what any coach would say is that they try to figure out the matchups that work best, but you have an offense on the other side of the coin that is trying to create matchups that favor them.

      its a chess match — so often you have the right initial read, play your run stopping players and they audible and pass to your worst matchup. OR they bring out passing personnel then run to screw you up…. that happened with the Eagles/Giants a whole lot and Osi got over exposed consistently.

      it is a very hard job, no one is saying it isnt — but sometimes you have to ask the players to overcome their weaknesses and lift their game as best they can and help the team escalate.

      you can’t just run the game all on paper and thats that — a lot goes into it in the moment and the Giants often fail at making the right adjustments at game time.

  5. cheek says:

    We need offensive Line, Then Linebackers, then corners and safeties then a running back that can catch the ball. Fill those voids, and maybe we’ll be ok by 2012!

  6. da52391 says:

    I think we need a stud in the middle to have our defense get back to form. I don’t like Spikes, i think he’s overrated and the only linebacker worth the 15 pick or even trading up for that matter is McClain. McClain is a longshot leading me to believe we should go through free agency and hope jerry reese and co. can evaluate free agent talent like they usually do in the draft.
    All that being said…My perfect and somewhat realistic offseason would be
    -Brian Price at #15 unless a miracle drops McClain, Berry, Suh, McCoy, or Okung.
    -Chad Jones or Nate Allen in the second round. A good saftey to pair with KP or i hate to say it but as insurance if he doesnt come back the same.
    -A solid RT in the 3
    -Best Cb/s/c/rb rest of the way
    -Develop Beatty and see if he can step into LT, i think he can he has everything but maybe needs to add a little size. Slid Deihl to lg and have a competition bewteen Mckenzie draft pick and possibly a free agent aquistion for RT. All this being done i believe the line will return to form and then some.
    -For Mlb if we dont get McClain, there are some good mlbs out there..Kirk Morrison is a very nice player, young and underrated. Demecco Ryans is ideal but is a longshot to say the least, and Dqwell Jackson who is a promising player as well, however he may be better suited for a 34.
    -Lastly get a legit DC..Pepper Johnson would be intriguing, Crennel would bring experience, Jauron seems hessitant so i would pass on him.
    Sadly idk if Tom lost the team. They seem unispried at times.. nothing was worse than the panthers game with playoff implications on the line. If tom lost the team then hes gotta go despite the fact hes a good coach. I think so0me guy named Cowher’s out there…
    -With these additions i actually believe the G-MEN could bouce back to the elite

  7. Michael S says:


    • da52391 says:

      Thats 4 corners..You do know injuries happen right? Dockery has been awful all year, he’s not coming back. Your an injury or two away from having a waiver wire secondary. Maybe you didn’t learn the lesson this year about what happens with a lack of depth huh?

    • chris says:

      we need to get on more corner that is really good cuz johnson is young

      • chris says:

        u no if we get a really good safty and coner back that would really help and hopeing to get cribbs that would be great and a first round outside line backer it would hgelp u know giants fans!

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