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Prospect Profiles

I am going to do a feature this off-season I’ll call “prospect profiles” and I’ll profile prospects (I’m very creative and witty with titles) that I think the Giants should be interested in for this upcoming draft.

I will NOT limit the prospect profiles to first round players only, but I’ll probably concentrate the profiles to players in the first three rounds.

I’ll also focus on players I want the Giants to target and that are realistic targets (The Giatns wouldn’t trade away everything for a #1 WR they won’t trade everything away, I don’t believe up in the draft to select Eric Berry, Gerald McCoy, or Suh-and yes I didn’t feel like looking up the correct spelling so I’m skipping out on his first name) so these players will not be profiled…unless I read around and about that the Giants would seriously consider moving up to get Berry (He’s being described as a better (more athletic) version of Ed Reed).

I’m going to list now the prospects (by position) I already have in mind that I like intially and I’ll begin profiling these prospects soon running pretty close up to draft time. And I’ll try to rank them by my preferance for the Giants to chosoe them eventually.

I’ll also update them as more information comes along.

I like these prospects now, but after doing some more evaluation maybe I’ll change my mind and I’ll give my verdict on whether or not I like them.

What I want from you guys (you draft junkies out there) are players that you also would like me to take a deeper look at.  In the profiles I’ll be evaluating based on how I saw them play, statistical measures, back stories, information I can gather on as well as other people’s analysis (who have more excees to tape than I do…and who are  paid to do these as well-but I will ALWAYS give credit to other people’s stuff) that I personally enjoy reading and let you guys know whether or not to be excited if the Giants land a certain player.

These guys are guys I’m thinking about, I’ll underline guys I’m sure about profiling.

By Position:

To help jog my mind I’ll be referring to three web sites: (one of my favorites check it out),, and  and like I’ve mentioned before I also enjoy, but I’m not using that right now.



Running Backs (I’m looking at speedy backs who can catch the ball out of the backfield)

C.J. Spiller-Clemson

Noel Devine-West Virgina

Jahvid Best-California

Dexter McCluster-Ole Miss

Joe McKnight-U.S.C.

Chris Brown-Oklahoma

Wide Receivers (Think Return Man more than Anything)

Jordan Shipley

Antonio Brown, Central Michigan

Taylor Price, Ohio

Brandon Banks, Kansas State

Tight End

Jermaine Gresham

Offensive Line (If the Giants want an OL from the draft I think they should get him with the 15th pick in the draft)

Anthony Davis, Rutgers

Trent Williams, Oklahoma

Bruce Campbell, Maryland

Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

Charles Brown, USC

Ciron Black, LSU

Mike Iupatia, Idaho (Interior Guard)

Jon Asomah Illinois (Guard)

4-3 Defensive End (I’m not profiling players from a 3-4 unless I hear the Giants are going to puruse a 3-4)

Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech

Carlos Dunlap, Florida

Brandon Lang, Troy

Defensive Tackles

Brian Price, UCLA

Jared Odrick, Penn State

Aruthur Jones, Syracuse

Inside Linebacker

Brandon Spikes, Florida

Ronaldo McClain, Alabama

Daryl Washington, TCU

Micah Johnson, Kentucky

Sean Lee, Penn State


Joe Haden, Florida (CB)

Earl Thomas, Texas

Taylor Mays, USC

Donovan Warren, Michigan (CB)

Kyle Wilson, Boise State (CB)

Deunta Williams, North Carolina

Myron Rolle, FSU (via Rhodes Scholarship if he decides to play football next year)

Notice no Eric Berry. You ain’t getting him folks. He’s TOOO Good. Just like Suh wasn’t in for the DT or Gerald McCoy (who I love! but he’ll be gone before the Giants get anywhere near picking)


Leigh Tiffin, Alabama K

Hunter Lawrence K, Texas

Aaron Pettrey, Ohio State K

Zoltan Mesko, Michigan P

Jeremey Boone, Penn State


Well, that should cover all the positions.

As you can see there are a lot up there, but I’m a draft junkie and I’ll try to tackle as many of these as I can.

There are a few players that I will definitely profile because as it stands Right Now, they are my favorite targets for the New York Giants with the 15th overall pick (if you couldn’t tell by my dead give away of putting the players in bold and blue).

In no particular order:

S Earl Thomas

S Taylor Mays

CB Joe Haden

CB Donovan Warren

DT Brian Price

RB C.J. Spiller

TE Jermaine Gresham (although he is coming off major surgery so I don’t think the Giants will grab him at 15th, but I think they would have strongly consider it had they gone far in the playoffs akin to Willis McGahee awhile back with the Bills).

OL Anthony Davis

ILB Ronalde McClain

Let me know who you want to see profiled the most and I’ll see what I can do


Have a nice day, everyone.



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19 Responses to “Prospect Profiles”

  1. andrew ilnicki says:

    Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

    and yes, you are a draft JUNKIE!!!

  2. mark picucci says:

    I love to see some Antonio Brown (the MAC’S Percy Harvin)

  3. Russo757 says:

    I don’t see Spiller being around at 15

    • Russo-

      You might be right, but I think it’s much more possible than a lot of people think.

      The primary reason is becuase of positonal value.

      Teams in the top 15 focus on a few main positions and they are usually

      QB (Clausen, Bradford, Tebow?), OL (Russel Okung, Bruce Campbell, Anthony Davis? Other?), DL (Suh, McCoy, Morgan? Dunlap?) and WR (Bryant) other positions (Berry. Haden? Spiller? McClain? Spikes?

      Of the top 14 teams in the draft

      The Lions, Redskins, Seahawks, Browns

      Are The only teams that NEED a Running back

      They all pick very high.

      The Seahawks though pick again before the Giants…

      Spiller might not be there, but I think he could easily fall out of the top 10 and be inexpensive enough to move up for.

  4. Michael S says:

    Safety= 1st round. Unless you want the 3rd worst safety aka #20 playing next to Kenny Phillips.
    Hopefully we pick up a MLB in free agency like demeco ryans or Kirk Morrison.
    Then DT, o-line, o-line……
    That’s if we keep the 4-3 defense. If we switch, it’s a WHOLE different story

  5. andrew ilnicki says:

    maybe if they give CC Brown a raise, he’ll play better….

  6. ReneNYG1 says:

    Without a doubt the Giants will get McClain,he’s exactly what we need,a perfect fit at a position we have not addressed in the draft with a high pick in as far back as I can remember because Harry was a low pick,we haven’t used our one for a middle which is exactly what we need and he’s an impact player.

  7. Michael S says:

    Kirk Morrison and demeco ryans are both FA. They are both perfect fits + mcclain probably won’t be there at 15.

  8. Mikey Mart says:

    I wanna see some profiling on my man Rolando mcclain

  9. daneptizl says:

    Taylor Mays does not belong in this conversation…

    • daneptizl….


      If you’re thinking he may not be there when we draft, you might be right, but perhaps not.

      how often do you see two safeties go in the top 15 of the draft…not often.

  10. I think its imperative that we go safety here. as duly noted, the giants safeties were some of the worst in football last year and we have to be prepared for the possibility that kenny phillips does not fully recover from his CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE CONDITION. everyone seems to think he’s gonna be ready to go come camp next year. i’m not sayin his career is over, but this arthritic condition could be a major issue for the rest of his nfl tenure. that being said, i think that one player that has been forgotten and never got the recognition he deserved in 07 was, one of Jesse’s favs, Kawika Mitchell. Mitchell probably couldn’t cover me out there, but he was great against the run and he was fast and got to the qb. so i think, regardless of what anyone thinks clint sinitim could be, we need to load up on outside lb’s as opposed mike’s. even though pierce is shot, goff showed flashes, but the mlb position of the future will be determined by the new DC

  11. Jason C. says:

    See the problem with your analysis is that the Giants NEED to draft Eric Berry, otherwise it’s a failed draft. And they’ve had such great drafts recently, why would they want to ruin it now? The thing is Berry is a much better prospect than Boldin or Edwards (who are the no. 1’s you were talking about I’d assume). Both of those receivers are somewhere around 15-25 in WR rankings in the league. Berry is already top 5 and by the end of next year, possibly #1 at his position. Also, the Giants really liked a few WR prospects in the draft and that’s why they let that one go. Where are the S prospects that the Giants like? There aren’t any, it’s Berry or Bust.

    • Jason C-

      I agree Eric Berry is dynmanic and THE man…but

      the Giants have shown a lot of hesitation to trade any draft picks (they kept 9 out of 10 last year even though they knew 9 wouldn’t make the roster.

      If you look at a trade value chart…

      Eric Berry is a top 5 pick I think we agree on that.

      the 5th pick is worth 1500 points the 15th is worth 1050 the 45th is worth 450

      that means in order to move up the Giants would have to give up their first this year and theier second this year.

      or something like a 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th

      or two numbers ones

      Don’t think it happens

  12. BlueManFla says:


    I am looking forward to the daily (or whenever) updates. I will be checking it out.

    To make it easier, you should have a hot link on the home page to it till draft time. That way we won’t have to drill down to it via the “Older posts” link WHich could be numerous pages by draft time.

  13. BluemanFla-

    I’ll tag the entries “prospect profiles” which should make it easier to fine.

    But I’ll work on that

  14. Chris says:

    Some other linebackers to consider for the profile: Kindle (Texas), Norwood (S. Carolina), Weatherspoon (Missouri) and Sapp (Clemson). Other secondary: McDaniel (Clemson), Burnett (Georgia Tech) and Stuckey (Kansas).

  15. Bill says:

    Myron Rolle I believe would be a great value pick if the G-Men can select him from the 2nd round on. Although he has been out of football for a year he remains a tremendous talent whose outstanding work ethic will allow him to return to form after his year off. Not to mention, seems like a player who would be tremendous in giving back to the community and should not have any off field issues. Given the lack of production in the secondary, and the health of Kenny Phillips I woulnd’t be entirely opposed to taking Earl Thomas in the 1st round and Myron in the second.

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