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Giants CAN run a Tampa 2-thoughts on Perry Fewell

As Fuchs mentioned in the last post I watch a lot of Bills games. My wife is a Bills fan and I live in Rochester, so I watch EVERY Bills game.

And I am a BIG fan of the hiring. I think I am one of the few people who thinks this is a good hiring.

But let me put a caveat on this, I am of the belief that coaches coach and design systems based on the players (and then maybe move towards systems they like more), but a lot of coaches insist on using their systems.


So we’ll have to wait and see what Perry Fewell does.


BUT I’m not sure that the Tampa 2 Defense Won’t Work in New York.

The Two Keys to the Tampa 2 Defense are this One Bend, but Don’t Break in the Red-Zone.

And TWO Make a Big Play Every Few Drives.

Tampa 2 Defenses rely on Pass Rushers who can beat the offensive linemen without the Blitz and than guys who can cover a lot of ground.

Amazingly the Bills played Defense well despite not having Good Pass rushers.

Another important aspect in the Tampa 2 Defense is that you have either one great run stopping safety (the Colts) or Good Run Playing Cornerbacks (like the Bills have traditionally had with Antoine Winfield, Nate Clements, Terrence McGee’s pretty good at that too). The Giants could have both. Phillips is good vs the Run, and Aaron Ross and Terrell Thomas are very physical against the run as well.


Here are my Thoughts on why a Tampa 2 Defense would work in New York. And the players who WON”T Fit the scheme.

First  the Giants have a few players who might even be better off in a Tampa Two system (Epsecially if they come up and bump in the first five yards before they get into the zone)

Aaron Ross and Terrel Thomas are physical CB who can play the run.

Justin Tuck is A Dual-Threat DL so many Tampa Two defenses who struggle against the run (think colts) dont’ have run stopping defensive ends. The Giants have one very good one in Justin Tuck.

And one solid one in Mathias Kiwanuka.

Osi Umeinyora is BUILT for the Tampa Two system. Umeinyora is built for it seriously, he plays like Dwight Freeney. Attacking the passer All Day, hopefully getting some help vs the run on the edges with the Cornerbacks. I think osi would thrive in this this system.

Kenny Phillps (if healthy) can play like Jarius Byrd and he’d have some pretty good INT numbers.

Michael Boley would be great in the Tampa 2. Boely can blitz off the edge sometimes or he can play the Pass first-run second, (which is the Tampa 2 system does a lot of-well not necessarily but it’s just more effective vs the pass. Boley fits ideally in this system.

Chris Canty is not the ideal Tampa 2 Defensive tackle, but if he plays on the first two downs, he could be a huge boost to the run stopping on defense

Why I wouldnt’ love the Tampa 2.

The Giants would desperately need a quick-interior Defensive Tackle. That’s super important in the Tampa 2. (I’ll get to this player later, but DT Brian Price out of U.C.L.A. would be a very good candidate at 15th overall if the Giants make the switch). BUT a good Defensive Tackle is what the  Giants EITHER WAY

The Giants need another safety who could play the pass, BUT again they need that EITHER WAY.

The Giants COULD NOT run this system without upgrading their Middle Linebacker.  Teams that run this effectively have very good, fast middle linebackers because middle linebackers have to cover a LOT of ground. Maybe Boley can make the switch to the middle in a Tampa 2, but maybe not. The Bears run it effectively WITH Brian Urlacher, when he’s out it’s nowhere near the same.

I don’t think Corey Webster is great in zone.

When he was younger he could not play zone to safe his life, but mayb Fewell could teach him to.

He’s be the other player that would be hurt most by a switch, in my humble opinion.


I think the Giants could make the switch because they have elite pass rushing potential abilitiy (did not show it this year) and very physical cornerbacks.

Plus the positions of weakness for the Tampa 2 are positions the Giants should be address either way: MLB, another Safety, and a DT who can generate pressure.

But I like Fewell either way. Heres why


First he’s fiery, he’s passionate, he interacts well with his players they respect him for that.

Here’s what’s also to like Dick Jauron was fired on November 18th the Bills were  3-6 when he was Fired.

The Bills had a game on the 22nd (so let’s not count that one because that’s a very short turn-around) and after the game on the 22nd the Bills went 3-3.

That’s from a 3-6 team to a .500 team.

During that time the Bills beat Miami 31-14, lost to the Jets by 6 points, beat the Chiefs in Kansas City, lost by 7 tot he Pats in NE, got dominated by the Falcons, and beat the Colts handedly (I know the starters were rested that game).


Here’s what else there is to like about Perry Fewell.


His overall defensive ranks for yardage were 18th, 31st, 14th, and 19th the past few seasons. Those are by yardage which mean nothing.

Against the pass his ranks were 7th, 29th, 13th, and 2nd.

This past season the Bills finished 19th in total yards 15th in points.


2008 14th in yards 14th in points. (Same)

2007-the year when the Bills were 31st in yardage- they were 18th in points  (Much better)

2006-18th in yards, 10th in points.  (much better)


Keep in mind that this is a Buffalo Bills team defense with VERY Few players.

I can name all the starters on the defense for the Bills, but can you guys? Probably not.

Tell me which of these names you recognize as good players.

DL- Aaron Schobel, Marcus S.troud, Spencer Johnson/Kyle Williams, Ryan Denney/Chris Kelsay

LB-By the end of the season, converted S-Bryan Scott, Paul Posluszny (only played 12 games), Suppose to be Kawkia Mitchell was Chris Draft, or Aaron Maybin

Corner Backs-Suppose to be Terrence McGee and Leodis McKelvin

By end of the season was Drayton Florence, Ashton Youbooty

Safeties- Donte Whitner (played in 10 games this season)/ Jairus Byrd (Started 11 games)

By end of season was Nic Harris (hurt) or John Wendling


My point is this the Bills have at most five better than average N.F.L. defensive players.

Marcus Stroud-who’s not what he once was.

Aaron Schobel who has talked about retiring every year, good player, but not elite.

Jarius Byrd a rookie ball-hawk.

Donte Whitner a very talented, but not super productive safety and Terrence McGee


Fewell didn’t have much to work with and the Bills had more injured players than the Giants, but accmoplished much more than what the Giants did with more talent.


Here’s the BEST thing to like about Perry Fewell. You can already guess by the stats, but basically the Bills defense, despite how easy they gave up yardage somtimes and how TERRIBLE!!! They are at getting to to the quarterback (they have no good pass rushers on the line or at LB-except Schobel who’s prettygood) they never gave up points like the Giants did this year.


Despite how poorly the offense played and how long the Bills were on the field (more than 32 minutes a game 2nd worst in the N.F.L thanks to their terrible 3 and out offense-and usually in bad field position) The Bills always played valiantly on defense.

The bills defense gave up 33 Total  Touchdowns When there defense was on the field-The New York Giants gave up 31 passing touchdowns.

The Bills were one of the best Red Zone Defenses in the League yjis year and 4th in 2008…I can’t imagine being worst than the Giants were in the Red-Zone—even most high school teams can stop somebody at least once in a season.


Will Perry Fewell Run the Tampa 2 Defense? I’m not sure.

Could he do it successfully in New York?

Yes, I believe so.


Will he help? without question


Prospect Profiles

RB   C.J. Spiller

S   Taylor Mays

LB  Rolando McClain

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18 Responses to “Giants CAN run a Tampa 2-thoughts on Perry Fewell”

  1. andrew ilnicki says:

    excellent breakdown.

  2. Júlio César says:

    great post, u changed my mind about the tampa 2 – giants situation

    i just hope we can get those missing pieces during the offseason

  3. Shane says:

    Very good post!

    I definitely see some of those needed pieces coming from Buffalo and bringing scheme experience with them. I am excited to see some of the new looks Fewell will bring to the D.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Jay Alford is an athletic DT. He would work perfectly in a Tampa 2, i know he’s coming off an injury though. Mckenzie and bernard will be horrible in that scheme. Boley and sintim on the outside would be decent in a cover 2 scheme. So in my opinion we will be drafting a MLB in the first round and we might move up to do it. Because Antonio will also be terrible in a cover 2 he can’t cover any ground in space he might never be the same as his 07 season.

  5. Steve B says:

    Sounds really good, but a few things worry me.

    Coery Webster: He was our shutdown corner, although he did have a slump this year, he is still without a doubt our best cover guy, him not being a good fit is a little scary

    But that doesnt mean they will always be in Tampa 2 coverage, I am sure they will mix it up with some man to man every now and agian.

    The other part is that you mention this system only works with a fast MLB, so who would that be? Who should the Giants look for in the Draft? I love McClain, but would he be a good fit?

    • Steve B-

      Jeremey is right…

      You don’t need a dominating Middle Linebacker, just one who is great in space.

      Rolando McClain and Brandon Spikes are very good physical defenders, but they are probably not ideally suited for a cover 2 system.

      Most cover 2 LB are just very fast, more like big safeties

      I wonder if S Taylor Mays could be a dominating Linebacker in a Cover 2. It would be interesting to ponder.

  6. Jeremy says:

    None of the colts LB are high draft picks they are just really athletic. So we don’t have to reach for a LB we just need to coach up the ones we do draft. Don’t panic guys the cover 2 scheme is actually is suppose to cover up player weaknesses. A few things are essential though, a ball hawking safety and pass rushers. Those are the things we do have.

  7. Russo says:

    Ball hawking safely = Eric BErry!
    Make it happen damnit!

    • I’ll get to this player soon

      but I LOVE

      S Earl Thomas out of Texas.

      He is very good pass defender for a safety, in fact he might be so good he could play CB in the N.F.L.

      He is smallish though and injuries are a concern (like Bob Sanders and Troy Polmalu to other good small safeties who are hurt a lot)

  8. andrew ilnicki says:

    who is the ball hawking safety? CC Brown or Michael Johnson?


  9. Michael S says:

    We pickup an athletic MLB in FA like Kirk Morrison and we draft Eric Berry. I’m FOR drafting a safety, even moving up to get the guy we want. DT’s are usually not busts. We should get an athletic one in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    • Jeremy says:

      William Joseph anyone. He was invisible. And that’s hard to do for a fat man like that. Huge bust. With a capital robust.

      El Capiton out.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Wasn’t urlacher a safety in college. That a brilliant idea drafting mays then making him a linebacker. in my opinion mays will suck as a safety but that’s just my opinion but as a linebacker he would kick arse. Keep the ideas rolling in. Man I can’t wait for next season to start.

  11. Shane says:

    I know this may be out of left field, but Aaron Rouse sounds like a fit at MLB in a Tampa 2.

  12. Michael S says:

    It’s true. Why draft a physical specimen like mays when you’ve already got one in rouse. Maybe linebacker could suit him you never know. He his 6″4 230

  13. Jeremy says:

    I think we also have a guy on our roster that was on our practice squad that we made gain weight to transfer from a safety to LB. So what position should we draft in the first round, an actual safety then, Or a lineman, I’m okay with a RB if he’ll be good in the spread. Or the best player available not a WR or QB.

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