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Free Agency: Would You Rather

3 weeks away from the start of free agency, and the bad taste in our collective mouths from last years unfruitful signing of CC Brown, Barry Cofield, and Chris Canty has many Giants fans concerned about this years free agency cycle. We all know that there is only so much that can be accomplished in the draft, and it’s not like Coach Coughlin has historically hit the gas hard on his first year players anyway — so some how some way the Giants are going to have to sign a stud in free agency to patch up the leadership void left by the physical departure of Antonio Pierce, and perhaps the mental void left by the lackluster performance of the front 4 this past season.

So considering the needs of the Giants in 2010 — who do you sign that will reignite the defense? A veteran pass rush specialist or a veteran middle linebacker?

Not to worry, two very good prospects are most likely going to make it out into the open market this year that will no doubt interest the Giants: Carolina DE Julius Peppers and Arizona LB Karlos Dansby.

Keep in mind, rumors are that these players do not have the best shot of being franchised by their current teams… and this mornings Sporting News corroborates the notion that Peppers and Dansby should be getting paid by new teams this year.

I have my opinion about who I’d rather sign, but I ask you first:

Who would you rather see become a NY Giant?

A) Julius Peppers

B) Karlos Dansby

Leave a comment with your answer.

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25 Responses to “Free Agency: Would You Rather”

  1. Omar says:

    Dansby is a beast

  2. Michael S says:

    Definetly peppers. Dansby is getting old and I think we should draft a young MLB that could be the leader of our team.

  3. Momton says:


    Fun to think about Peppers, what how do we afford him once a new CBA is in place?
    LB is absolutely the position of need for the Giants – even more than safety
    Let’s just see how the line does with a healthy Canty and Alford before looking for new answers…besides JR could very possibly find another good pass rusher in the middle to late rounds of the draft.

  4. alex says:

    If we ship osi its peppers n draft a mlb but I get the feeling coughlin knows his job is on the line so he’s playing for this year. meaning he wants a talented mlb just like dansby. and he’s not getting old he wil b 28 for this year 32 or 33 is when athletic lbz like dansby will b inefective …look for us to pikup dansby and drat earl thomas

  5. Paul H says:

    I would look at getting Peppers, then trade either Kiwi or Osi to move up in the draft to get a stud safety or MLB.

  6. Steve B says:


    Peppers plays when he wants to, he is a great talent, but he is not happy making 16/18 million a season, what will make him happy? And in 2007 where did he go? He only had 2.5 sacks in 14 games, that is unacceptable, say what you want about Osi, but he certainly had more then 2.5 sacks this year, and that was coming off of major knee surgey. Plus, it sounds like Peppers wants to be a 3-4 OLB.

    Dansby: I’ll pass, there are questions about whether he will work out as a 4-3 MLB (look at Vilma for saints, bad 3-4 ILB, really good 4-3 MLB).

    Both Players are going want around 5 year contracts, and Big Money. I just dont think its worth it, maybe I am in the minority, but I am just not crazy about these guys, they are not a sure thing.

    Looks like our new MLB will be in the draft, because I really dont see anyone in the FA pool that would fit.

    • Gmen says:

      I agree with neither but i think there is a MLB in the FA pool that would be a fit for as his name is Gary Brackett he is a leader that is playing in Tampa2

  7. Jeff says:

    Dansby by far. I like Peppers when he’s playing nasty, but those games are few and far between. The Giants already have a DE who takes plays off in Osi. Plus, there are 3 starting quality DEs on the roster already (I consider Canty a DT), and 0 starting quality MLBs

  8. I think the D-line is getting crowded and Dansby would be the more prudent choice.

    Think about if Peppers was there, who sits? Osi again? Tuck?

    I mentioned that Osi and Tuck side by side seemed to be the killer combo last year but there wasn’t enough of a push from the other side with that assignment… Canty get no push and Kiwi is a better DT than DE.

    You could rotate Canty and Kiwi and play Peppers on the outside, Alford comes back too though.

    Not enough room at the table on the Dline.

    MLB is where we should be looking

  9. Pitchdeuce says:

    How about Vince Wilfork? I think Fred Robbins may have played his last game in Blue.

    both positions should have some very good talent at pick 15.

    LB has a learning curve from college to NFL- we are still a playoff team, need an immediate impact player- Draft the DE

    Dansby is younger than Peppers- I think he’s our guy for LB

    but I still LOVE Wilfork

  10. Jeremy says:

    Nay to both. The draft will do just fine. The last time we went 8-8, the next year we won the superbowl. And the only free agent pick up was kawika Mitchel. Giants, just try harder next season okay. No one wins the superbowl in march.

  11. Jesse Cassel says:

    I say Dansby, as much as I think peppers is a great player we need a Mlb to lead the team and make plays NEXT YEAR, this team is ready to win get a quality linebacker it could make us contenders again

  12. Ryan says:

    Peppers is an animal. With the young talent in place already at linebacker, we can sign peppers and finally get rid of Osi’s annoying mouth.

  13. Jeremy says:

    There are rumors spreading that the cardinals might cut antrel rolle. My sources aren’t good so don’t quote me on it. But if that’s the case rolle would make an excellent addition to our secondary.
    Thoughts anyone?

  14. Shane says:

    Dansby without question!

    They are equally talented, but…

    We has at least 3 very good DE’s and Dansby fits a position of greater need.

  15. Michael S says:

    Dansby is old. Let’s DRAFT a leader MLB like spikes. Aggresive, smart, great leader. Just cuz he didn’t blaze in the 40 doesn’t mean he can’t run. It’s called game speed ladies and gentlemen. Laurianitis was the best MLB prospect until the combine where he ran an average 40. Look how he turned out this year……
    Over 100 tackles. Let’s not make the same mistake 2x.

  16. Michael S says:

    If I could choose any single player to sign in free agency, I would pick Vince wilfork. He’s a complete monster who demands double teams. 2 on tuck, 2 on wilfork. 1 oline left for two dline. Do the math.
    That’s my pick if our current roster stays the same meaning no osi trades.

  17. Jason C. says:

    Peppers, but only if Osi is moved in some kind of draft day trade. Otherwise Dansby is great, and he can play other linebacker positions as well, however I’d prefer Ryans at that position, but since the question was D or P, I guess I’m leaning on Peppers.

  18. chris says:

    Definitly dansby….peppers makes no sence with kiwi and tuck….id also look at vince wilfork or richard seymore to play dt…another interesting guy is dunta robinson cb houston…we could move ross and thomas to safety and have robinson and webster at corner

  19. Michael S says:

    Chris, I think ur forgetting Terrell Thomas

  20. Jeremy says:

    I think we should go after Reggie bush if the Saints cut him. Istead of drafting CJ Spiller. Reggie Bush will give us a TiKi type threat on third down. If he goes to the patriots I will be very upset. If reggies gets cut half the league will be after his services the giants should atleast put in a bid.

    • Steve B says:

      Doubt it, there are going to be many teams going after Bush.

      And I can say with 99.999999% accuracy the Giants are not going to be drafting CJ Spiller with their first round pick. Jerry Reese has always felt he can get RB’s in the later rounds. Jacobs 4th round pick, Brown 4th round, Bradshaw 7th round pick, Ware FA.

      RBs are a dime a dozen, and they have perhaps the shortest careers out of all the positions.

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