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Halftime Thoughts: Giants vs Ravens

Both Justin Tuck and Rocky Bernard have sacks. Tuck has two, actually. Other than a good first series, nothing has really gone right for Big Blue. The secondary has been awful at best. But one can’t blame them, both Terrell Thomas and Aaron Ross are out. I’ve been impressed with Bernard. He missed one tackle but got to Flacco, made a sack and two tackles. He’s looked good. Something the Giants’ would like to see happen more often, but when the starters come back, who knows how much time he’ll get. However, he’ll likely be in the rotation. If he can be productive, he will help. Later in the second they had trouble keeping the line of scrimmage on defense.

Rolle hit Derrick Mason hard leaning with his shoulder, huge it. Shades of Kevin Boss getting drilled.. But this one was illegal. Interesting though, could have gone either way.

Michael Boley has looked good. He made a nice coverage play on Rice and then later in the second quarter wrapped Rice up for a loss. He’s going to be better, as long as he’s healthy.

Courtney Brown got burned badly for a quick 9 yard touchdown pass. He hasn’t looked good, but again, he’s what their fourth or fifth CB on the depth chart? Todd Heap has made some nice catches, he’s looking like a nice fantasy option. I think I may have to draft this guy. Heap has a touchdown, about 70 yards and 6 receptions. Goff needs to recognize play-action and get on his man. He’s missing the windows on zone defensive, too. In laments terms, he’s drifting again. Once again, Tight-Ends are running wild on the Giants’ defense. Goff caught in no mans land once again, he’s been unimpressive, at best.

Nice interception by Webster on a deflected pass. Almost a 40 yard run back. Webster has been solid today. Deon Grant on the coverage there getting the deflection. Webster had a great summer, he seems to be back to his 08′ form. If he is, that’s something the Giants’ will love.

An 8th judge has been added on the field, he’s the “deep” judge. More eye’s down the field.

Osi Umenyoria got pressure on Flacco, forced the incompletion. He hasn’t done much, but neither has Kiwanuka.

SuperMan is back! Kenny Phillips made a nice play in the middle of the second quarter coming up the box after Bernard missed a tackle and making the play.

The Giants’ still look like there learning the defense, with all the injuries, it’s tough for them to even practice.

The offense looked rusty at first, but improved. Eli hasn’t played in a while, and also hasn’t gotten his usual amount of reps, so that’s to be expected. Steve Smith and Eli Manning haven’t lost a beat, and it seems Nicks is ready to burst onto the scene as well. The passing

Ahmad Bradshaw looks quick again the feet/ankles don’t seem to be an issue. He had one great run where there was nothing on a run to the right, he cut to the left, juked Ray Lewis and got a first down. Jacobs looks good so far. His first run was to the outside, he squared his shoulders made two guys miss and ran for thirty yards. His second run was for five yards. It seems Bradshaw is the starter, he had seven early carries and one catch, while Jacobs had just three (this as of 4 mins left in the second.)

William Beatty hasn’t looked good starting at the right tackle. On the short yardage plays they’ve ran away from him, he hasn’t impressed. Beatty got burned again for a sack, later in the second quarter. It seems Diehl will win the LT spot, Schubert will remain at LG. I’m waiting to see Shawn Andrews enter. There not holding their blocks, they miss O’Hara a lot.

Matt Dodge has had a great first half. His release looks much quicker, and he’s getting solid hang-time on the ball. His issue isn’t the length, we know he has a boot, it’s his hang-time. His first punt was 48 yards with just a two yard return. His second punt was short about 36 yards with a 10 yard return but had good hang-time. It will look short in the books but he got the ball at about the Ravens’ ten yard line, which is very good. Dodge’s third punt came in his own end-zone. He had good hang-time on that one, he’s shown why they drafted him. It was 74 yards, 19 return, 55 net. 4.3 seconds hang time. On his three kicks he’s averaging about 52 yards. He’s impressed.

Madison Hedgecock has looked much better on special teams, he didn’t look good last week. However, the kick return woes continue. Andre Brown dropped a kick off but recovered it. However, once again, without a KR this team will miss a big threat. On the kick return Rolle was back there, hope it’s not happening again.

Tuck just went down, favoring his right side. Same side where he got hurt against Dallas last year.  It seems to be his hand, will let you know more as soon as we get it.

GOOD NEWS UPDATE ON JUSTIN TUCK: It was a hand injury. Tuck put the glove back on, he’s back in the game. — Giants’ get away with one right there. Tuck just got another sack, he’s O.K.

Fewell has had them in man coverage almost the entire game, interesting. He seem to be trying things out. But again, without some starters in there, it’s going to be tough. No reps. Without the starters in the secondary, aside from Webster, it’s tough to get some things in.

If your a Giants fan and you need something to cheer you up, the Cowboys have looked awful against the Texans. They’re losing 10-0 right now.

Manning took a hit on one play by Suggs, he didn’t step into his pass, he shied away. One can’t blame him, it’s pre-season and his line has been awful. Again, can’t wait to see Shawn Andrews soon. Eli threw a solid pass over the middle, Smith had the ball, bobbled the ball and a Ravens defender took it away for the interception. Ball seems to be tipped, but Smith needs to make that catch Eli hasn’t looked great, but he hasn’t looked terrible, either. He’s rusty, doesn’t have the timing down with his guys yet. He’s had limited reps, as well.

Giants’ call a time-out with .09 seconds left in the half. Manning took a shot deep to Nicks, double covered, incomplete. Good coverage, ball was thrown to only where Nicks could get it, nice ball, just better coverage.

Tynes drills a 42 yarder to end the half. Tynes had a great summer, he’s been very, very accurate. He seems like a nice late fantasy option at kicker, too. At the end of the first half its:

Ravens 17 v Giants 3

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6 Responses to “Halftime Thoughts: Giants vs Ravens”

  1. Hern Quin says:

    So Dallas is irrelevant, cool, but so are the Giants. We’ll always have SB42

  2. Chris says:

    Who the heck is this Steve Schiessel guy? Whoever he is, he’s off his meds.

  3. royhobbs7 says:

    The team looked like a 4-12 team tonight!!! They were beat in every aspect of the game. I wonder if the players are tired of Coughlin? I know that I, for one am tired of the conservative offensive game calling (although tonight was a little better, albeit terrible results).

  4. Kris says:

    I can’t believe you guys are serious. Did you expect the Giants to come out and dominate tonight?

    Eli played his first game since the 1st quarter against the Jets.

    The Oline is playing out of position. LT C RT are all playing our of their natural positions and LR and RG are playing for the first time this pre-season.

    Arguably our best CB and our nickelback weren’t playing…leaving guys like Bruce Johnson and whoever the nickelback was to be eaten up alive.

    We have young, unexperienced LB in Goff and Sintim.

    We have a new Safety

    We have another Safety who is playing for the first time in over a year.

    We have a new defensive coordinator.

    I think your expectations were way too high. I think the Giants will be fine.

  5. Dave says:

    my biggest concern is Oline. I think everything else will work itself out. However, I didn’t like the man coverege that Fewell played all game. Left the middle of the field always open and the corners played too far off. I hope that was just preseason testing.

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