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Colts Beat Up On Giants, Win Manning Bowl 38-14

The 2nd Manning Bowl goes to Peyton as the Colts completely dismantled the Giants, winning 38-14. The Giants defense could not stop anything that moved, and the Giants offense didn’t look much better. An awful display of football.

The Colts killed the Giants during the first half, scoring on the first possession on a 7 yard run by Donald Brown. Starting the 2nd quarter, the Colts scored quickly once again, this time on a 50 yard pass to Dallas Clark. After an Adam Vinateri field goal, they followed it up with a 3 yard Austin Collie TD reception.

The Giants did start of the 2nd half with a touchdown, as Eli connected with Mario Manningham on a 54 yard touchdown. Fili Moala recovered a fumble after a Dwight Freeney sack and went 1 yard to the end zone.

In the 4th quarter, the Colts kept tacking on, as Peyton hit Reggie Wayne for a 10 yard pass to make it 38-7. Hakeem Nicks added added a 31 yard TD reception in garbage time, to make it 38-14.

The offense struggled all game, not really being able to move the ball. They looked, at times, disoriented, not focused. It didn’t look like the explosive offense we saw last week. It was the opposite of explosive. For a defense that gave up 231 yards rushing the previous week, the Colts looked like the 85 Bears. Couldn’t run. And didn’t want to run, it seemed. Giants couldn’t block Dwight Freeney and missed the blocking ability of Kevin Boss. The once vaunted offensive line got old and fast. For an offense that has looked so explosive, tonight, it just looked like they gave up early and couldn’t get back on track.

The defense, on the other hand, was atrocious. Awful. Disgraceful. They looked like a high school football team after prom weekend. Just no fight. No energy. No stops. Peyton and the Colts were just going to work against the Giants, dinking and dumping the whole game. No pressure at all. The Giants employ a “bend-but-don’t-break” defense, but the Colts were able to break it a lot. You can’t bend against good teams. The Colts were able to throw those little slants all game, and the Giants could do nothing about it. They knew it was coming, and could do nothing about it. What happened to the energetic defense of camp? The one that was making plays all over? Where did that one go?

Matt Dodge was a bit better in his punting, probably enough to keep him on the roster for at least another week. Still, if Matt Dodge improving is the only positive to take away, then things have gone terribly wrong. The return game didn’t get enough chances to make an impact.

This is an average team. Can beat up on the lesser teams (Panthers), but get beat up by the better ones (Colts). There’s no consistency, and worse, there’s no passion, no energy, no fire. It’s not as bad as last year, but it’s not much better. Right now, this is a 7-9, 8-8 team. Just average. And if they want to contend, they have to show up. No more of this stroll in, play hard when they feel like crap. They have to compete, and play with a chip on their shoulder. They’re still playing as if it’s being handed to them, as if the Super Bowl win gives them the ability to walk through games. It doesn’t. The Super Bowl was three years ago. Move on. You can’t rest on your laurels in this league, and the Giants are doing a damn good job of it. Unless the Giants can find a way to get things going, and find that way soon, it’s going to be a long, long season.

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10 Responses to “Colts Beat Up On Giants, Win Manning Bowl 38-14”

  1. Justin says:

    Pathetic game

  2. Dave says:

    Well at least Dodge was a positive for this game. Giants Oline and Dline has some serious issues. First, Eli is going to get killed if the Oline doesn’t learn to protect him this year. Second, it appears that the Dline is completely overrated.

  3. AC says:

    This is all about coaching and Eli and once again both failed us. I’m sick of Coughlin’s faux discipline and I’m sick of Eli’s aw shucks attitude about everything. You write about passion and energy, this team has absolutely none because this team doesn’t have a leader. It has no personality. Michael Strahan and Antonio Pierce’s presence could not be missed more. The worst part about the Super Bowl win was the long term deal Eli got and the grace Coughlin and Gilbride got. Isn’t it time to make a big play for Bill Cowher? What are the Mara/Tisch’s waiting for? 7-9 is our future this year and the fans deserve better.

    • Jason C. says:

      Did you even watch the game??
      The offensive line showed to be the worst line in the history of football and you’re still blaming Eli and the coaches?? Sure the coaches could’ve looked into other blocking schemes, but other than that, it’s ALL on the offensive line.

    • Jason C. says:

      Also, if the line continues to play this way, I’m thinking more 1-15 than 7-9, and it has nothing to do with a bunch of millionaires needing a “leader”, they need to play like men.

  4. Russo757 says:

    You both have good points. The O Line gave Eli ZERO time but the coaching is poor. Tell me why the Defense decided to stay with the same all DB back for almost the whole first half despite getting ran all over? I didnt see many blitz packages at all, and they new the key was pressuring Peyton. A multiple DE package up front isnt working. Yes the guys are fast but there is NO PUSH up the middle. The new DT’s are GARBAGE. Canty can pack it up and head back to Dallas cuz he is a chump. What a terrible game.

    • Erik says:

      Except the first half was ALL on the coaches. Collinsworth talked it about it all day–Fewell sent in a defensive package designed to slow down the passing game (3 defensive ends, 3 corners, 3 safeties), and Peyton noticed immediately and dismantled it by calling 75% run plays. This was the worst team in football at running the ball last year, and they dominated the front seven all night. A good coach would have moved to the “Big Base” defense everyone keeps talking about, or would have at least made sure we didn’t line up in a dime package when the Colts were in a base set with two tight ends. Brown made that first 7 yard TD run untouched because we had six defensive backs on the field and the Colts O-line is quick enough that they were blocking safeties with guards. No amount of “playing like a man” from our D-line would have made up for the huge mismatches on that run, or for most of the rest of the first half.

      Beyond that, in no particular order:

      – David Diehl is not a starting left tackle in the NFL. He is a capable guard, but gets embarrassed by speed-rushing ends. If Beatty doesn’t recover from surgery quickly so he can slide into the left tackle spot, the Giants are going to get beaten badly by the edge-rushers in their division, and Mario Williams is going to have six sacks in three weeks.
      – Kareem McKenzie is also playing on borrowed time, and cannot block speed rushers. Mathis blew by him untouched four times last night, and Eli can only dodge so many times. That’s absolutely unacceptable.
      – If the line can just keep Eli off of his ass for three seconds, our starting trio of wide receivers has to rank in the top two or three in the NFL.
      – Terrell Thomas is our best cornerback, but the man has some real problems tackling bigger receivers.
      – Michael Johnson is every bit as bad as we remember from ’09. That TD pass to Clark where he bit on the play-fake was cover-your-eyes awful.
      – Kevin Boss is much, much more important to this offense than I had originally thought.

      • Brendan says:

        100% agree with Erik. The decision to leave Diehl and McKenzie on islands all night long is absolutely inexcusable on the part of Coughlin/Gilbride. Also a very strange decision to keep Eli in the game as long as they did; if he had gone down for any amount of time, Coughlin should have been fired – on the spot imho.

  5. JetsFan says:

    >>Fewell sent in a defensive package designed to slow down the passing game (3 defensive ends, 3 corners, 3 safeties), and Peyton noticed immediately and dismantled it by calling 75% run plays

    This is what struck me as well.
    Aadai was unstopable, so why stick with this defensive scheme as long as they did?

    Bradshaw is a very good running back, but Jacobs is shot. Throwing his helmet to the sidelines was dumb (he didn’t mean to throw it into the stands, but losing his cool will affect his performance).

    Kevis Boss is very good. Last game showed the enormous dropoff when he was out.

    Eli getting sacked and fumbling was costly.

    The Giants receivers are good.

    >.Also, if the line continues to play this way, I’m thinking more 1-15 than 7-9,

    The Giants will imropove, and not be that bad. I’m thinking 8-8. It was a bad game, but when Payton Manning is hot, he is tough to beat.

  6. Russo757 says:

    I know this is early but I think this should be coughlins last year. You can only blame Offensive/Defensive Coordinators so much until the blame turns to the head coach. These guys will come in with a game plan and refuse to adust until the final nail is in the coffin. Its makes football hard to watch as a fan. Last year it was sticking to a tampa 2 and zone while teams picked us apart while our offense ran the same scheme of Run, Run, Pass every time they had the ball. NO creativity what so ever. And all they are going to tell the fans is that “we need to get back to the basics this week”
    Get real. This team has glaring needs that were dismissed and not met during the offseason. And they damn sure could have been. Look at the Jets. They picked up some studs and are doing pretty well despite being undeciplined. So we will play a season with a geriatric front line, DTs that get about as much push up the middle as my 8 year old sister, and a few qustion marks at line backer. This is football, not good will. Trim the fat and keep the guys who want to play. I bet Jacobs could get some yards if the line would give him a hole to run through once in a while. What a frustrating game.

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