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Eli or Romo?

The ESPN NFC East blog ranked the quarterbacks in this esteemed division. The verdict?

  1. Vick
  2. Romo
  3. Eli
  4. McNabb
  5. Kolb
  6. Grossman/Beck

We’ll exclude the last two rankings, because they are backups who could be starters whenever there is a season.

I agree completely with Mike Vick being the best QB. I know he’s an Eagle, but he is tremendously fun to watch, possesses incredible raw talent, and believe it or not, is still learning the QB position. He has it all: Can throw with the best of them, can obviously run. When the Eagles were mounting that comeback, watching Vick do his thing was incredible.

McNabb’s days as a top tier QB are over, and with rumors swirling that John Beck is going to be the starter, McNabb’s days as a QB might be over. He had some great years, no doubt, and often did it with lackluster receiving talent. Once he got a big time receiver in TO, he made the Super Bowl.

So, onto Romo v Manning. I’ll admit, I’m biased. I like Eli Manning more than I like Tony Romo. I’m going to try to be objective, looking at stats.

Eli’s Career:

105 games, 22,646 yards, 215 yards per game, 58% completion, 156 touchdowns, 1.48 touchdowns per game, 113 interceptions, 1.07 INTs per game. . 4-3 playoff record.

Romo’s career

83 games, 16,650 yards, 200 yards per game, 64% completion, 118 touchdowns, 1.42 touchdowns per game, 62 interceptions, .74 interceptions per game. 1-3 playoff record.

The big caveat here is that Eli has played over 20 games more than Romo. That’s a season and a quarter. So, he’s going to have more of everything. I broke things down per game because I think it’s important. Eli’s played more games, so he’s going to have more touchdowns. But if we look at things per game, we get a better sense. Not a perfect sense.

The big thing is that Romo is more accurate. There’s no denying that. A lot fewer interceptions. Much better completion rate. We know this about Eli. He’s not he most accurate QB. Take last season. There were a lot of tipped balls, but that’s on Eli as well. He’ll make those floppy throws. Romo guns it and does so accurately.

Manning does throw more touchdowns, which surprised me. The Cowboys always have a high powered attack, but it’s Eli with more touchdowns per game. The yards per game is only a 15 yard difference. That’s the difference between a dropped pass and a completed one.

Of course, one stat we can’t quantify is escape-ability. Romo is better. He is quicker and he can improvise and extend plays. Eli has his moments with his feet, but for the most part, he’s pretty stationary.

The other big thing is wins. Eli has more playoff wins, including one against Romo. Eli also has a Super Bowl ring.

Eli has been much more durable, never missing a game. Although, to be fair, if Eli took the hit that Romo did last year against Michael Boley, it would be a different discussion.

Obviously, it’s pretty even. There are only a few stats that are far apart. It’s very close. Eli has that ring on his finger. Romo does. I don’t think we can make that the deciding factor. Yes, it’s a great thing for a QB to have a ring. But Dan Marino doesn’t have one. He’s one of the best ever. Trent Dilfer has one. No offense, Trent, but you’re not exactly a top QB. So we can’t go solely off that. There are team factors to consider. Dilfer’s Ravens won because of a great D. He didn’t lose it for them, but he didn’t win it.

So, in a debate that will last until their careers are over, who is it going to be? Eli or Romo? If I want a QB to win me one game, I’m going to go with Eli. I don’t like his accuracy issues, but he’s proven that he doesn’t hide from the big stage; in fact, he thrives on it. Romo has yet to prove that and until he does, it’s Eli by a nose.

Of course, I could totally see myself going with Romo. He’s more accurate, has the ability to make plays with his feet. It’s very close.

What’s your opinion? Try to put your biases aside, and let’s look at this objectively.

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14 Responses to “Eli or Romo?”

  1. rudy 29_30 says:

    20 years from now people are going to remember Eli Manning, because A) he is a Manning, and b) because he beat the undefeated Patriots to win the Superbowl. Tony Romo will be remembered as a flash in the pan unless he can win multiple supebowls, which I don’t see happening, not with the circus the Cowboys have created. Romo is not going to be a Manning or Brady or Brees with big numbers to hang his hat on. He’s going to be a middle of the pack guy with a little charisma and huge smile.

    Yeah, Romo probably has more athletic talent, but will never want it as bad as Eli does. Romo would rather be chasing a professional golf career and acting like a playboy all up in the tabloids. Eli wil have the better career cause he is about winning football games and he will have worked harder for it.

    The numbers are fairly even. So do you take the guy motivated by his family legacy and being a winner and who has won in the post season, or the guy motived by fame and money and is distracted by the three ring circus his franchise has become? Easy choice.

    Yeah, it’s a biased opinion. Sorry, I hate the Cowboys.

  2. chris says:

    Eli ocasionally looks like a genius, among the top 3 QBs in the league. It almost like he is still coming out of college and I keep hoping he will just stay genius. Also the fact he has a better record against soupier competition(plyoffs) may speak to his pre snap reads and his ability to beat the better defenses in the league. But then again he has his moments were I want to bring Dilfer out of retirement. But with all that said I have never seen him buckle under pressure, and the same can not be said for Romo. Eli has never been in the media for anything but football. So can Romo win you more games, yes. But can he win the game when everything is on the line; I have not seen anything that suggests he can. Eli over Romo.

  3. Jason C. says:

    By putting Vick number 1, they are judging by last year and not the previous couple of years (obviously), if this is the case (last year basis) how could you possibly rank Romo ahead of Eli.
    Romo led his team to a 1-5 record, before going out for the season (Eli has NEVER missed a game since becoming starter, while suffering multiple injuries). Eli has shown to be more reliable, a better leader, and if we’re basing it on his whole body of work, a champion. Romo has put up big numbers throughout the years, but the only year his team was able to win a playoff game was when they had one of the most dominant defenses in football.
    If we’re ranking FANTASY QB’s then sure Vick, Romo, Eli, McNabb works, but for overall QB play, ranking Romo ahead of Eli is an insult.

  4. bill says:

    What is this? Eli Manning has beaten Romo and schooled him on how to run a two-minute drill-at the end of the half and at the end of games- enough times to put the entire state of Texas to shame.

    People are bizarre about Eli. He can show his guts and leadership over and over again, but it never sinks into some pinheads. Critics need to watch these guys play. It’s clear as day, the fear in Romo’s eyes, when the game is on the line. You never ever see that from Manning. If anything, when everything is on the line, you see steel.

  5. Geeeeemen says:

    Eli’s best stretch of his career – the 4 game playoffs in 2007, is EQUAL to Romo’s career averages in all major stats. While both Eli and Romo can win and lose you games, you must also factor in that Romo is very mobile and makes plays when nothing is there. Aside from the Tyree catch (best play ever, yes, but also lucky), Eli does not really make a play out of nothing too often. He doesn’t scramble well, often throws it incomplete instead of running for an easy 8 yards. He misses easy throws too.

    The playoff record is also misleading. Again, take away 2007 and he’s 0-3 with 3 bad playoff performances.

    I hate Romo as much as the next guy, and would argue Eli is better to non Giants fans, but among friends, I think objectively Romo is the better quarterback.

  6. Eric says:

    I have been a huge Eli supporter ever since watching him play. But after last season I’m not so sure. He makes some of the most asinine throws I’ve ever seen in professional football and then he will make a throw you will only see Peyton be to make. I realize that Eli was playing with street receivers last year so I’m giving him one last season of my FULL support. but if I have to watch him duck and chuck the football one more time I’m going to head-butt him through my flat screen. I’ve had it with that. If we miss the playoffs again this year because of 25 interceptions or even 15-20 they are going to have mutiny on their hands starting with me. So at least for this upcoming season I will take Eli. But I’m not sure how long that will last.

  7. matt says:

    @Eric’s comment: “I have been a huge Eli supporter ever since watching him play. But after last season I’m not so sure.”

    I’d like to say, respectfully, You Suck.

  8. Eric says:

    @Sam what’s your argument? I gave you mine. I feel they are pretty legit reasons.

  9. jeremy P. says:

    Eli or Romo; Eli or Romo?

    Starting with the 2007 playoffs, Eli has been a top 5 QB. Here me out. In the 2007 playoffs Eli had 6 TD’s and only one interception with that one pic being on a tip ball. During the 2008 season Eli has a 2:1 TD to pick ratio with 21TD and only 10 interceptions. In 2009 Eli plays out of his mind racking up astronomical numbers compared with the rest of his career with 27 TD’s and 14 interceptions. Again he posts a 2:1 touchdown to interception ratio while achieving his first 4000 yard receiving season. I’ll admit he took a nose dive last season but I will also point out he lost his top 2 receivers and was forced to throw to guys off the street and had to deal with an offensive line pieced together with masking tape.

    Besides Romo is a wuss. He took games off because of a pinky injury.

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