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Giants at Saints MNF Inactives

NY Giants: RB Ahmad Bradshaw, WR Mario Manningham, T Will Beatty, OL James Brewer, DT Jimmy Kennedy, LB Michael Boley, S Derrick Martin

New Orleans: RB Chris Ivory, WR Adrian Arrington, TE Michael Higgins, T Will Robinson, DE Turk McBride, LB Jonathan Vilma, CB Johnny Patrick

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15 Responses to “Giants at Saints MNF Inactives”

  1. Jason C. says:

    What a shocker, our injury reports dwarfs our oppositions. Even with no Vick and Maclin last week, the Eagles injury report was still miniscule compared to ours. It’s getting frustrating.

  2. PC says:

    I hope we carry ourselves with pride and determination into New Orleans!! Otherwise the meltdown will commence. This is the make or break game of the season for the Giants in my opinion. Do they have heart, integrity and the will to wi this game???

  3. Big Daddy says:

    I doubt they win, too many injuries, not good enough coaching. If they do it’s probably because NO takes them lightly and is looking forward, past this game. Then Eli stuns them in the 4th quarter. It can happen but I doubt it. I think the injuries have been just too much again as usual.

    I’d like to know why the Giants have so many injuries season after season. Wasn’t that something Gogolphing was going to change?..HA!!!

  4. Big Daddy says:

    Since I am bored and it’s Saturday night I have been thinking, of things I would like to see Mr. Mara do. Why am I home thinking about the Giants you ask……because I am disabled and can’t go out to play like adults do on a weekend anymore…oh well.

    So Mr. Mara this is what I would like to see.

    A New OC, A new DC and a new HC unless you cannot find one better then Gogolphing. Add a special teams coach also.

    A new training staff and medical staff after an investigation as to the practices of the staff and coaches when dealing with player’s injuries.

    It’s easy to fire coughlin but it’s much harder to find a replacement as they found in San Diego. Marty is a better coach then Norv and coughlin is a bit better then Marty.

    I’d like to see the offense and defense come into th 21st century. Eli proved himself and IMO the 3-4 defense is more flexible and adaptable to modern offenses.

    • Jason C. says:

      3-4 would mean a complete overhaul. If you think giving up JPP for next to nothing, trading Osi, praying Tuck works out, hoping TT returns 100%, and finding 3 suitable linebackers to play alongside Kiwi is worth trying out a 3-4 then so be it, I’m just not too sure that it is.
      Projected 3-4 alignment with this roster would be:
      Canty, Joseph, Tuck
      Sintim, Goff, Kiwi, Williams
      I’m not sold, sorry.

      • Big Daddy says:

        NOOOO JPP is our best lineman and I wonder why he’s not starting right now over either Osi or Tuck who is playing like crap and admits it.

        The Texans moved Williams to linebacker but I think that was a mistake.

        We NEED an overhaul of our defense and offense. No Major one but a shift to a more pass oriented attack offense and a more flexible defense. Like I am saying play football 2012 and beyond not 1990.

        Osi is not a starter neither is Tuck who is always hurt. They were great players but Tuck is always hurt and Osi cannot play the run very well. Time to move them…..sorry to say.

        JPP is 6’5″ and over 270 pounds, with Canty in the Middle and Joesph on the other side we have a formadable line. No it’s not the perfect 3 man line but like I say do something different and get some huge ILBs to help against the run and let those lineman penetrate which is opposite of what the usual 3-4 defense does. Stop drafting linebackers 6 feet tall and 230 pounds. Like Kiwi get some guys over 6’3″ and 250 pounds. With Kiwi(6’5″, 250 pounds) we can go from a 3 man line to a 4 man line easily and confuse the offense.

        I can’t see Sintim ever coming back off 2 major knee injuries. It wasn’t as though he proved he was a great player before the injuries. He was slow then, now…..I just don’t think he will ever be what I thought he would be. IMO Goff is too small.

        I watch potential Giant draft picks(I help a guy on a draft web site) and this draft is filled with talent at the linebacker position. If we wanted to go 3-4 this is the draft to do it.

        Our first pick should be Manti Te’o. He’ll be able to play MLB in a 4-3 or ILB in a 3-4. With his speed (supposedly in the high 4.5 range) he probably can also play the SAM in a 4-3.

        One thing I like about Reese is that he does not fall in love with players. The fact is when a player’s time is up, it’s up. When a player can no longer play at a high level you have to evaluate him and his worth to the team. If you are a fan usually it’s very hard to do objectivly.

        I like Tuck from his College days and was happy the Giants drafted him. But at this point what I see is a great player that is always injured. I’d rather have a lesser player who is always there playing at 100% then a player who is probowl caliber but cannot give you that effort because of injuries. 100% of a solid NFL player or young upcoming player is better then 80% of an ex-probowl player.

        • Jason C. says:

          I can’t see any scenario where the Giants don’t draft an offensive tackle in the first round next year, they’ve held out as long as they could, and I think Beatty has proven he’s not the guy, McKenzie is probably done after the year, and guard can be addressed in free agency. I still don’t know why Shaun Andrews didn’t just restructure his contract, I don’t think he’s even on an NFL roster anymore.

          • Big Daddy says:

            I think Beatty was doing fine, he was playing poorly because of the eye and back. But I agree we need to upgrade this Oline.

            But it’s all about what is available in the draft and free agency and what our cap looks like.

            We need a middle linebacker and we have to get either Brufict or Te’o. I prefer Te’o, Brufict is over the top and worse then Suh, plus I think Te’o is a bit better because he plays in control, Brufict is out of control a lot of the time and makes dumb plays from what I have seen.

            I doubt there will be a LOT were we draft that warrants picking without a reach. I don’t think Goff is the guy at MLB. It also depends on who is the coach next year on who we draft. The HC will have some say in the draft. We do have specific needs.

            We need a linebacker or 2
            we need an Olineman or 2
            we need a TE
            we need a RB

            Whether in the draft or free agents or for someone we have on the roster to step up. Maybe Herzlich is the MLB of the future??????

  5. Chris says:

    The G-Men will lose to N.O. and G.B. and that will seal Tommy Boy’s fate. Good riddance. You can’t pick off crds, trainers, or special teams coaches. So you deserve to go. Mgt needs to hire a new coach who utilizes the 4-3 and all the talent on the D Line the Giants have. An innovative off crd will make Eli shine like Brees and Rodgers. Brandon “the Talker” Jacobs can go too. Draft O-Line, LB’s, and WR’s/RB’s.

  6. Big Daddy says:

    I think if we lose to NO and then Green Bay we should start talking about the draft.

  7. PC says:

    If the Eagles Fire Reid Id take him over Coughlin anyday!! Eagles fans would be crazy pissed! I still hope we can somehow pull Cowher out of Tv land!!!

    • Big Daddy says:

      I think Cowher would not take anything less then the Giants job, except maybe the Colts. I also think the Giants are too cheap to hire him. But Cowher IMO understands what Giant football is, hopefully that doesn’t mean he will do it. I hope the next coach lets Eli run the offense a lot more and we go with a passing attack. Although a team should always be able to run. And hopefully he brings back the 3-4 defense which is what made the Giants defense great at one time NOT the 4-3. We had a great defense in the 1970s and with Parcells in the 1980s using a 3-4.

      I always wondered why certain coaches did not join the Giants ranks and I will guess that the Giants just won’t pay. Fewell came on board IMO because he was desperate, now he’s in a worse place then before. He was almost hired as a head coach, now he will never be considered for that position after what he did with this defense. Not as bad as Sheridan but still leaves a lot to be desired, soft, soft, soft. Fewell fired like Spags this would be a spring board to another head coaching job, it won’t, he’s not qualified.

      When Spags gets fired he will go back to being a defensive coordinator and turn someones defense into a juggernaut, that’s what he can do. Some people are just not cut out for head coaching.

      I want Coughlin gone but I am worried about who they hire to replace him. It can easily go from bad to worse, like from Parcells to Handley.

      The reason I like Cowher is because he is old school, which can either be a blessing or a nightmare. It will be a nightmare if taken too literally.


      Sitting back and looking at things from a different perspective for a few years might have been a good thing for Cowher. He’s 55 years old and at a point were his age can either work for or against him.

  8. PC says:

    Coughlin sucks!!!!!!!

  9. PC says:

    For the past three years the Giants have always collapsed at this time of the season. Its a pattern. Fire Coughlin please! We need new coaches now! Most likely they will wait until the end of the season and then get rid of him but as a fan i may have to watch a different team until they do…. Im sick of seeing a talented team be coached this way. By the way Fewell sucks. I don’t care what you say the guy inherited a great defense and had one good year thats it. He is not half the DC that Spags was. We really haven’t had a real coach since Parcells.
    This team doesn’t even wanna fight for Coughlin. They want him gone too. Elis careeer is being wasted on Kevin Killdrive? Its sad! JPP will be wasted on Fewell? Please spare no one on this coaching staff and send them all packing. We need new coaches!!!

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