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Is 2011 looking like 2007?

It’s starting to look a little like the 2007 season, a very similar situation, after a moral victory we go and beat a pretty good team then put ourselves in a position to win the division. Winning the division is the only way to insure we get into the playoffs. Our record stands at 7-6, the same as the Cowboys and depending on each team’s record at the time it might turn out to be a must win game for both teams in the rematch at the end of the season. During our game with the Cowboys they lost their key offensive threat on the ground, Murray is out for the rest of the season, a big loss for the Cowboys, plus they are thin at the RB position. The Cowboys are in a nose dive as usual, Jerry Jones puts an excessive amount of pressure on this team to win. A lot is on the line, including people’s jobs, heads will roll in Dallas if they don’t make the playoffs. I expect a similar fate for the Giants although maybe not as severe. Honestly I think Jerry Jones should fire himself first before he does anybody else.

I am not going to sit here for a few hours and figure out all the possibilities for the Eastern Division playoff picture, if anybody does please let me know. There are just too many variables right now. Can the Eagles win it at 8-8, after looking at the remaining games and division records it is a possibility, at least I think it is. They still have a game with Dallas and Washington. That’s why I say the Giants must win every game to insure they win the division, 10-6 would be enough to do it. 10-6 means they beat the Cowboys again, 9-7 might do it if they beat the Cowboys and lose to the Jets, I sure hope we don’t lose to the Redskins. Don’t sell the Redskins short though, they have talent and Shanahan is a great coach, it’s possible to sneak up on the Giants and get a win. Eli cannot do it every week, Tim Tebow can because he has a fantastic defense, we don’t.

Another factor are the wild card teams, it’s a slim chance that the Giants or the Cowboys slide in as a wildcard team, although it is possible. There is still enough of the season left as not to have clear cut winners and losers for some playoff positions. It might just go down to the last game of the season with the NFL having to do some math to figure out who is in and who stays home and watches TV.

I have to point out some places we have improved and some places we need to improve. The offensive line is playing better now but Kareem McKenzie needs help against the better DEs in the league, for that matter so does Diehl, they both look slow and cannot handle speed rushers. A chip or some creative ways to help slow down the pass rush is in order, which is asking a lot from Gilbride. Jacobs is running like he should and has regained that little burst to turn the corner and square up his shoulders. That’s the key when you slide outside, accelerate and square your shoulders up to the LOS as soon as possible. He has not done that this season, he kept sliding outside and would get tackled, it helps if there is some seal against pursuit on the edge, just enough for him to square up. That was very important as well as his improved technique between the tackles, no more tip toeing.

The receivers have to stop dropping passes, especially touchdown passes. No excuse, just stop. Hynoski and Ballard are blocking better. Beckum has to get in the game especially in the red zone, of course where is Barden, he seems to make some great catches and then he disappears due to coaching decisions, someone explain that please. Beckum is a matchup problem, do not expect him to block like a TE or FB, he is a receiver, use him like one Gilbride. Snee is playing much better and Petrus is looking good, although his inexperience showed a few times during the Dallas game when he was on the ground or looking for someone to block, his inexperience was taken advantage of and exposed. He needs to get his head up and his body into better position to follow through with his assignment. It’s a technique issue not as much an athletic issue, he seems strong and agile enough. I expect an improvement next game and a continued one from everybody, they cannot afford to slide backward.

The defense is a mess, too many injuries and poor schemes. Someone please tell Fewell we are a better M2M team, we live and die on our pass rush. It’s imperative Fewell comes up with some creative blitz packages and does not give the QB any time to throw. Yes there are going to be times the QB does complete his passes, even for touchdowns, we have to limit them by putting constant pressure on him whatever team we play, whomever the QB is. This is how you cover up for weak linebacker play, you give the linebackers the least amount to do. Keep their job simple and don’t expect them to play like 10 year probowl veterans. They have limitations, Chase is not athletic enough to cover most top tightends and running backs, Boley is and we have to hope he is back ASAP. Kiwi looked good enough in coverage, better then Chase. The bottom line is that we have to get this defense healthy to make it into the playoffs and go deeper, not just lose in the first round. Tuck must come back and be Tuck, we need KP and Boley back. We need Osi too but not to start over JPP, that was madness on the coach’s part, was it done just to placate Osi?

As usual this is anxiety filled days for Giants fans and the team itself. It seems every year we are in crisis mode trying to sneak into the playoffs, having injury issues and calling out one coach or another for poor schemes and play calling. Will it ever end? Unless we win a Super Bowl there has to be changes made in this organization, what those are will be dictated by how the season ends. I have my thoughts and feelings about it and will blog them in the future.

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14 Responses to “Is 2011 looking like 2007?”

  1. Jason C. says:

    Unless they win a Super Bowl?? THEY DID WIN A SUPER BOWL!! It’s not even 5 years later and you’ve already forgotten?? Also the reason Barden hasn’t gotten on to the field as much… He’s the fourth receiver, and there’s very few formations that use 4 WR’s. He made some plays in previous weeks where Manningham was out, as he then became the #3. Also did Boley reinjure himself? He’s played the last couple of weeks, you said a few times we need to get him back, he’s been back, made some decent plays too.

  2. Big Daddy says:

    5 years and what have they done since? Look at the record and the collapses. Coughlin was going to get fired the season before if he did not fire his coordinators. If Coughlin didn’t have that 2007 season he was gone. Don’t even accuse me of having a short memory.

    After the Super Bowl, next season 12-4, he lost Plax and the team died in the playoffs. Next season 8-8, next 10-6 both non playoff seasons, this season we are fighting for a playoff berth. That’s not good enough, if it’s enough for you great, it’s not good enough for me.

    The NFL is a what have you done for me lately entity, 5 years is lifetime ago. He has done NOTHING since. Maybe for some other fans used to having losing teams this would be great. But The Giants have too much talent and pedigree for what we have gotten from Coughlin.

    Like Marty, about the same, lucky we got a Super Bowl and I attribute that to Eli, Strahan and Spags taking us to the next level. Certainly not Killdrive and not Coughlin who was going to be fired. Notice our best seasons was with Spags, without him this team looks a little better then mediocre, look at the record minus Spags, not that good at all.

    And I mean having Boley and KP back 100% like we need Tuck back 100%, Boley has not been a factor at all. How many snaps was he in for, he had 5 tackles and 4 for the Green bay game after missing 2 games. Before that he was playing at a probowl level. He’s here but he’s not playing well because he’s still not 100%. In this type of defense if healthy, Boley would be better off playing MLB. The WILL would be manned by player of the moment, whomever matches up situationally. that means a lot of Nickle packages like we have been doing.

    I am hoping the defense gets healthy and we go into the playoffs close to 100%. If we do than we have a chance.

    • Jason C. says:

      The key here is it’s not even 5 years, it’ll be four in a couple of months. I for one am not as impatient as you I guess, but to each his own. However, I do agree with what you said below. I think Coughlin is a great head coach, I like the way he handles his team and runs his camp, but I would be completely fine with bringing a couple of young innovative coordinators to try some new things. I just don’t want to see a west coast offense, or a 3-4 defense. I actually like the way the offense is run, I just am not a huge fan of the key redzone playcalling, and IMO a 3-4 neutralizes JPP, our best asset going into the future, and deems him pretty much useless.

  3. PC says:

    Fire TC and Killdrive and we will be much better. They are way to old and outdated for todays NFL!!

    • Big Daddy says:

      The problem is that the next head coach might be worse. Look at what happened to the Chargers, they fired Marty and are not nearly as good. If you cannot find a better head coach then you have to keep TC.

      It’s our coordinators, they are just not good. That 3 play sequence by killdrive was abysmal. Fewell has done nothing in the 2 years he was here, only a step better then Lewis and Sheridan. Spags was the MAN!!! An innovator and unpredictable, a wasted talent as a head coach, his best job in the NFL is a DC.

      We need to hire 2 young guns and keep the old man around so there is an elder statesman to keep them in line. I can live with that. But changes have to be made.

  4. dave bassman says:

    bd, you are the first person who has said what ive been saying all along.. the giants defense, as bad as it is, is much better Playing Man-2-man in coverage.. against the pack, the only plays that the giants didnt get shrededd on were where the D was playing M2M. they should be bringing pressure, EVERY PLAY in some form.. the DB’s are so bad at zone stuff, and there are so many weak spots, that without pressure, any decent QB, has huge spots to throw.. bring a CB blitz.. bring a stunt every once in a while.. do an all out blitz once just once.. if you get burned, at least later int he game, maybe the other team keeps an extra guy in to protect on a 3rd and 10 and you now have one less guy to cover..

    bring pressure and stop being so scared.. the defense sucks anywya, might as well start taking chances.. IMO


    • Big Daddy says:

      Yes nothing wrong with taking chances as long as they are well thought out, common sense ones. Play the percentages, although some times you can buck the system it has to be at the right time.

      Predictability is a huge issue with this team on all fronts. It makes for a boring team to watch as a fan but more importantly it is a losing mentality. I see too much of being afraid to lose from the coaching staff and not the attitude of going all out to win.

      Like I said before, take the 2 seasons with Spags as our DC away and the record for Coughlin does not look very good. In fact he has had to fire almost ALL his coordinators over the length of his tenure, that is not a good sign.

      As fans you try to be optimistic but lets not lose sight of reality. Without Spags Coughlin is:
      2004- 6-10
      2005- 11-5
      2006- 8-8
      2009- 8-8
      2010- 10-6
      2011- so far 7-6
      That is not a great job of head coaching in my book. So that’s 50-43 for a winning percentage of about 52% if my math is correct. A winning percentage of .518 is not very good is it?

      • Big Daddy says:

        I was a little off it’s .537, a little better but not much. Without Spags his Giants playoff percentage is ZERO.

        Bill Parcells regular season winning percentage with the Giants was .611.

        Parcells took over some terrible teams but still has a .570 record overall. He rebuilt teams yet still has a better record.

        The more I look at Coughlin’s record the more I want to tear this coaching staff apart and start over.

      • Jason C. says:

        Well if you want to play that game, you can also take away the first year since they were rebuilding and his win percentage is markedly higher. The bottom line is, when Spags was DC, Coughlin was still the coach. And actually in the NFL these days not having a losing season after the one rebuilding year AND winning a Super Bowl, is quite an achievement. Even when there were let downs, injury plagued campaigns, disgruntled players and the media claiming (numerous times) that the locker room “gave up” on him, Coughlin has prevailed.
        Parcells was great, but he’s not here anymore, get over it.

        • Big Daddy says:

          Get over it, he’s the rule to measure success by along with Belichick. Get over it, never.

          Take away Coughlin’s first season, OK take away Parcells 3-12-1 first season. Jason, your arguments are coming off like it’s alright to be a loser, it’s not.

  5. Paul Penna says:

    We need Spags…he should be done at St Louis after the end of this year.

  6. phil says:

    Comparing Coughlin to Parcells isnt fair to TC, he’s not Parcells and he never will be. Bill Parcells is a legendary coach, and it will be hard for any future Giants head coach to have the success he had. If we’re using him as a measuring stick, no coach is ever going to last. I believe Coughlin should go if we don’t make the playoffs, but there’s no reason to fire him for not winning a super bowl this year. We just flat out are worse than the Packers, Saints, and 49ers; we lost to all 3 this season, and you can’t expect us to beat them in the playoffs, especially with all the injuries we’ve suffered this year. Coughlin has brought a super bowl to our organization, and improved the Giants in 05 from a 6-10 record to divison champs. I don’t think Coughlin gets the credit he sometimes deserves. Regardless, if we can’t win the division this season and collapse again its time for a new voice to lead this team.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Why lower the bar, lets find another Parcells. Or a group of coaches who can get the same results like when we had Spags. I lived too long with those horrible Giants teams of the mid 1960s to the time when George Young took over and hired Parcells. Almost 20 years of bad football and poor management.

      So yes I want the best, I want the owners of the Giants to open the bank and get the best. Find the best, develop the best, draft the best and so on. I will not accept anything less and despise mediocrity.

      So if Coughlin can’t get it done, well, lets get someone who can!!!

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