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Crazy game.

Like I said you make mistakes against the Bucs they make you pay. Tough game but the Giants won so nothing else really matters. I was sick with a fever so I could not watch the whole game. When I can get it on my PC I will do a short review. Wednesday is when the coach’s ALL 22 comes out and I can do the in-depth play by play stuff.

I will say Tryon who might be a good guy is a lousy football player and has become a serious liability. He needs to be replaced ASAP. He is outright going to lose a game for the Giants if he is kept in as a player. It will happen, at a crucial time he will be put in a position because of his position (cornerback) and will give up a huge TD or play and lose the game.

If every football player were put in a lottery pool and I had to choose, my first pick would be Eli Manning whether I picked first or last. To me, he is right now the best QB in the NFL and maybe the best player overall, no my fever is not that bad. With a game on the line he is a winner. Yes like all players he has his poor days, bad games and mistakes. To really know what football is all about is to know you build a team with an Eli Manning, you build around him.

I have not liked Andre Brown recently and have said outright he stunk. At one time I thought he was a great pick and would be a good addition. After his injury he has not been a good player and I thought he should be replaced. I have to change my opinion of him for now, he was hitting the holes that Bradshaw missed and he ran the way a modern NFL RB should. I was impressed from what I did see. I really thought the problem was not the line as much as Bradshaw. Although the line got much better with Beatty(hands of stone) at the LOT and Locklear taking over for DD. Sorry it had to happen because of an injury but DD had to come out. I hope he can get well, retire with his health and always be part of the Giants family.

I still hope the Giants resign Martinek and give him a chance next season, maybe give Bing another shot too. When Hynoski got hurt I was like we need Martinek as a backup other than Bear.

Lets hope Nicks is OK and can play next week. Even hurt he’s better than most other WRs.

From what I saw the NFL has to review this game, the officals were just plain downright horrendous. This is every week and they are not improving at all. The holding of the Bucs secondary was obvious and overt, the fact that no flags were thrown was unacceptable. These officials are a joke, you can’t have a billion dollar industry pinching pennies over something so important.

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17 Responses to “Crazy game.”

  1. PC says:

    Tryon reminds me of good old Can’t Cover Brown. Eli finished strong but made some Mike Vick type mistakes all day. Throwing the ball right into the defense. Our recovers are the best in NFL hands down. Brown needs to be given more carries after his performance today. I also would love to see more of Rueben Randle. I know he can be a playmaker. If Hixon isn’t healthy enough let Randle start over Barden in the 3rd Position.
    We need to go grab a vet or solid CB now or we won’t make the playoffs.

  2. Russo757 says:

    Why was Tyron playing as much as he did with Hosley and Coe available

    • Big Daddy says:

      Welcome to TC’s world of I prefer the older veterans even if they suck.

    • giantsfan73 says:

      I think Coe reinjured his hammy towards the end of the game. Hosley was on the field a lot and from what I could tell he played pretty well. BigDaddy is right, Tryon is just horrible horrible. If the Giants could coax RW McQuarters out of retirement I would feel better than with Tryon!!!

  3. Fuck Face says:

    Free-Man looked like Elway and our D-line didn’t show up to work…AGAIN. It’s going to be a long season.

  4. Russo757 says:

    Yeah it’s sad when you only hear Tucks name on a offsides call
    I could be wrong but maybe fewell isn’t blitzing Like he usually does becuse of lack of faith in the dbs

  5. Bleecker says:

    Hope you feel better soon. I’m already looking forward to the play-by-play breakdown. Especially to see how much your prediction about them using Bison turned out to be true and if when DD went out the line performed better. I forget how early on he left so it might be hard to tell? But really I’m wondering if DD’s absence might have been part of Brown looking so effective or if he was truly running that much better.

    • giantsfan73 says:

      Like many things in life it is probably a combination of both. Diehl is like the guy in Madden football, who at a certain age has his OVR rating drop like 10 points per year!

      Probably the run blocking overall improved with Beatty and Locklear, and at the same time, Brown is following his blockers like he should and not trying to improvise too much.

  6. Russo757 says:

    Brown looked solid. Was happy to see him finally have a good game but was bummed at the same time cuz I was hoping to see Wilson get the snaps. Brown looks like the starter Thursday if Bradshaw can’t go

  7. giantsfan73 says:

    BD Im really looking forward to the play by play later in the week. Especially the 4th quarter!

    I agree (well really, who can disagree at this point), with the game on the line there is no one better than Eli. And considering that so many games come down to the end, Eli is the man you want, warts (3 INT) and all.

    As soon as Hynoski went down I thought of Martinek!

  8. giantsfan73 says:

    I also noticed early on that Cruz looked like he was trying to score a touchdown on every play… immediately stopping his momentum for a spin or cutback as soon as he caught the ball. He stopped doing this in the 2nd half. Glad he had a great day, it was important to him as he was playing for the memory of his grandmother, and I think he, like many other Giants, may have finally woken up out of their sleepwalking.

  9. Jason C. says:

    Absolutely HORRID officiating, not only the holds, but the no call on the late hit out of bounds on I think Brown in the 3rd quarter was one of the biggest jokes I’ve seen in an NFL game. Not only was he out of bounds, he was past the white paint on the sidelines!!

    • giantsfan73 says:

      I agree, the officiating was brutal. That late hit is one of the easiest calls to make and they missed it. Also, I think our pass rush hasn’t shown up because they’re being mugged on every play.

      At the end, there was a Tampa pass into our red zone, it was eventually ruled incomplete (out of bounds) but did JPP get held on that or what?! Should have been a sack.

      Goodell can whitewash this all he wants, anyone with two eyes can see that these replacements are simply not up to par and it truly is affecting how the game is played. Offensive lines and Defensive backs are holding like it’s the 70s!!!

  10. Brooke says:

    Some things to take away from the game:

    1) Where was the pass rush? I know everyone here is talking about the secondary, but Freeman had all day to throw the ball. And thats not how we are built. Sure Tryon is our 5th overall CB, but if our D-line cant get to the passer, no CB is good enough.

    2) David Wilson just lost alot of snaps…ya, Brown looked real good.

    3) Where the hell is Randle?

    4) Defense looks much different without Rivers. He provided explosive plays in the opener and the preseason that we just did not have yesterday.

    5) Return game looks real solid. I can bet we have a couple returns to the house this year.

    6) Eli…Eli…Eli…did he perservere or what?

    7) I’ve never been happy about injuries on my team, but seeing Locklear at RT was a sight for sore eyes. I think our line is ok if this continues.

    8) Everyone can hate all the want on TC and KB…and I know you do alot Big Daddy, but they pulled it together yesterday. Especially KB. Great play calling down the stretch. He knew that Sheridan “thought he knew” and our called him. Big Time. Way to go Gilbride!

    9) Hosely will be the starting corner this year. Never heard his name all game. Thats the mark of a great corner.

    10) A healthy Prince and a healthy Austin will only help in 2 areas on D that are killin us. Remember all, we dont have Canty, who provided great push up the middle helping to collapse that pocket. And we need him.

    Thats how I feel about yesterday.
    It was great to see Cruz score and salss, and Nicks was tough as nails.

    But we almost lost the season yesterday off some dumb throws.

    But we won, and thats all that matters.

    • Jason C. says:

      Sorry but we can never have a good return game, there’s a flag on EVERY play (whether merited or not), I don’t even get excited for a big play in special teams because I know our little yellow nemesis will be there lurking on the field.

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