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Why The Hell Is Merry Perry Fewell So Merry?

Why The Hell Is Merry Perry Fewell So Merry?
By Martin Alvin

That’s the question Giants fans might want to ask: why the hell is Merry Perry Fewell so damn Merry? And that question is not exactly the riddle of the Sphinx. It may be simply because he’s still got his job as the Defensive Coordinator of the 0-6 NY Giants — long after he’s proved he can’t handle the job. He’ll, I’d be merry too, wouldn’t you? See my article posted on Giants Gab in February: Hey, Merry Perry; Cheer the ‘F’ Down!

The Peter Principle applies when a guy – Perry Fewell, for example — is promoted beyond the level of his ability. A great example of that played out in 2009, when Giants Defensive Coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, left to take over the Rams head coaching job and LB coach, Bill Sheridan, was promoted to replace ‘Spags.’ Two good football guys about to become perfect examples of The Peter Principle, because both men had been promoted beyond the level of their ability. Not beyond their aspirations and not beyond their merit — just, simply, beyond their ability. And very soon after being promoted, both men were demoted from the jobs they couldn’t handle to jobs they were more suited for.

No shame or blame should be associated with that process. It happens all the time and there’s no reason for it to stop happening, because people who are diligent and hard working deserve a chance to get to the next level. Unfortunately, though, some of those people have already attained the highest level they’re ability supports. And unfortunately, the only way to discover that fact is to promote them and watch them sink or swim. But still, hard working, diligent, individuals deserve a chance and they should get one.

But here’s what else should happen: when that individual demonstrates their inability, the promotion has to be rescinded and some one else should replace them. And this should be sooner rather than later. Which brings me back to Perry Fewell, who seems like a very good man: hard working and diligent; but except for 2011 — when JPP unexpectedly emerged as a force on the ‘D’ line, and Osi was still available — Perry Fewell has demonstrated only an inability get the Giants ‘D’ back to dominance and a merry smile.

On Thursday night, against Chicago, he finally tried to help his ‘D’ line by mixing in a bunch of blitzes – and that help was long over due. But quite understandably, he’s been hesitant to blitz because, by blitzing his LBs and/or DBs, he risks exposing his banged up and suspect secondary. So, his reluctance to do a lot of blitzing has been understandable. But again, since his ‘D’ line isn’t generating an effective rush, he has to create and adapt. That’s what really good coordinators do: they create and adapt. Unfortunately, the extent of his creativity and adapting was to simply rely on basic blitzes. Not exactly cutting edge creativity, but okay, fine; he blitzed. Problem is, his blitzes were ill conceived and poorly executed and were picked up almost every time — and did nothing to rattle Cutler, who picked them apart, while sporting an immaculately clean jersey. Very creative.

Again, Perry Fewell is probably a hell of a nice guy, a hard worker, a passionate member of the coaching fraternity and no doubt, he’s paid his dues over a period of years. But that doesn’t make him a good Defensive Coordinator. And let’s face it; he’s not a good Defensive Coordinator. Hello, Jerry Reese! Hello, Tom Coughlin! Hello, John Mara! He’s not getting the job done! Yes, he deserved a shot at the job and okay, he got the shot — but c’mon, he’s also proved The Peter Principle, ten times over: he’s in way over his head and it’s time to pull the plug on Merry Perry Fewell. No shame. No blame. Who says so? The Peter Principle says so, that’s who!

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7 Responses to “Why The Hell Is Merry Perry Fewell So Merry?”

  1. S Verl says:

    Although I agree that the blitz scheme wasn’t very effective, he has 3 defense ends that haven’t won a one on one matchup in 6 games. Tuck is absolutely invisible, JPP clearly isn’t right or peaked 2 years ago and Kiwi is basically little more than a reserve. Without any pressure coming from the ends blitzes will never work because the back can pick up free rusher without having to worry about outside pressure to pick up. Or the line can adjust to wherever the pressure comes from. The ends need to collapse the pocket to force the QB to the pressure. So I agree that creativity would be nice but without your main guys on the ends doing their job it’s pointless.

  2. Nicky says:

    So, I guess the Giants should just pack it in for the season because they can’t get a pass rush from their over rated and over the hill defensive ends, right, S Verl? The Giants played the Panthers who were decimated on defense and the Panthers still shut the Giants out. What was so hot about the Eagles defensive ends? The Eagles destroyed the Giants. So has every other team that played the Giants this year, without great defensive ends. The same thing is true going back to last year when the Perry Fewell defense was 31st in the league and set a new record for collapses and Giants points allowed. Yeah, it would be great if JPP was back in shape and Tuck was the dominant player he used to be, and it would be great if Osi was still here, but that’s not the case, so why beat a dead horse? If the Giants still had those dominant guys, they probably would be able to play the same defense they were playing in 2011 — but they don’t have those guys and that means someone has to come up with another answer. That guy has to be the defensive coordinator, and the defensive coordinator is Perry Fewell. That’s his job. No, Perry Fewell does not get a pass on this. Like the guy who wrote the article said, he’s in way over his head and it’s time for the Giants to make a change.

    • S Verl says:

      I don’t understand your point at all, all I was saying was when your guys can’t win their individual matchups especially the DEs blitzes aren’t going to accomplish much. The players need to be held accountable and it’s not just a scene issue. I’m missing your point on Carolina, in fact it strengthens my point. The Carolina DEs destroyed the giants they had 6 sacks in the first half. They didn’t have to blitz. I also never said to just pack it in so again your rebuttal makes no sense and has no logic behind it.

  3. Nicky says:

    And all I’m saying is, okay, the DEs can’t win their individual match ups and okay that affects the blitzing which doesn’t get the job done, either. Fine. We agree. So, is that it? Just say we’re doing the best we can? Doesn’t there have to be something else done next? You say, hold the DEs accountable? What makes you think they aren’t being held accountable every time they look at the game tapes? So, what does “hold them accountable” mean? Urge them to play better. Go over line drills until they puke? Fine them? Trade them? They’re not getting the job done, because they’re incapable of getting the job done and there just aren’t any DEs out there to sign off the street. So, if that aspect of the ‘D’ isn’t working and neither is blitzing, isn’t it time to figure out something else? And while neither you or I are capable of drawing up “something else,” shouldn’t Perry Fewell, the professional ‘D’ coordinator, be able to do that? Isn’t that his job? Or do we just accept going out there every week, doing the same ineffective thing until we’re 0-16. Somebody said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again even though it doesn’t work, I’m no so sure that’s insanity but it sure sounds like Perry Fewell’s defensive system.

    • S Verl says:

      I am not saying Fewell has done a bang up job. He hasn’t but look at what he has to work with. I think before blaming the coordinator let’s look at the players and what the front office. Justin Tuck is a star way past him prime. JPP is a shell of himself. Kiwi isn’t more than a backup. The front office hasn’t given him a linebacker that he can use to dial up different type of blitzes. He cannot afford to send defensive backs because of injuries and having very little depth in the secondary. Where is he supposed to send blitzes from without giving up big plays? If the front office would value a position such as linebacker instead of ignoring it for years and trying to fill it with undrafted players you would probably see a more exotic scheme. However, the GM has constructed the team with the defensive line as the main anchor of the defense. When that defense line doesn’t do it main job then what else is Fewell suppose to do when he doesn’t have the horses to do it. Looking at Jon Beason and seeing how active he was after only being on the team for a week shows what could happen when you put athleticism at the linebacker position. People are saying he’s been our best linebacker since Pierce. The guy has been played in 1 game. So I understand your point but lets look at design of the team as the biggest culprit.

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