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It’s Official, Giants Fans: The Fat Lady Is Singing!

It’s Official, Giants Fans: The Fat Lady Is Singing!
By Martin Alvin

Back in the late 1970s, Robert Blake played detective Anthony Baretta in the TV series Baretta, and one of his trademark expressions was: “it ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings.” Well, as far the NY Giants are concerned, the fat bitch is singing, okay? And that’s because the NY Giants 2013 football season ended at 7:40PM, Sunday evening. Yeah, there are five more games to play but — mathematics aside – it’s all over, except for the fat broad’s song.

The Giants’ ‘O’ was brutal this season, averaging a measly 19 points per game. The ‘O’ line was bad. Diehl is done. Snee is probably done. Booth and Beatty are just okay. Brewer is a backup. Mosley? Who Knows? Boss was an awful signing. Pugh shows some promise. Nothing will improve, though, without a good ‘O’ line. They’re blocking better for the run, but Eli is getting hit too hard and too often.

And the author of the offense — Run-and-Shoot, Kevin Gilbride — still doesn’t realize they can’t be as aggressive as they used to be because the ‘O’ line can’t protect for the deep, downfield, shock plays anymore. And for some reason, he refuses to opt for shorter throws and –- God forbid –- screen passes.

The Giants offense must be the only one -– high school, college and the pros — that can’t execute a simple screen pass. But the ‘O’ line can open holes for the run game, so, why not just run the damn ball and throw quick, short passes? And then — when the opposition creeps up, anticipating the run and the short throws -– throw deep.

Yesterday, early in the game, inside their own 20, the Giants’ start off with some good runs that get a first down. Then they throw three passes in a row and have to punt. But not before a motion penalty forces a punt from their 10-yard line. Why not continue to do what’s working unless, or until, it doesn’t work anymore?

They get the ball back, again, inside their own 20. Three passes later they have to punt again. But not before a delay of game penalty forces the kick from their goal line. By the way, is there another team with more delay of game penalties? How about occasionally — just occasionally — coming up to the line and going on a quick count, just to vary things and avoid all the damn delay of game penalties?

Later in the game, on 4th and 6, Eli throws to Jernigan who runs the wrong route … again. Pass incomplete. They turn the ball over to Dallas in great field position. Again, why not just rely on the running game that will eventually accrue over two hundred yards, and six yards per carry, but no; they just keep throwing long.

After the game, Coughlin says the offense was balanced: 30 pass plays and 30 running plays. Okay. Fine. But the running game amassed over 200 yards while the passing game amassed a lousy 154 yards and no receiver had more than three receptions. So, the balance was 30-30, so what? I’ve seen the Giants throw the ball 50 times when the pass was working and run only 10 times. Why not run 50 times when the run is working and throw only 10? Another radical thought: how about an up-tempo, no-huddle approach every so often just to vary things?

Later in the game, with a 3rd and 1 at the Giants own 25, down by only 8 points, they pull FB John Connors out of the game and then run Andre Brown into the line and fail to pick up the 1 yard. Why take out John Connors, a great lead-blocker, if you’re going to run the ball between the tackles?

And on defense, there were all those dumb personal fouls: Kiwi tackling near Romo’s head. Rolle tackling Murray out of bounds. Hill interfering with a fair catch and Kiwi getting into shoving match.

And worst of all, at the very end of the game, Perry Fewell’s ‘D’ suddenly gets passive and plays loose coverage. The aggression is gone. Why? Because they lost Mc Bride and had to shift Terrell Thomas to CB and Antrel Rolle to Nickel Corner? So what? Why not stay aggressive anyway? If you get burned by a quick TD, you’ll get the ball back and have time to score yourself. But instead, they hang back and let the Cowboys dink and dunk, making every third down, while bleeding the clock down to 4 seconds before they kick the game winning FG.

But here’s what makes this loss so damn agonizing — the Cowboys and their fans get to gloat. And what makes that even more painful is, they have every reason to gloat because the Giants gave them all the gloating ammunition they needed. See my recent post, prior to the game: “Just Shut Up And Play The Damn Game!”

JPP, Antrel Rolle and Terrell Thomas ran their mouths all week, why? What had they and the Giants accomplished to that point? They’d lost six games in a row to start the season before beating four tomato cans in a row. See my October post: Giants KO Tomato Can Vikings — Whoop-di-do!

Hello! You guys were 4-6 –- now, 4-7 — and had nothing to talk-trash about; and yet, you did, giving the Cowboys all the ammunition they needed to end your 2013 football season … and gloat. And incredibly, today, Justin Tuck tweets photos of his Super Bowl rings. Good grief! Hey, fellas, it’s official: that’s why the fat bitch is singing!

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8 Responses to “It’s Official, Giants Fans: The Fat Lady Is Singing!”

  1. dave says:

    You nailed it! At least the jets suck too!

    • Martin says:

      Yeah, but the Jets have an excuse for being bad, Dave; they’ve been a bad franchise for decades. Big Blue is supposed to be better than that. Oh, well, there’s always 2014 to look forward to. Thanks for you comments.

  2. Btucker says:

    Amen. Now the key question is how do we convince Jerry Reese that “staying the course” is not always the right course. Kevin Gilbride, ( and Jr. ), Perry Fewell and Tom Quinn need to be jettisoned if the Giants hope to have any chance at turning things around in 2014.

    • Martin says:

      Got a feeling, Btucker, there will be a major house cleaning after the season is over — players and coaches as well. The regime has been in place for ten years and in that time they’ve brought us two Super Bowl Championships. That’s a pretty damn good record. But I think the league is finally wise to our offensive and defensive tendencies and maybe it’s just time for some new blood and some new ideas.

  3. Roy Roy says:

    Kind of silly when the head coach is the problem…and JR doesn’t hire the coaching staff TC does. And what coach would take a job for one year?

    And I have news for your JR isn’t the General Manager either – John Mara is!

    • Martin says:

      Thanks for your comments, Roy Roy. Hopefully, John Mara is as disgusted with what he’s seen as we are — and I’ll bet he is. Got a feeling some major changes are coming this off season.

  4. Craig says:

    They need a new offensive coordinator immediately. The play calling has been terrible. They also need a good pick up in the draft to be relevant next season. An offensive weapon or an offensive lineman– or even a pass rusher– would be ideal.

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