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Giants Blitzes

I stumbled upon the blog Blitzology, which is a blog dedicated to blitzes. Don’t you just love the Internet? I do. Anyway, scrolling through the archives, I found a post about the Giants blitz packages. Incredibly interesting. I’ll post some of it here. Here’s what they’re trying to do. They’re in their nickel package (not […]

Defense Lessons: Strongside Linebacker

We talk often about the Giants needing a strongside linebacker. But what the hell is a strongside linebacker? I’m very glad you asked. For starters, the strong side is the side of the offense where the tight end lines up. So, on defense, the strong side is across from the tight end. This is where […]

Defense Lessons: Cover 2

Reader Jon had a great suggestion. Talking heads talk all the time about different types of defenses. Cover 2, Prevent, Nickel, etc. It seems like we are expected to know these terms. And while some of us do, many of us don’t. So, Jon suggested that we detail what these defenses really mean. I thought […]