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The 2018 Giants Season Schedule is Out – A Quick Glance at the Good and the Bad

The NFL Thursday evening released the entire slate for the 2018 NFL season, including the 16 game schedule for the Giants, an annual big day in the life of football fans everywhere. Here’s a quick look at the Giants schedule, along with two quick thoughts on the good of the schedule, and the not so […]

NY Giants 7 – Baltimore Ravens 24 Halftime Thoughts

The NY Giants look flat once again. It is now halftime and the G-Men are losing to the Baltimore Ravens  24-7. The defense continues to have trouble stopping the run; Ray Rice 13 car. 62 yds. 4 rec. 37 yds. 1 TD.  The Giants secondary is pathetic; allowing 202 yds passing yds. Time of possession […]

Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Thoughts

It’s a Super Bowl edition of Halftime Thoughts, as the Pats are leading 10-9. A really nice first drive that didn’t end anywhere for the Giants, their offense looks pretty good. Not great, but they can definitely move the ball. Run game actually looks really good. Eli has a decent amount of time. Nothing explosive […]

Giants Packers Halftime Thoughts

An entertaining first half, marked by some bad calls and missed opportunities and a hail mary. 20-10 Giants at the half Giants offense can move the ball, despite the Eli pick. The first drive of the game was classic. Run game hasn’t dome much yet, but it’s clear that, given time, Eli and the boys […]

Giants Jets Halftime Thoughts

Well let’s all put a present under the tree for Victor Cruz this Christmas, because he’s saving the Giants bacon.  A 99 yard touchdown catch towards the end of the half puts the Giants up 10-7. Other than Cruz, it’s been awful.No run game. Dropped passes. But hey it only takes on play, and Cruz […]

Giants Eagles Halftime Thoughts

This is a pretty boring game. Giants are just not getting things going. And neither are the Eagles, quite frankly.  But after a huge DeSean Jackson punt return, the Eagles are leading 10-3. The offense is just of of sync. No running game. Eli hasn’t been good, and has the interception. Eli did have a […]

Giants Patriots Halftime Thoughts

This game is going by fast, because mostly nothing is happening. Nothing sustained. Nothing exciting. It’s 0-0. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well the defense is playing. Welker hasn’t done too much. When the Patriots start to move, the D tightens up. Kiwanuka has been huge today. So has Deon Grant. The pass rush has been […]

Giants Bills Halftime Thoughts

Not sure how the game is tied, but we’ll take it. 17-17 going into the half. Giants started the game with a really nice methodical drive. Jake Ballard was featured. The run game was featured. Thought it could be the start of a nice game. And then, on the next play by the Bills, Fred […]

Halftime Thoughts

Sure, there’s still game to go, but that’s the aggressiveness on defense, and the creativity on offense we’ve been looking for, as the Giants are up 14-13 I’m loving the creativity on offense. The first touchdown, with Jacobs going out long, is something they need to do more of. That’s creative. I love the wheel […]

Halftime Thoughts

Kind of a weird half, but it’s working, as the Giants head into the half leading 21-6 . The Giants offense hasn’t been great; they’ve benefitted from mistakes from the Rams. Too many 3 and outs, and they just can’t convert on third downs. They’re abandoning the run game, and that has been showing promise. Need to […]