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Who Is On Your Mount Rushmore Of Giants Nation?

Recently a lot has been made about ESPN’s interesting chat about who would be on various Mount Rushmore of professional sports leagues. You know Mount Rushmore right – that National monument sculpture carved into the granite face of a mountain near Keystone, South Dakota. (Yes we looked it up on Wikipedia). So today we throw […]

How Jon Beason could become Giants’ next Lawrence Taylor

It’s early October, and the Giants are struggling. Not just struggling to the Giants standards, we’re talking Jaguars struggling. A Giants team that appears to be decimated of any clear-cut leaders on both sides of the ball, and opposition scoring at will on Perry Fewell’s non-existent defense. Fresh off being dismantled by a winless Panthers, […]

The Complete History Of The New York Giants – Available August 21st

On August 21st, Vivendi Entertainment will release The Complete History of the New York Giants on DVD and digital download, which looks at one of the richest organizational histories in all of sports. We got an advanced copy of the DVD for review, and it was pretty amazing being able to relive almost 90 years […]

Do You Remember… Bruce Johnson’s Pick-6 In Dallas?

One of the reasons the SNF Giants @ Dallas game was so special to watch is because that game had everything — great passing, great running, back and forth scoring, suspense, surprise — and great defensive chess matches to watch unfold.  The latter is the focus of this weeks ‘Do You Remember…’ segment. Shortly after […]

Do You Remember… Eli Manning @ Dallas Home Opener?

I’ve got quite a problem here this morning — the Dallas Cowboys are on my mind.   If I lived in Texas, it might be another day in paradise.  But I don’t.  And it’s not…. and I’m not a Cowboys fan.  In fact I strongly dislike that football team (read ‘Hate them with a passion’).  What […]

Do You Remember… Ahmad Bradshaw’s 10 Yards Per Attempt?

Hey there everyone — it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been on a much needed vacation with no internet access. I’m just back from a week long fly fishing expedition up in the Northern Adirondack Park section of the great state of New York. It is an annual father/son trip, but […]

Do You Remember… Two Giant Touchdowns Against Dallas

Truth be told, either one of the following highlights could have their own dedicated post on my new weekly segment “Do You Remember…” — but I think you’ll soon understand why they’re here together today.  In fact, you may be wanting even more footage from this game but I don’t want these little glimpses of […]

Do You Remember… Eli Manning @ WAS?

Certainly you remember this critical matchup last year, a huge game on the road for the Giants to keep their playoff hopes alive juxtaposed against a meaningless, snow covered, flailing Redskins team under the futile direction of Jim Zorn. By the analysts’ accounts it was one of the biggest ass kickings of any first half […]

Do You Remember… Hakeem Nicks’ Redemption?

Hey gang.  Every Friday from now on until the preseason starts, I’d like to take a few moments and remind us collectively of a some the best highlights the Giants were able to produce last season. I’m going to title the new segment — “Do You Remember…” followed by the specific item we should keep […]

History Of The New York Giants (2000-Present)

This will wrap up the decade by decade look at the history of the New York Giants and will focus on the Giants of the 2000’s.  I will continue with history about players, coaches and stadiums of the Giants next. 2000: Picked by most experts to finish in last place at the start of the […]