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Rueben Randle, Mario Manningham and the Giants Passing Game

Mario Manningham is now a 49er, but before he departed, he did do something pretty memorable: Now, that’s pretty. But what happened? Enter Matt Bowen: So Manningham is the “X’ Receiver. Cruz and Nicks are on the left side. Manningham has to beat the corner, and then has the safety to worry about. The play […]

Some Randle Film Study

Like we did with David Wilson, we’ll look at how Matt Bowen broke down Rueben Randle.  Here’s the video: And here’s what Bowen had to say: – A Cover 4 beater. Use the “Wheel” concept from the No.2 WR to the closed (strong) side of the formation to create leverage vs. the CB on an inside […]

Giants Blitzes

I stumbled upon the blog Blitzology, which is a blog dedicated to blitzes. Don’t you just love the Internet? I do. Anyway, scrolling through the archives, I found a post about the Giants blitz packages. Incredibly interesting. I’ll post some of it here. Here’s what they’re trying to do. They’re in their nickel package (not […]

Some Wilson Film Study

Matt Bowen of NFP does a truly awesome job of breaking down film and schemes and players. I was perusing his archives, and found some stuff on David Wilson (he did something on Randle too, which will be up tomorrow). Let’s dive in: Here’s the video Bowen uses to break down Wilson: And here’s coaching […]

Playbook: Wheel Route

The Giants used a wheel route play to perfection in their game against the Bears. Here’s the play: [pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player] So, it’s a 4th down situation. Three wide, single back, one tight end. Eli Manning in the gun. Let’s diagram it.   So, the real importance of the play is centered around Manningham […]

Playbook: H-Back

I mentioned this in T and M, but the Giants truly do now know how to use a H-Back. They have one, a prototypical one, in Travis Beckum. Yet they just refuse to use him in a proper way. Let’s diagram what an actual H-Back should do That’s a standard route tree for a H-back. […]

Playbook: Tight End Slant

This is a play that many teams use on third down, or in long passing situations. The Tight End Slant. Giants use this a lot on third downs, and it works very well. Let’s go to the drawing board. Let’s move from left to right. Smith is the last option. He’s running a simple fly […]

Playbook: Crossing Patterns

Haven’t done this in awhile, but now is as good a time as any. This next play, crossing patterns, is a play that I really like, but I don’t think the Giants use it enough. Let’s diagram it: Pretty straight forward stuff. The idea is to bring the safeties in, so the Manningham and Boss […]

Playbook: Big Base and NASCAR

Perry Fewell is pretty innovative. Knowing full well that the defensive line is a strength, the defensive coordinator is experimenting with different packages to get the most out of his guys. Two of these packages are Big Base and NASCAR. Both are similar, but have different wrinkles. Let’s start with Big Base. Big Base is […]

Playbook: Play Action

Welcome back to Playbook, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite segments. To read the others, click here. Today’s lesson focuses on play action passes. Let’s go to the drawing board. This is a pretty standard play action play. Manning fakes the handoff to Jacobs, who runs to the left. Manning, sells the fakes, […]