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How Jon Beason could become Giants’ next Lawrence Taylor

It’s early October, and the Giants are struggling. Not just struggling to the Giants standards, we’re talking Jaguars struggling. A Giants team that appears to be decimated of any clear-cut leaders on both sides of the ball, and opposition scoring at will on Perry Fewell’s non-existent defense. Fresh off being dismantled by a winless Panthers, […]

Keys To The Giants Vs. The Cowboys – Four Things To Watch

It’s possible that there are too many things to be watching for as the Giants get the 2013 season started. How is the offensive line going to perform? Can David Wilson carry the team for at least one week? Who will push the pile in short yardage? Is Hakeem Nicks back? Can the secondary handle […]

Time is running out… NY Giants

  East Rutherford, NJ – Hello Gabbers, hope everyone had a great Christmas with their family and friends. As we approach the last game of the NFL season, there are a few things to discuss about your NY Football Giants. As you can see from the first picture; the ball is definitely rolling down hill […]

Thoughts and Musings- Week 6

Here is what I liked, didn’t like, and some other thoughts about Week 6:   What a game. I don’t even think the craziest Giants fans saw that coming, I know I sure didn’t.  Obviously the Giants had a chance coming in, but to do that to a team who had looked so solid and […]

Thoughts and Musings- Week 5

Here’s what I liked, didn’t like, and thought about Week 5: – The Giants became the first team in 52 years to have a player rush for 200 yards and have another player catch 3 touchdowns.  Pretty impressive. – Ahmad Bradshaw was awesome.  After his game-opening fumble I wondered to myself why he wasn’t being pulled […]

Thoughts and Musings- Week 4

Hey everyone, sorry for getting this up a little late, but here we go: – Thank god the Giants have an elite quarterback.  I know, I know, Eli threw a horrific interception in the end zone that cost them a TD, but he also puts the Giants a place to have a shot at winning […]

Thoughts and Musings

Let’s muse. -Seems like Shaun Rogers is impressing. That’s good; he adds more depth and remember, when he was in his prime, he was a beast. Not saying he plays at a Pro Bowl level, but if he can help out it’s good. -As we know, can never have enough line depth. -David Douglas, the […]

Thoughts and Musings

Let’s do this. -Relatively smooth start to camp. No major injuries. Justin Trattou has a sprained foot. Terrell Thomas’ back seems to be fine. Nothing major, so that’s good. -Obviously, hard to really identify breakout stars this early. -But Jernigan seems to be having a good camp. Barden, as always. David Wilson is impressing with […]

Thoughts and Musings

Good Monday morning. Let’s Muse -Camp is finally about to start. Some rookies for other teams have reported. So we’re getting close. Finally. -Let’s hope for a healthy camp. But let’s be honest: It’s not gonna happen. Never does. -Thinking about the linebackers and the thing I keep thinking about is: What is the progression […]

Thoughts and Musings

Good Monday morning, everybody. Let’s do this. -Camp starts soon, which is mind boggling. Look for Storify’s of camp tweets, updates on injuries and roster battles, and everything you’ve come to expect from the Gab. -Terrell Thomas says he’s ready for camp: “I just left the doctor’s office; I am all cleared for camp,” Thomas […]